The 9 best outdoor activities in Alicante


How about a trip to the Mediterranean on the Spanish coast? Find the best outdoor activities in Alicante this summer.

At first glance, Alicante is ideal for idleness in summer. But for those who want their adrenaline fix, there are plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed in Alicante. Paragliding, jet skiing, wakeboarding – there’s something for everyone.

Afterwards, you can enjoy the warm, crystal-clear waters in the heart of the Mediterranean, or go for a stroll. This charming seaside town on Spain ‘s Costa Blanca boasts several kilometers of beaches, a historic town center…

1. Parachute ascension

Parachute ascensionnel Alicante

Photo credit: Facebook – Carlos Water Sports Benidorm

We’re off to a great start with this exhilarating activity in Alicante. Discover Spain’s magnificent coastline from the air with a parasailing flight. Originally towed by a boat, you’ll be able to embark with all your loved ones and take it in turns to take to the skies.

There’s even the option of tandem flights for even more fun and excitement. It’s an incredible experience to be up in the sky, floating above the ocean. Let yourself be tempted by the experience.

2. Jet ski

activités outdoor Alicante -Jet Ski Alicante

Photo credit: Facebook – Alijetset

When you think of the coast and discovering beaches, you automatically think of jet skiing! This outdoor activity in Alicante is sure to delight you.

Indeed, the beaches along the Benidorm coast are a mix of golden sand, rock formations and deep blue water. The perfect setting for a jet ski ride. The Costa Blanca will reveal itself as your tour progresses!

3. Wakeboard


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Kuznetcov_Konstantin

If you’re looking for a fun activity to enjoy during your stay in Alicante, you’ve come to the right place: wakeboarding. Fans of speed and water will love this sport, which combines speed and glide.

This combination of water-skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques is connected to a motorboat by a cable called a spreader bar. In this way, you can glide across the water.

This activity is an extreme sport. You’ll be able to practice your tricks for even more thrills.

4. Flyboard

activités outdoor Alicante - Flyboard Alicante

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Photomarine

How about flying over the Mediterranean? Let’s keep it sensational with this outdoor activity in Alicante. Flyboarding or hoverboarding will give you plenty of adrenaline rushes. This new water sport lets you literally fly over the sea.

Powerful water thrusters lift you out of the waves while you’re fixed to the board. The more daring won’t hesitate to imitate dolphins by doing tricks both above and below the water. Guaranteed thrills and unforgettable moments.

5. Sea kayaking

activités outdoor Alicante - Kayak Alicante

Photo credit: Shutterstock – FrimuFilms

If you’re more into exploring and hiking, sea kayaking remains a classic. Here, you can glimpse the Serra Gelada natural park from the sea. Secret caves and sandy bays are ideal for fun and observation breaks.

It’s not impossible that you’ll meet Alicante’s most popular inhabitants, the dolphins. One of Southern Spain’s largest seabird and marine life sanctuaries is also on your way. Don’t forget to take your snorkel and mask with you as you dive from your boat to observe Alicante’s hidden treasures.

6. Canyoning and coasteering

activités outdoor Alicante - canyoning Alicante

Photo credit: Facebook – Tramuntana Aventura

How about an adventure down a river bed in the middle of the mountains? Head for Barranco del Mela in Alicante’s Sierra de la Serrella. You can glide down the river in your own boat, but you can also jump, swim or even walk.

Along the way, you’ll come across natural slides, waterfalls and breathtaking scenery. This is one canyon you’re sure to love, so much so that you’ll want to come back for more!

7. Via ferrata

activités outdoor Alicante - Via Ferrata Alicante

Photo credit: Facebook – Tramuntana Aventura

If you’re looking for a bit of height and want to test yourself in extreme situations, via ferrata is the outdoor activity to do in Alicante. You’ll have to climb the mountain, using cables, ladders and bridges to discover some of Alicante’s most magical spots.

This activity is completely safe. Every distance between each bolt is connected by strong cables. You’ll discover places like the Castillo de Salvatierra. A great way to take in the sights from a different perspective.

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8. Caving

Speleologie Alicante

Photo credit: Facebook – Tramuntana Aventura

As well as Alicante’s beaches and canyons, another curiosity is its underground world. Caving will bring you into contact with another world, that of the depths.

Enter caves with stalagmites, columns and narrow passes to access hidden places. The only prerequisite for this outdoor activity in Alicante is the ability to swim.

9. Paragliding

Parapente Alicante

Photo credit: Facebook – PARAPENTE ADDICTION

Return to the air and sky of Alicante with a paragliding flight. Just let yourself be carried along by the air currents to glide along and experience the weightlessness perfect for exploration.

The incredible thrill of flying side by side with birds and observing unprecedented scenes. The sensations of paragliding are like no other. A peaceful sensation of floating through the air.