The 8 best glamping spots in France

Glamping en France tente indienne

Have you ever heard of glamping? At Generation Voyage, we love it! This unusual camping experience has everything to seduce you! What are the 8 best places to try glamping in France?


Camping was said to be out of fashion a few years ago, but it’s never been so popular! And with good reason. A sense of freedom, a return to one’s roots and the possibility of staying right in the middle of nature are tempting many people! In response to growing demand, the range of campsites on offer is constantly evolving. Today, many campers are looking for quieter, more comfortable places than the classic family campsites. Others are looking for an unusual experience in breathtaking surroundings. For the latter, there’s a solution: glamping!

Glamping, a contraction of glamorous and camping, is a style that emerged in the USA in 2007. Here, almost anything is possible. Yurts, perched cabins or gypsy caravans, the only limit is your imagination. The main aim of the organizers: to give you an experience that’s often synonymous with disconnection! You won’t have any direct neighbors whose snoring you can hear. What’s more, they promise varying degrees of comfort. You’ll have your own bathroom, bed and sometimes other furniture, depending on the location.

In France, there are a few places offering accommodation considered to be luxury camping. These are mainly in the south of the country. But you can find them all over the country. Would you like to give it a try? Generation Voyage has come up with the 8 best glamping spots in France!

1. Le Manège de la Chapinière (Loir-et-Cher)

Glamping en france à Chateauvieux 41 proche du Zoo de Beauval

Photo credit: Isa2886 via Wikimedia commons

Above all, glamping is a unique experience. In this world where luxury is not uncommon, the Manège de la Chapinière comes naturally to mind! It’s both a campsite and a riding school in Châteauvieux.

You’ll find a number of detached lodges on the grounds. They’re fully equipped, so you’ll feel right at home! You’ll have running water and heating, as well as quality furniture and a wide range of appliances. You’ll also have your own furnished terrace and porch. You can relax outside at aperitif time, or inside in the evening while watching TV.

As for activities, there are plenty to choose from. You can visit the grounds or take a riding lesson with the owners of the riding school. If you enjoy canoeing or fishing in the streams, you’re in for a treat! And if you’d like to visit one of the ten most beautiful zoos in the world, head to ZooParc de Beauval! It’s just 2.5 kilometers from the glamping site, and can easily be reached on foot or by car.

2. Village Toue du Domaine des Demoiselles (Allier)

Glamping en France - le Village toue

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Givaga

Looking for a glamping vacation in the middle of nature, in a calm, relaxing setting? Then try the Domaine des Demoiselles Toue village! There are many different types of accommodation. You’ll find cabins on the ground, but also perched cabins. You can also rent a caravan, a converted tent or a floating cabin.

All accommodations have at least one bed for the smaller ones. The larger ones have a separate bathroom and kitchen. You’ll also have outdoor furniture in the grounds surrounding your accommodation, or a terrace for floating cabins.

In terms of activities, you’ll find cycling and hiking nearby. The Loire River offers fishing and kayaking for sports enthusiasts. Table tennis is also available in the communal areas of the luxury campsite.

3. Glamping Villatent (Aube)

glamping Villatent Lac d'Orient mesnil saint père

Photo credit: Marc Ryckaert via Wikipedia

Villatent glamping is a friendly place where you’ll stay in converted safari tents. You’ll find a fitted kitchen, a living area, a bedroom and a furnished terrace. Everything is very well maintained and can accommodate up to 5 people per tent.

Located on Lac d’Orient, in Mesnil-Saint-Père, this luxury campsite is just a few hundred meters from the coast. So you can get there easily. What’s more, the site boasts a magnificent setting with plenty of green space. You’ll find plenty of shrubs and flowers in these areas.

And when it comes to activities, you’re in for a treat! This luxury campsite has several modules for children, as well as bouncy castles. For adults, outdoor gym equipment is available. You can also swim in the park’s various pools, and your children can enjoy the waterslides.

