The 60 most beautiful travel books

From Into the Wild to hyper-detailed guidebooks, Generation Voyage brings you a list of books that evoke travel.

Whether you want your mind to wander from your sofa or you’re looking for the book to accompany your next trip, this list of travel-themed books is for you!

On this page, you’ll find a host of guides to help you plan your next trip, alone or with the family, in France or on the other side of the world. But that’s not all: we’ve also included cult books such as Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and Latitude Zero by Mike Horn. Because a good book is a must-have accessory!

Beer tours in France
Randos bières en France
Because we love hikingBecause we love beerBecause we love France
The most beautiful places to walk
Les plus beaux endroits pour marcher
For ultra-detailed information on the equipment you need for each hikeBecause walking is meditationFor spectacular photos that will mark the start of your journey
Sur la Route: Road Trip around the world in 4×4, van, motorcycle…
Sur la Route: Road Trip autour du monde en 4x4, van, moto...
For anyone who’s ever dreamed of quitting everything and changing their lifeBecause this book is first and foremost a collection of artistic worksTo inspire you to write your own story one day
Atlas Obscura: 650 weird and wonderful places to explore
Atlas Obscura: 650 lieux étranges et merveilleux à explorer
For unusual destinations that will let you discover a little-known facet of the worldFor his 750 photographsBecause this book has all the makings of a never-ending journey
Geobook In Tintin’s footsteps
Geobook Sur les traces de Tintin
Because we’ve all dreamed of following in Tintin’s footstepsBecause this book is a historical, practical and anecdotal guide.For its 7,000 travel ideas
Around the world in 80 glasses
Le tour du monde en 80 verres
So you can brag about it at the next aperitif with your matesDiscover the world in a different way
200 dream trips: off the beaten track
200 voyages de rêve : Hors des sentiers battus
For original themed trips (train journeys, ghost towns, coral reefs…)Because it offers you the chance to discover must-see toursTo discover the last wild sanctuaries and islands at the end of the world
The history of the world in 500 train journeys
L'histoire du monde en 500 voyages en train
Because this book lets us explore the world from an original angleBecause trains are an environmentally friendly means of transportFor the roots and adventure of train travel
Road Trips: 40 itineraries on the world’s most beautiful roads
Road Trips: 40 itinéraires sur les plus belles routes du Monde
For its illustrated maps tracing the itinerary of each road-tripFrom the legendary Route 66 to the Alsace wine route, this book is the perfect introduction to travel.For its musical playlist ideas that promise you a road-trip full of good cheer
In the forest: 500 ideas for nature getaways in France
En forêt: 500 idées pour des escapades nature en France
To (re)discover France from an original angleFor an eco-friendly tripTo find out more about the wonders of France
Encounters around the world, by Stéphanie Ledoux
Rencontres autour du monde, de Stéphanie Ledoux
Because this book is an ode to multicultural sharingBecause nothing tells you more about a country than the people who live there.Because more than just a travel book, this work is a notebook of destinies.
Where to go when, Lonely Planet
Où partir quand, Lonely Planet
For destinations ranked according to the best month to visitTo make sure you don’t miss the northern lights on your trip to LaplandTo plan your future vacations in advance, according to the season
Family travel: 50 dream destinations
Voyager en famille: 50 destinations de rêve
Because this book presents 5 portraits of families who have traveled differently (slow travel, solidarity tourism).For its photo album formatBecause this book offers activities for the whole family
Because this book deals with a taboo subject that is essential for campersFor its casual, educational and hilarious tone
Because after reading this book, you’ll never be afraid to fly again!Because this book will help you escape from everyday life
The Snow Panther, by Sylvain Tesson
La panthère des neiges, de Sylvain Tesson
It’s both an intimate experience and a reflection on the state of the world.It won the Prix Renaudot in 2019 and topped the best-seller list for French-language books that same year.Because a book combining travel in Tibet and wild animals is bound to be a success
Odyssey, by Homer
Odyssée, d'Homère
Because it’s THE classic for travelling soulsBecause it’s a sweet blend of mythological adventures and extraordinary journeysBecause Ulysses is often considered the first great traveller
Around the world in 80 days, by Jules Verne
Le tour du monde en 80 jours, de Jules Verne
Because this book recounts the travels of another era, and takes us back to the very essence of travel.Because Philéas Fogg is considered one of the first travellers in French literatureBecause the work of art is the source of many people’s passion for travel
Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer
Into the Wild, de Jon Krakauer
Because Into the Wild is first and foremost an encounter with oneself, a real personal reappraisal.To discover the wonders of America, sometimes overlooked by great travellersBecause Christopher McCandless’ adventure is so hauntingly sad
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne
Vingt Mille Lieues sous les mers, de Jules Verne
Because it’s a classic of French literatureThe exceptional pen of Jules VerneIdeal for small budgets
Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson
L'Île au trésor, de Robert Louis Stevenson
Because it’s the kind of adventure we all dream ofBecause the suspense is breathtakingIdeal for small budgets
The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho
L'Alchimiste, de Paulo Coelho
Because more than just a travel book, L’Alchimiste is a true lesson in life.Because, like Albert Camus’s L’Étranger, L’Alchimiste will introduce you to cultures through charismatic, captivating characters.Juggling biblical references and Oscar Wilde quotes, The Alchemist is a philosophical cultural compendium.
