The 7 best workshops to do in Nice

Ateliers Nice : porte-monnaie en cuir

Create something with your own ten fingers with these ideas for workshops in Nice. To enjoy or to give as a gift!

Because Nice can’t be reduced to its Promenade des Anglais, its pebble beaches or its vibrant city center, here are a few ideas for workshops in Nice.

These workshops are masterfully run by passionate craftsmen who are eager to help you discover their trade. Perhaps you’ll then develop a new enthusiasm for perfumery, ceramics or leatherwork? Globally focused on discovery and learning, manual workshops are all the rage.

Let yourself be tempted, imagine and create, but above all have fun!

1. Perfumery

Initiate yourself to the practice of perfumery and discover the mysteries behind this olfactory art. Guided by perfumers who know their trade inside out, start your experience with a fun activity to discover scents, essences and perfumery techniques.

Then create your own unique fragrance, blending top, middle and base notes like professionals. You’ll go home with your own unique fragrance.

This experience is even available online. You’ll receive a special kit about 1 week before your workshop, and then all you have to do is follow it.

2. Floral

Flower wreath

Couronne de fleurs

Photo credit: WeCanDoo

Meet Laëtitia C, a floral designer from Nice. For 1h30, she’ll introduce you to her craft and the art of dried flowers, around her workshop where you’ll make a wreath for 40€.

Starting with a model you’ve selected from the choices on offer, you’ll be guided through the creation of your wreath. Whether to dress a bride, decorate a door or a mirror, the possibilities are endless.

Floral art is a delicate art in which you need to learn how to handle dried flowers. It’s up to you to assemble the plants at your disposal in such a way as to give life to your wreath, which you’ll just have to hang up or give as a gift!

Create your bouquet

Créer son bouquet

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Do you like picking flowers and other branches you find beautiful? Here’s one of the workshops in Nice that’s just right for you. To make the most of your finds, immerse yourself in the world of flowers and let yourself be seduced by their bewitching charms.

With Frédéric E., artisan florist, learn to differentiate between foliage, flowers and how to match them to perfection. For 1 hour and 45€, you’ll study and understand floral composition and techniques, and at the end, you’ll leave with your own unique, made-to-measure bouquet.

3. Culinary

Ateliers Nice : cours de cuisine

Photo credit: Facebook – Cuisine sur cours Atelier gastronomique

Have you always wanted to discover cooking tricks without taking the time to do it? Thanks to chef Aude Bertaux, it’s now possible. Her workshop, set up in 2006, welcomes people every day who are looking for new ideas for simply varying their meals.

Full of tips and tricks, Chef Bertaux will give you all the advice you need to prepare simple yet delicious recipes. Who says you have to be a whiz in the kitchen to eat well?

She offers a wide range of classes, from nutrition and health courses to Asian gourmet evenings, children’s workshops and market returns. It’s a real treat for the mind, and what’s more, you can enjoy what you’ve prepared in the workshop’s small garden (weather permitting).

Workshops last between 1 and 5 hours and cost between €25 and €85. They can be booked online, and each offers different menus designed by the chef. All you have to do is choose!

4. Textile

Fabrication d’une culotte

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If you’re passionate about sewing, sometimes you’d like to make your own pieces, but don’t know how. Meet Aline P, costume designer, and join her workshop! She’ll teach you all the basics of sewing, as well as offering you a wide choice of shapes to customize.

Whether you opt to make a pair of panties to show off in on summer days(2h30, 65€) or a swimsuit to wear on the beaches of Nice(4h, 100€), this workshop in Nice is for you.

In addition to receiving valuable advice on sewing techniques, from cutting to finishing, you’ll leave with your own personalized piece, unique and made-to-measure for you.

5. Ceramics & pottery

Ceramic art and pottery have become very popular in recent years. People want to make something with their hands and take pride in it. There’s nothing like making a bowl, a teapot or a bust to boost personal pride.

That’s why we’ve included this theme in our list of workshops in Nice. Accompanied by skilled ceramists, learn the rudiments of this very special art.

Then get hands-on and make your own piece. Discover the different stages of production, from working with clay to firing, turning and throwing!

Since you’re potentially working with ceramics, there’s also theglazing stage. Now it’s up to you to stop beating about the bush… Or maybe you can?

6. Leather goods

Ateliers Nice : porte-monnaie en cuir

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How would you like to make your own leather wallet with a very friendly craftsman named Maurice? We thought you might like the idea. In his workshop just north of the city center, Maurice offers, for €45, to make a wallet or leather piece of your choice.

Guided by his expert advice, you select your leather, draw up the pattern and cut out the pieces. Then it’s up to you to assemble the pieces, using snaps or rivets, or even hand-stitching. We assure you, the result will be superb after 3 hours of friendly discussion with Maurice.

7. Brewing

Ateliers Nice : apprendre à brasser une bière

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Here’s one of Nice’s refreshing workshops. Learn how to brew an artisanal beer in the most traditional of ways.

After a guided tour of the 800 m² workshop, Robert and his team will reveal all the secrets of production, step by step. And to round off your visit, you’ll take part in a tasting session. You’ll be able to choose the 3 beers you like best to take home with you.