The 6 foods that contain more calcium than milk!

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La liste des 6 aliments qui contiennent plus de calcium que le lait !

Calcium plays a key role in mineralization and skeletal structure. It is necessary for many important biological functions in our body. A daily intake of calcium is a guarantee of good health!

Although milk is an important source of calcium, it’s not the only one! Other foods contain even more. Find out more!

Gruyère cheese

Gruyère is one of the richest cheeses in calcium ! It contains 1010 mg of calcium per 100 g consumed.

A food richer in calcium than milk, which contains 125 mg of milk per 100 g. Other cheeses are also rich in calcium, such as Parmesan and Comté!


This aromatic plant is extremely rich in calcium! Thyme contains 1260 mg of calcium per 100 g consumed. Other spices also contain calcium, such as cumin and cinnamon!


Rich in vitamin D and omega 3, sardines are also rich in calcium! A tin of sardines in oil contains 400 mg of calcium per 100 g consumed.

However, most of the calcium is found in the bones, so be prepared to eat them!


Almonds are rich in fiber and vitamin E! A 100 g portion of almonds contains around 250 mg of calcium. We recommend eating a handful in the morning.

Mineral water

Some waters are richer in calcium than others! Take Hépar water, for example: 1 L of water provides 549 mg of calcium! That’s 68% of the daily recommended amount of calcium!

ANSES recommends a daily calcium intake of 1000 mg for people aged between 19 and 50.


Original yet effective, wakame is a seaweed used in Japanese cuisine. For every 100 g of seaweed consumed, there is an estimated 1000 mg of calcium!