The 8 best fishing spots in Alsace Lorraine

Explore the enchanting waters of Alsace Lorraine: our selection of must-see hidden spots for passionate anglers!

Are you a fishing enthusiast looking for enchanting spots in the Grand Est region? Then this article is for you! First, discover the best fishing spots in Alsace-Lorraine: lakes, rivers and mysterious ponds. Then, learn about the fish species present and the regulations in force to comply with local legislation. And finally, prepare your fishing rod and bait and embark on an unforgettable expedition to conquer the most beautiful fishing spot!

Etang de Lutzelbourg: an aquatic paradise in Alsace-Lorraine

canal de la Marne au Rhin

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In the magnificent Alsace-Lorraine region, the Lutzelbourg pond is the ideal spot for all fishing enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to fish along the peaceful Marne au Rhin canal or explore the clear waters of the Zorn or Teigelbach, this aquatic oasis offers an idyllic setting. That’s why this fishing spot is the ideal place to relax and tease the fish. Rainbow trout reign supreme here.

L’Étang de Lutzelbourg welcomes you on Sundays and Wednesdays from late April to mid-September, free of charge. What’s more, you can also take advantage of the practical facilities on offer, including easily accessible parking, a refreshment bar, and sometimes even catering options to enhance your day. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Fishing Festival in May, a celebration not to be missed!

Port Sainte Marie: the must-see fishing spot

Vallée des éclusiers

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A former port built under Napoleon III to load Vosges sandstone, this location steeped in history offers a unique fishing experience, in an exceptional natural setting that will delight all nature lovers.

So, whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, you can enjoy your favorite activity all year round, with the exception of pike and zander from the last Monday in January to the last Friday in May. What’s more, you can also take advantage of your stay to see the Arzviller inclined plane. Located nearby, it enables pleasure boats to cross a difference in level of over 40 meters.

The Gondrexange pond: the jewel of fishing

Etang de pêche de Gondrexange

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The Etang de Gondrexange is a true angler’s paradise, easily accessible by rail. You can fish for a multitude of species, including pike-perch, pike-perch, perch, catfish, carp, roach, rotengles and carassins. The site is the result of along history of fish farming by monks in the Middle Ages. It is home to a remarkable biodiversity, including an unspoilt bird sanctuary and vast expanses of seagrass beds abundant in natural food, promoting the growth and variety of fish species.

A multitude of activities are available to enhance your stay on the region’s largest lake. Whether you’re tempted by camping, swimming, canoeing, pedal-boating, tennis, pétanque, hiking or water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, pedal-boating and canoeing, you’ll have a wide range of choices to keep you entertained. So don’t delay in discovering this place where passion and nature meet in harmony!

Étang de Hirbach: a haven for fishing and nature

Étang de Hirbach

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In Holving, in the Mutterbach valley, the étang de Hirbach is a real gem for fishing enthusiasts in Alsace-Lorraine. With its 56 hectares, it offers a generous, green space in which to practice your passion. With over 300 piers dedicated to fishing, this watering hole is a haven of tranquility. Accessible all year round, you can even fish at night between March and November. In summer, locals and border visitors alike flock to this enchanting spot to enjoy its picturesque beach and indulge in a variety of water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and pedal-boating.

In addition to its appeal to anglers, this pond also offers a network of hiking and cycling trails that invite you to discover the surrounding area in all its splendor. For beginners wishing to learn the art of fishing, there’s a specialized school nearby, ready to share its know-how. You can also enjoy the historical aspect of the Hirbach pond, an integral part of the aquatic Maginot Line.

Étang du Stock: a paradise for fishing and water sports

Étang du Stock

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Etang du Stock is the place to be. With its 710 hectares, it is the largest navigable reservoir pond in the region. Let yourself be seduced by its impressive surface area and take advantage of the many fishing opportunities it offers, whether for stalking carp, pike, perch, catfish or many other species.

But that’s not all! There are plenty of water sports activities on offer to enhance your stay. You can go waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing and even take part in themed cruises. If you’d like to explore the lake from a different angle, there are a number of boats available, including electric boats, paddles, canoes and pedalos.

To extend your experience, a wide choice of accommodation is available. Opt for a stay in a comfortable chalet, a floating or stilt cabin, or a friendly campsite. You can also take advantage of complementary facilities, including a wellness center, swimming pool, beach, restaurant and even a bowling alley. Don’t wait any longer to discover this friendly, lively and diverse place!

River Zorn: a haven of peace for fishermen

Rivière Zorn

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Nestling in the heart of the Zorn valley, surrounded by the majestic Vosges mountains, this fishing area offers absolute peace and quiet, untouched by agricultural or industrial activity. Away from the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy an authentic experience catching fario trout, sculpins and lampreys.

The picturesque charm of the village of Dabo, with its troglodyte houses, will add an extra attraction to your day. Make sure you use the right bait and comply with the relevant regulations. Ask about the weather conditions to make the most of your getaway.

L’étang de Réchicourt-le-Château: the ultimate destination for anglers

The 39-hectare Etang de Réchicourt-le-Château offers a variety of fishing sports, including freshwater spearfishing, fly fishing and casting. In addition, this 2nd category site offers a variety of distinct areas: Le Petit Coté, Le Grand Coté and the Trou du Schwenk communal pond. Le Petit Coté, covering an area of 26.05 hectares, is nestled among woods and meadows, and is easily accessible on foot via a carefully restored footbridge.

As for the 12.43-hectare Grand Coté, it attracts visitors with its picturesque paths and attractive fishing spots. Last but not least, the Trou du Schwenk communal pond is a haven of tranquillity for anglers on foot, offering magnificent fishing spots andan area dedicated to night fishing for carp. With a history dating back to the 13th century, this emblematic Réchicourt-le-Château pond will delight fishing enthusiasts and the curious alike.

Sarralbe: an unforgettable fishing adventure!

La Sarre

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As you can see, this region is brimming with a variety of spots to meet all your expectations. So, whether you’re looking for big catches, voracious fish or simply a peaceful river getaway, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. The Sarre, the Albe and the Canal des Houillères de la Sarre (2nd category, public domain) offer areas rich in fish such as catfish, pike-perch, carp, pike and roach. With family or friends, fishing is a real moment of relaxation, sharing and excitement.

What’s more, if you’re also a carp-fishing enthusiast, you can also try the experience at night for even more intense sensations. But beware: the fish here are as wily as the locals, so keep your wits about you!

Now that you’ve got all the information you need about the best fishing spots in Alsace-Lorraine, it’s time to get adventurous! But don’t stop there, once you’ve explored these waters, why not also discover the incredible fishing spots of the Auvergne? So get your gear ready, pack your secret bait and set off on your aquatic quest. May luck be with you and, above all, happy fishing!