The 8 best walks around Paros


Feel like an adventurer and want to sail the Aegean? Embark on an adventure and take a trip around Paros!

The Cyclades archipelago is made up of small islands, each more beautiful than the last. Paros is no exception to this rule, and is no match for its big sister and neighbor Naxos. After visiting the various villages and monasteries, why not take a stroll around Paros?

Beyond the seas lie a multitude of treasures just waiting to be discovered. So choose the right boat to tame the Aegean. Here are the 8 best walks around Paros.

1. Antiparos


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Constantinos Iliopoulos

Bonus: white sandy beaches and turquoise waters

Duration: 5 hours

Budget: €€

Antiparos has the advantage of being a must-see in the Cyclades archipelago, while remaining untouched by mass tourism. If you decide to visit Antiparos by boat, start by admiring the majestic rock formations that surround the island.

Afterwards, take a dip in the translucent waters of the Aegean and dry off on one of the white sandy beaches. The beaches of Agios Georgios, Glyfa or Soros come highly recommended. If you’ve got your mask and snorkel handy, head for Panayia beach. Snorkeling enthusiasts will be delighted!

2. Despotiko

balade bateau paros - Despotiko

The island of Despotiko in the backgroundPhoto credit: Shutterstock – hydra viridis

The best part: a truly deserted island

Duration: 4 hours

Budget: €€

On this trip around Paros, discover the mysterious island of Despotiko. The island has an eventful history. First, archaeologists discovered traces of civilization dating back to the third millennium BC.

It was then used by a French pirate as a base of operations in the second half of the 17th century. His end, however, was ill-fated. The islanders eventually captured him and handed him over to the Ottomans, who executed him. In revenge, French pirates organized a punitive expedition and massacred the island’s entire population, putting an end to the human presence on Despotikó.

Despotikos is protected by the Natura 2000 network, and you may come across a colony of monk seals during your cruise. What’s more, my Paros professionals offer catamarans as boats. This could be a more environmentally-friendly way of encountering these mammals.

3. Caving in the Grotte d’Amphitrite

Bonus: discover the seabed

Duration: 3 hours

Budget: €€

A multitude of caves are scattered around Paros. They are regularly associated with beliefs, myths and historical events. This boat trip will take you to one of the most beautiful, Amphitrite’s Cave.

This deity of the sea is supposed to be the mistress of sea monsters, yet if you venture into the depths of the cave, you’ll discover magnificent seafloor scenery and lush flora and fauna.

4. Panteronisi cave and Tigani blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon de Tigani

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Lemonakis Antonis

Bonus: white sandy beaches and turquoise waters

Duration: 5 hours

Budget: €€

On this trip around Paros, you’ll discover not 1 but 2 exceptional sites. First, sail along the water to reach the Tigani blue lagoon. You won’t be able to resist taking a dip.

Then it’s on to the Panteronisi cave. To discover it, you’ll need to have a certain level of diving experience, otherwise you’ll be stuck on the quayside and have to make do with the superb videos published on the Internet. If you do, it will be an extraordinary experience.

Follow a 12-metre-long wall into the depths. You’ll then see a large opening that serves as an entrance. Once you’ve taken off your mask, it’s time to discover the multicolored stalactites.

Once you’ve had your fill of this spectacle, you’ll return to your boat via a slow ascent to the surface.

5. Sifnos

Sifnos, Grèce

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Tom Zeman

Bonus: exceptional and abundant flora

Duration: 4 hours

Budget: €€

On this trip around Paros, you’ll stop off at Sifnos. This mountainous island is famous for its picturesque villages and magnificent scenery. If you return to the mainland, take the opportunity to go hiking. You’ll discover some charming little valleys.

The central-western part of the island is classified as a Natura 2000 zone, so you can discover some of the most magnificent flora on the island. Pistachio trees, Phoenician junipers or sea lilies – you’re in for a real nature treat! Birdwatchers will also be delighted, as the island boasts over 35 different species.

6. Naoussa Bay


Photo credit: Shutterstock – In Green

Bonus: the « Saint-Tropez » side of the bay

Duration: 6 hours

Budget: €€

For those with a flamboyant side, this trip around Paros is for you! The bay of Naoussa is the Parian equivalent of our own Saint-Tropez. The beaches are lined with luxury hotels and boutiques. Special mention should be made of Monastiri, which remains one of the most popular meeting places for young people.

Santa Maria beach has nothing to be ashamed of either. It offers a wide expanse of sand, crystal-clear waters and a plethora of water games. In short, you’ll never be bored in Naoussa!

7. Beach tour


Photo credit: Shutterstock – FocusStocker

What’smore: discover all the spots on Paros

Duration: 6 hours

Budget: €€€

For this trip around Paros, we recommend renting your own boat. Thanks to the Samboat platform, you can rent a boat from a private individual. You’ll need to be very careful when checking out your future vessel.

Agios, Aliki, Tripiti, Trigani, so many stretches of white sand just waiting for you. You can either stay on your boat and sunbathe on it, or dock and enjoy the fine sands slipping between your toes. However, you won’t be able to enjoy this pleasant sensation on Aliki beach. It’s made up of pebbles.

8. Other destinations


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Aetherial Images

To finish this list of boat trips around Paros, here are some other ideas for destinations not described here. First of all, the island of Naxos. However, Paros’ big sister is well worth a visit.

By arranging this, you can set off to conquer the islands of Iraklia, Keros or Koufonissia. Beware, you’ll end up falling in love with the Cyclades and, what’s more, with the whole of Greece!