The 8 countries with the largest gold reserves

Réserve d'or pour chaque pays

France currently holds the world’s third-largest stock of gold

In six months, Russia has purchased 54 tonnes of gold, and its reserves are now larger than those of China. According to analysts, this is how the Russian economy is reducing its dependence on the dollar and the euro, which make up a large part of the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

At Toolito, we like to take an interest ineconomic news, so we thought it would be interesting for you to find out who holds the most gold in the world. It’s a great way to get an idea of a country’s (economic) wealth. Thanks to the infographic below, produced by Statista, you can see the top eight gold bullion owners in the world today.

Pays avec les stocks d'or les plus importants

You’ll notice that we’re talking about tons of gold here. Gold is held by many central banks as a « store of value » that maintains a relatively stable price, and is used to secure a transaction, a credit agreement or to build up a guarantee fund.

The price of gold reached $1183 an ounce last month, the lowest value since June last year.

Main photo credit: Flickr – Jeremy Schultz