The 6 best villa rentals in Marrakech

Palais Chahar Mahal

Want to discover the famous City of Ochre in the heart of the Moroccan kingdom? Discover our selection of 6 villa rentals in Marrakech: love at first sight guaranteed!

Looking for a relaxing sun destination just three hours from France? Don’t hesitate: fly to the famous city of Marrakech! The city of Ochre is a place of history, romance and adventure. Ideal for lovers of travel and the Orient! For an exceptional stay, discover our selection of 6 villa rentals in Marrakech.

Villa des Roses

Discover the 1001 meeting places
Villa avec piscine Marrakech

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  • 🧳 Number of passengers: up to 10 people
  • 📍 Distance: 20 km from the center
  • 💙 We love: its 1001 patios, terraces and sedaris

Looking for a vacation in Marrakech where you can get together with friends and spend some timeless moments? The Villa des Roses is for you! This sumptuous building is reminiscent of the Arab palaces of yesteryear, with their 1001 meeting places. Inside and out, everything has been designed to enable you to meet and share rejuvenating moments with family and friends.

How about sipping cocktails with your feet in the water? The magnificent lagoon-blue swimming pool is the perfect place to spend a relaxing moment, totally out of time. The Moroccan sun is just waiting for you! This incredible villa has retained a traditional Moroccan style, ideal for spending fabulous, intimate moments together.

Villa Sabrine

Stroll through the Luxuriant Garden
Villa de luxe à Marrakech

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  • 🧳 Number of passengers: up to 10 people
  • 📍 Distance: about 10 km from Marrakech
  • 💙 We love: its incredible living room, perfect for entertaining or spending quality time with family or friends.

It’s no secret that Morocco is renowned for its extraordinary hospitality. This villa is proof of that! Featuring five large sofas in a huge furnished room, its living room leaves no one indifferent. Imagine yourselves gathered in this bright room, enjoying the last rays of sunshine in the Ville d’Ocre over a traditional Moroccan dish.

Is Morocco synonymous with hospitality, reunions and convivial moments? Choose this fabulous villa, ideal for recreating the atmosphere of traditional Moroccan banquets. Rest assured: the exterior is just as incredible!

Beautifully decorated and meticulously maintained, you’ll be surrounded by palms and southern trees. All around a lagoon-colored swimming pool. Ideal for cooling off in the Moroccan heat! Would you like to rent a villa in Marrakech, in honor of the famous Moroccan hospitality? Don’t wait any longer!

Villa Dar Giulia

Stay between modernity and tradition
Grande villa en location à Marrakech

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  • 🧳 Number of passengers: up to 14 people
  • 📍 Distance: about 12 km from the center of Marrakech
  • 💙 We love: a decor that combines modernity and tradition

Looking for a villa that’s both modern and traditional? Villa Dar Giulia is for you! This incredible residence plays with tradition and time. The interior blends modernity with traditional Moroccan decor. A real feat! For a refreshing change of scenery, Dar Giulia is the place to be. Marrakech as you’ve never seen it before!

Its huge rooms, magnificent garden with swimming pool and ochre colors are undeniably reminiscent of the City of Ochre. Yet the interplay of colors and more modern shapes takes guests on a journey from traditional Morocco to the modern kingdom of the Orient. Staying in the Moroccan kingdom without feeling totally out of place? It’s possible, with this villa rental in Marrakech!

Its six bedrooms, six bathrooms and three dining rooms are a breath of fresh air, between traditional and modern Marrakech. For a first stay in the Maghreb, this is an ideal villa.

Chahar Mahal Palace

Live in the heart of an oasis
Location Palais Chahar Mahal Marrakech

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  • 🧳 Number of passengers: up to 10 people
  • 📍 Distance: about 24 km from Marrakech
  • 💙 We love: the magnificent, timeless garden and its location, at the gateway to the Moroccan High Atlas.

Want to live the life of a Moroccan crown prince? The Chahar Mahal Palace is the place to be. The palace, in the color of the City of Ochre, has huge rooms and three common areas, reminiscent of traditional buildings. But don’t be fooled: the real marvel of the Chahar Mahal is its garden.

For nature lovers, this palace is the ideal place to stay. Its incredible exterior is ideal for meditative strolls and contemplation. Imagine walking across its pretty walkway over the water one evening, inhaling the sweet fragrance of its flowers… to end up with your feet in the water in the magnificent pool, beautifully lit at night!

The palace is ideally located, on the way to the Ourika Valley. From the garden of the Chahar Mahal, you can see the Moroccan High Atlas in the distance. For those who love hiking and the great outdoors, don’t hesitate: fly to this sumptuous villa in the Ville d’Ocre!

Villa Amelkis One

Contemplate the Atlas Mountains
Location villa de luxe à Marrakech

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  • 🧳 Number of passengers: up to 12 people
  • 📍 Distance: about 25 km from Marrakech
  • 💙 We love: its proximity to the luxurious Golf d’Amelkis and its breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains.

Would you like to fly away to a truly modern Riyad, at the gateway to Marrakech’s famous Amelkis Golf Course? This villa is just waiting for you! Reminiscent of a traditional Riyad, the building’s colorful design makes a modern statement. White, red, black: the Villa Amelkis gives the impression of being in a renowned hotel in the heart of Marrakech.

The best thing about this villa? Its proximity to the Amelkis Golf Course. For sports lovers, this villa has it all. One last argument to convince you? The Golf d’Amelkis offers a breathtaking view of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains!

Chez Sybille

Rest in luxury and serenity
Location de villa avec piscine à Marrakech

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  • 🧳 Number of passengers: up to 14 people
  • 📍 Distance: about 25 km from Marrakech
  • 💙 We love: its magnificent estate bordered by olive and palm trees, ideal for sunset strolls

Live in a luxurious Moroccan oasis for the duration of your trip? It’s possible with this magnificent villa rental in Marrakech. The exterior of the villa has the air of a traditional olive grove. Set in the heart of a vast estate planted with palm and olive trees, the residence is reminiscent of the Morocco of yesteryear.

Don’t let its garden and traditional Marrakech ochre color fool you: the villa is extremely modern. It boasts a communal area with Jacuzzi, massage room and hammam. The recreational area even includes a pool table! Needless to say, our oasis also boasts a fully-equipped private swimming pool? All the ingredients for a luxurious vacation in a serene, traditional setting.

Why not take off for the famous City of Ochre? Our selection of six villas for rent in Marrakech will help you spend a dream vacation in a sumptuous and exotic setting. Modern or traditional? Tell us your preferences in comments! Marhaban!

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