Gulliver’s travels
Les Voyages de Gulliver
It’s a great introduction to travel for the little ones.The fantastic aspect of the bookIdeal for small budgets
Moby Dick, by Herman Melville
Moby Dick, de Herman Melville
Because it’s a literary classicBecause it’s inspired by real eventsBecause Starbuck’s character is so poignant
Wild: walking to find yourself, by Cheryl Strayed
Wild : marcher pour se retrouver, de Cheryl Strayed
The psychoanalytical aspect is very interestingBecause it highlights the benefits of travelIdeal for small budgets
Latitude zero, by Mike Horn
Latitude zéro, de Mike Horn
Because Mike Horn is THE traveller par excellenceBecause this book shows a much more real and human side of the world’s countries.Because this book makes you want to go on an adventure
The off-road hiker’s survival guide
Guide de survie du randonneur tout-terrain
Because you can never rule out a hiking accidentBecause this book is as suitable for occasional hikers as it is for seasoned hikersBecause this book will help you prepare for perilous hikes
Courrier sud, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Courrier sud, d'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Because no one speaks better of Patagonia than Saint-ExupéryBecause it makes you want to fly in any weatherBecause the story is truly immersive
Ebène, African Adventures, by Ryszard Kapuscinski
Ebène, Aventures africaines, de Ryszard Kapuscinski
Because this book shows a real and profound vision of an unsettling Africa.Because this trip is above all an intense human experienceBecause the experience of this great reporter exposes us to the tumult of African life.
Le Monde en stop
Le Monde en stop
For his unique and authentic testimonyBecause it lets you discover the world in a roots-based, ecological and original way.Because it’s excellent value for money
The traveller’s bible
La bible du grand voyageur
The title is not misleadingClassification into 5 themesThe many testimonials
Les conquérants de l’inutile, by Lionel Terray
Les conquérants de l’inutile, de Lionel Terray
The book makes us feel the adrenalin experienced by the protagonist.Because the passion conveyed by the author is fascinatingBecause it’s an autobiography, which goes beyond the simple notion of travel
Night Flight, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Vol de Nuit, d'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The story of Patagonia’s sceneryImmersion in Saint-Exupéry’s daily lifeIdeal for small budgets
Croc-Blanc: Call of the Wild, by Jack London
Croc-Blanc : l'Appel de la Forêt, de Jack London
Because it brings together two great worksBecause it’s impossible not to be moved by these storiesBecause it makes you want to discover Northwestern Canada
Motorcycle trip: Latinoamericana by Ernesto Che Guevara
Voyage à motocyclette : Latinoamericana d'Ernesto Che Guevara
Because it’s part of the history of a continentBecause it was a New York Times bestsellerBecause it also reveals Che’s less pleasant side.
