The 7 best places to go out in Malaga

La Merced

Are you planning a trip to Andalusia and looking for the best places to go out in Malaga? This is the article for you!

If you too are curious about the secrets of this lively city, here’s where to go out in Malaga! Malaga is a city in the south of Spain with an established reputation. A popular tourist destination, it welcomes millions of visitors every year to discover its riches and surprises.

Founded in the 8th century B.C., Malaga knows how to make the most of its past while showing off its modernity. It’s a dynamic city, ideal for partying and culture. An economic and cultural center, Malaga is one of the main points of communication and transit on the Spanish coast.

1. La Malagueta

La Malagueta

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La Malagueta is first and foremost a beach, before being a place to go out in Malaga. While it is renowned for the many activities available, it is above all a beautiful beach on which to relax. To the south, it ends at the Farola lighthouse and the promenade of the same name, leading to the port.

But La Malagueta is also a neighborhood of overlapping boutiques and cafés. So, depending on your mood, you can choose to enjoy a delicious cocktail accompanied by tapas.

Alternatively, opt for the terrace of a restaurant like Antonio Martin’s El Merendero, with your feet in the sand. Here, you’ll be able to sample typical Andalusian dishes, with their carefully thought-out flavors.

The beach is also dotted with chiringuitos, the local straw huts, where you can order takeaway.

2. Soho


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Did you know? Malaga also has its own Soho district! Like Manhattan in New York, the Andalusian city has a creative district where the most imaginative minds have made their home. Don’t miss the Museum of Imagination, an interactive space where you’ll be exposed to a host of impressive optical illusions.

Suffice to say, the neighborhood loves art, and art loves this neighborhood. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see brasseries and cafés converted into exhibition spaces for local artists. The stores and culinary establishments here are very modern, even trendy, in keeping with the Soho atmosphere.

In fact, Cereal Boom Coffee is a very famous and fun place. Hundreds of boxes of breakfast cereals are used to decorate the colorful interior.

And if you’re looking for something to eat for lunch or dinner, why not try the Andalusian cuisine of the Al Norte restaurant or the cocktails and tapas of Mesón Ibérico?

3. Centro Histórico

Centro Histórico

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The historic center is obviously one of Malaga’s top places to go out. Close to the port, bordered by the Guadalmedina River and the Malaga Urban Park, it’s a delightful place to lose yourself. Many of the streets are pedestrianized and open onto numerous small squares where bars and restaurants provide a lively atmosphere.

Don’t miss the Alcazaba, a beautiful medieval Moorish citadel built in the early 1st century. This is also the district where you’ll find a number of museums. For example, the Picasso Museum, the Interactive Music Museum or, quite simply, the Malaga Museum.

But above all, it’s the ideal place to indulge your sweet tooth! Countless cafés, bars, brasseries and restaurants abound in this district, where the emphasis seems to be on cuisine. La Cosmopolita Malagueña does just that. It’s a restaurant that bases its menu on a love of produce – a must-taste!

For a little lightness and color, discover the Atarazanas Central Market. It’s a covered market with several tapas bars inside!

4. La Merced

La Merced

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Small and close to the Centro Histórico, the Merced district is nevertheless a concentration of flavors and fun. Here you’ll find the Teatro Cervantes, home to the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra.

It’s a very busy area that attracts a lot of people because it’s so lively. On certain days, for example, you might be lucky enough to catch a flamenco show right on the street!

It’s also a good place to eat, as the restaurants and bars here are very well regarded. Among these, we recommend La Peregrina, El Mesón de Cervantes and El Tapeo de Cervantes. The former is an excellent seafood restaurant. The second offers a menu of perfectly executed Spanish dishes. And the third is one of the neighborhood’s many tapas bars.

5. El Palo and its beaches

sortir à Malaga : El Palo et ses plages

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Off to the east of Malaga, El Palo is a very quiet area, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Yet it’s also a popular spot, having developed into a seaside resort.

There’s plenty to do on the water and, of course, 1,200 metres of beach. These are the Playas d’El Palo. They follow one another with no real boundaries… but they’re perfect for sunbathing and recharging your vitamin D batteries.

What’s more, on the El Palo side of the street, restaurants, bars and ice-cream parlors continue to multiply, making the area even more attractive. It’s becoming a really nice place to go out in Malaga, so you might as well treat yourself. Discover El Aguero, a seafood restaurant with a strong commitment to quality. That’s why customers appreciate its cuisine.

If you’re looking for a place to have breakfast, Tejeringo’s Coffee comes highly recommended. You’ll love its thick hot chocolate and churros sold individually!

6. Huelin

sortir à Malaga : Huelin

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Malaga’s Huelin district is a must-see for its seafront alone. In fact, it boasts a beautiful seafront promenade, bordered by the beach. Particularly at the end of the day, you can take advantage of this to relax for a walk, with an ice cream from Helados Ice Creams in hand, while enjoying the scenery.

Not far away, the Parque de Huelin is also very popular, in the Jardín de la Abadía area, which has virtually merged with Huelin. It’s a rather quiet area, but still a great place to go out in Malaga. For a taste of Spain, you’ll find tapas bars, cocktail bars and a variety of restaurants.

After a late afternoon stroll, let yourself be tempted by the fresh seafood at the Freiduria Chupytira restaurant, considered one of the best in its category, as is the Casa Juan. Alternatively, stop off at Victoria’s Cafetería for a cold beer, then enjoy it on the beach!

7. Ciudad Jardín

sortir à Malaga : Ciudad Jardín

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A very large residential area in the north of Malaga, Ciudad Jardín is nonetheless a great place to visit. There’s plenty to see, including the Concepción Botanical Garden. Dating from the mid-19th century, this garden is home to over 25,000 plants of more than 2,000 different species. It’s a true ode to nature!

In fact, there are many hiking trails in the area. Some of them will take you to the heights, allowing you to take in the sights and sounds of Malaga!

Ciudad Jardín is also a neighborhood along the Guadalmedina River. Take a stroll and enjoy the warm, enchanting Malagasy atmosphere.

In the lower part of the district, you’ll find plenty of places to eat and take a refreshing break. You can enjoy grilled meats at Los Curros or Pequeña Españita, devour tapas at Tapería Los Olivos or savour cold drinks at the Cha-Cha bar!