4. Glamping Silver Trees (Vosges)

If you want to camp in the middle of the countryside in a beautiful setting, Silver Tree glamping is for you! You’ll stay in tents set apart from each other, in the middle of nature. The peaceful setting is ideal for a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The tents feature a bed, an indoor living space and a furnished terrace. There’s also a bonfire outside the tent where you can cook. Finally, you’ll have your own sanitary facilities in an area outside the tent.

If you’d like to explore the region, there are several options. First of all, there are numerous hiking trails in the area. You can also visit nearby villages to sample local dishes and specialities. Finally, you can visit the Massif du Grand Ventron or Ballons Comtois nature reserves. However, you’ll need to travel a few kilometers from the luxury campsite to do so.

5. Pressac floating village (Vienne)

Glamping village flottant de Pressac

Photo credit: Sébastien Thébault via Wikipedia

If you love the water or fancy a truly unique experience, the floating village of Pressac is the perfect place! It’s located on the Étang du Ponteil, in Pressac. It’s a luxury campsite with numerous furnished cabins. Some are on the shore, while others float on the water.

Each is equipped with one or more beds and a furnished terrace. Sanitary facilities are shared, although dry toilets are available in the cabins. Meals are served in the glamping’s communal areas. You’ll also have wifi access in these areas, as well as access to the swimming pools.

You can also fish on site, from the terrace of your cabin. What’s more, outside the village you can go cycling and hiking. The scenery surrounding the floating village of Pressac is magnificent. You can really enjoy nature and relax during your stay.

6. Yourte au Paradis

glamping en france yourte du Paradis

Photo credit: Shutterstock / kzww

Want to try glamping in a yurt? The experience offered by Yourte au Paradis will grab your attention! A yurt is a traditional tent of Mongolian origin, and the ones on offer here are completely authentic! From their construction to the furniture painted in traditional colors and patterns, you’ll be totally immersed!

Each yurt has one or more beds, a private bathroom and a private toilet. You’ll also find a minibar and coffee-maker on site, with the option of breakfast in the yurt.

Outside, you’ll have access to a terrace and swimming pool. There’s also a playground for children, as well as the opportunity to meet local animals such as llamas.

As for nearby activities, the Futuroscope park is just a 40-minute drive away. You can also visit Lac du Lambon and the Marais Poitevins. These are just a few dozen kilometers from Yourte au Paradis.

7. Là-Haut (Aude)

glamping Là-haut Lac de matemale aude

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons / E v Schoonhoven

If you want to get away from it all for a unique experience, Là-Haut is the place to be! This luxury campsite is perfect for a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The setting is seductive, perched in the middle of the mountains, just a few kilometers from Lac de Matemale. You’ll have a magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding valley. Take advantage of your stay to visit the valley or go hiking!

This is a glamping site offering triangular chalets. These are fully equipped. You’ll have two bedrooms, plus a sofa bed, to accommodate up to 6 people. You’ll also have a fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, tumble dryer and bathroom with bathtub. Finally, there’s a dining room and a small living room, as well as a terrace overlooking the valley. All in all, these chalets are a little corner of paradise in a magical environment!

8. Cabane enchantée in Saint-Géraud-de-Corps (Dordogne)

glamping saint geraud des corps, maison traditionnelle à Bergerac

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Rosa Jaume

Have you always dreamed of a night in enchanted surroundings? Then head for Saint-Géraud-de-Corps, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France. In this town near Bergerac, you’ll find a special cabin in the middle of the forest, close to a lake. Made of wood, it is inspired by fairy tales.

The atmosphere is charming, even romantic. It’s perfect for a couple who want to get away from it all on a glamping vacation. You can admire the stars, take a boat trip on the lake or stroll through the forest. From the window of this cabin, you can see the Pyrenees in the distance, through the trees.

This accommodation is designed for two people and has a king-size bed. You’ll have a bathroom with toilet, bath, shower and running water. There’s also a Jacuzzi, kitchen, barbecue and outdoor dining area. Little extra: you can take pets with you!

Curious about glamping? Do you feel like a child again? It’s only natural! Glamping is all about the experience! The aim of all these hoteliers is to make you experience THE night of your life.