On the road, by Jack Kerouac
Sur la route, de Jack Kerouac
The unique profile of the main characterThe author’s biasA mythical novel for travellers
Soldiers of Everest, by Wade Davis
Les soldats de l’Everest, de Wade Davis
The story behind this challenge, which seemed crazy at the timeImmersion in this small part of world historyThe presence of political intrigue
À la verticale de soi, by Stéphanie Bodet
À la verticale de soi, de Stéphanie Bodet
The story has fascinating depthWe become very attached to the main characterThe moral is inspiring
Loving dictionary of India
Dictionnaire amoureux de l'Inde
Because you learn more about this unique countryThe anecdotes are a real plusBecause once you’ve read it, it’ll be hard not to want to visit the country.
Italy in the wild
L’Italie buissonnière
Immersion in the dolce vita is uniqueThe story is a personal one, outside the conventional storyline.Clichés are not present
Slow Train, Rail escapes for city dwellers in search of nature
Slow Train, Echappées ferroviaires pour citadins en mal de nature
It offers another vision of travelThe chill ambience of the storyA fine introduction to the Slow Travel theme
Motorcycle adventure: from New York to Ushuaïa
L'Aventure à moto: de New York à Ushuaïa
Because it’s a veritable bible for motorcycle travelersThe illustrations are magnificentThe story is captivating
They did Erasmus
Ils ont fait Erasmus
The many testimonials from Erasmus studentsWe like the objective treatment of the European question
The European Cycling Atlas
L'Atlas vélo Europe
Because the tracks make you want to get in the saddleBecause you’ll find all the practical information you needBecause the gift is ideal for cyclists
The idea of using drawings to make yourself understood is brilliant.A wealth of drawings (over 1,800)Ideal for small budgets
Wild vacations
Les vacances sauvages
This is a new way of doing tourism.Because it’s where you learn to make kitesThe photos make you want to leave
Rendez-vous en terre inconnue. volume 1
Rendez-vous en terre inconnue. tome 1
To relive the best moments of the show through photographsBecause this book was written in close collaboration with the show’s guestsBecause it’s a photo album featuring heroes from the ends of the earth
Rendez-vous en terre inconnue. volume 2
Rendez-vous en terre inconnue. tome 2
Because it’s just as good, if not better than the first volume.Fans of the show will recall fond memoriesBecause the show features remote territories
Atlas of incredible France
Atlas de la France incroyable
A veritable bible of the cultures of FranceAbsurd expressions from different regionsAbsurd city names
Guide to the world’s pilgrimage routes
Guide des chemins de pèlerinages du monde
The illustrations are splendidIt contains 800 different pathsBecause it includes ceremonies from ancient civilizations
Stories of girls in backpacks
Histoires de filles en sac à dos
Because there are too few books devoted to this theme.The story is touchingDreamlike settings
The Travelling Parent’s Guide
Le Guide des parents voyageurs
Excellent adviceFor the number of travel themes coveredFor examples of the author’s own experience
See the world’s animals – 50 dream itineraries
Voir les animaux du monde - 50 itinéraires de rêve
Because it’s a change from lolcatsBecause your children will love itBecause it raises awareness of the importance of animals in the ecosystem
G’Palémo, 200 drawings to make yourself understood… in all languages
G'Palémo, 200 dessins pour se faire comprendre... dans toutes les langues
Because it will save the lives of language buzzardsBecause the humorous tone is good for youIdeal for small budgets
Mon cahier Défi voyage solo, by Marie Le Douaran
Mon cahier Défi voyage solo, de Marie Le Douaran
Democratizes solo travel for womenDestination ideas to get you startedIdeal for small budgets
Seper hero
Seper héro
The heroine’s story is exceptionalThe fight against illness is movingBecause audiobooks are a great idea
100 Breathtaking Places
100 Lieux À Couper Le Souffle
Because this book is an initiation to dreams and travelsTotally unknown destinations
Atlas of unlikely places
Atlas des lieux improbables
Discovering unsuspected placesAnecdotes about the various destinationsBeautiful maps and photographs
Escape to France
Envies d'évasion en France
Because it reveals the beauty of our countryBecause the illustrations are idyllicBecause it gives plenty of ideas for walking and cycling routes
The dreaming globe
Le globe rêveur
Because it offers advice on 250 destinationsBecause it’s a change from standard guidesBecause after 13 editions, it’s definitely a benchmark.
Chilowé: The Microadventure Guide
Chilowé : Le Guide de la Microaventure
The richness of the Ile-de-France landscapeThe Slow Travel biasDiversity of activities