The 6 most beautiful villages on Paros

Ruelle de Paros

Want to see life in white and blue? Let’s take a look at the 6 most beautiful villages on Paros to visit during your stay in the Cyclades!

Paros, in the heart of the Cyclades archipelago, has much more to offer than its picture-postcard scenery and Mediterranean climate. Its picturesque villages are true wonders of Aegean Greece, where whitewashed houses stand alongside windmills and blue-domed churches. From Lekfès to Parikiá, via Prodromos, we reveal the 6 most beautiful villages on Paros, so you can discover the Cyclades archipelago in a whole new light and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Lefkès, the authentic

Bougainvilliers dans le village de Lefkès à Paros

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Lefkès is the greenest village on Paros. Nestled on the highest point of the island, it immediately sets the tone with its view of the island of Naxos and the immaculate houses that stretch out amphitheatrically over the hills. Stroll along the picturesque paths through a beautiful pine forest, accompanied by the song of the cicadas. Then explore the village of Lefkès to soak up its peaceful, bucolic atmosphere.

The flower-filled alleyways are home to old laundry rooms, boutiques and a folklore museum displaying pottery. Step back in time to when Lefkès was the island’s capital and visit the Adia Triada church and the church of St. John the Baptist, adorned with post-Byzantine sculptures. In the evening, push open the doors of the tavernas and restaurants for a gourmet stopover. The village also hosts a summer festival of dance, music and theater.

Parikiá, the capital of Paros

Moulin de Parikiá à Paros

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Parikiá, on the north-western coast, is both the capital and main port of Paros, providing sea links to islands such as Naxos and Mykonos. The village has preserved its authenticity, while opening up to the world. Head up to the Kastro (old town) and its castle, built on the highest hill in Parikiá. Stroll along the narrow streets to discover chapels, churches with sky-blue domes and white houses enhanced by bougainvillea in bloom.

Look out for the « secret passages » leading to souvenir stores and antique boutiques. The Basilica of Ekatontapyliani and the Archaeological Museum of Paros will then plunge you into the heart of the region’s history. Conclude your visit in style with an unforgettable sunset from the windmill on the heights of Parikiá. Then it’s on to the restaurants, bars and discos to enjoy the nightlife.

Naoussa, the seaside gem

Village de pêcheurs de Naoussa à Paros

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With its fishing port and picturesque houses, Naoussa is one of the most popular villages on Paros. Situated on the island’s north coast, it has much to offer sea lovers. Its beaches, coves and water sports such as scuba diving and kitesurfing make it a seaside paradise. From the port of Naoussa, you can also admire a Venetian fortress and a partially submerged ford tower.

Visit the churches of Kimissis Theotokou, at the top of the village, Agios Nikolaos, rich in 13th-century icons, and Panagia, typical ofCycladic architecture. As you wander through the narrow streets, let yourself be carried away by the warm atmosphere of the tavernas, where you can sample tasty dishes accompanied byouzo. The atmosphere is even more lively during the traditional Naoussa festivals, such as the fish and wine festival on the first Sunday in July and the pirate invasion re-enactment on August 23.

Prodromos, the jewel of the Paros villages

Village fleuri de Prodromos à Paros

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Looking for the most beautiful villages on Paros? Prodromos is waiting for you. Together with Marmara, it forms the community of Archiloque. Its archway at the entrance gives the impression of entering a place away from the world. Once inside, follow any of the narrow streets. You’ll find it easy to retrace your steps, as this is a tiny village.

But that doesn’t stop it from having a real cachet, with its windmills and whitewashed houses. And let’s not forget the 17th-century church of Agios Ioannis, home to icons that bear witness to the local cultural heritage. Looking for more hiking in Paros? Take the original Byzantine path to Lefkès in 1 h 30. Covered in marble and thousand-year-old flagstones, it winds its way between the hills of Kefalos andAntikefalos in the heart of spectacular natural surroundings.

Marmara, off the beaten track

Village de Marmara à Paros

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The village of Marmara, nestled in the mountains some ten km from Parikiá, takes its name from the blocks of marble once used for houses. Here you can admire churches built from the remains of ancient temples, including that of the Assumption of Mary and its 3 belfries in different styles. Marmara is also the most fertile land on Paros. Orchards stretching right down to the sea thrive on the abundant water.

The products harvested are the key ingredients in the tasty cuisine served in the village’s establishments. At the entrance to the village, you’ll be greeted by a traditional windmill, emblematic of Paros villages and their rural history. The superb beaches of Kalogeros and Tsoukalia await you on the eastern side of the island for a swim.

Piso Livadi, a balcony overlooking the sea

Plage Logaras à Paros

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To conclude this selection of the most beautiful villages on Paros, head for Piso Livadi on the southeast coast. Its delightful fishing port offers a pleasant promenade dotted with seaside cafés and fresh fish tavernas. The main attraction remains Logaros Beach. The contrast between the turquoise water and the coppery rock makes it one of the most beautiful beaches on Paros.

Make the most of your getaway to discover the Santo Antonios monastery and its breathtaking view of Paros and its coves. The church of Saint George Thalassitis, famous for its ancient frescoes and dome reminiscent of Santorini, is also well worth a visit. Finally, you can explore the surrounding islands by boat to Naxos, Amorgos, Ios, Mykonos… and many more!

Ready to put down your suitcases in the Cyclades and explore the villages of Paros? Tell us which one you prefer and share your experience in the comments!