The 5 unsuspected health benefits of chestnuts!

Verified on 26/11/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Les 5 bienfaits insoupçonnés des marrons sur votre santé !

Did you know that chestnuts have valuable medicinal properties? Well, autumn is the perfect season to enjoy this health-giving nut!

Although it should be distinguished from the horse chestnut, which is not eaten (it’s even poisonous) and is only used for its medicinal virtues, the chestnut and the sweet chestnut actually refer to the same nuts.

With their delicately fragrant taste, they go well with many foods and can easily enhance both savory and sweet preparations. But the benefits of chestnuts go beyond their nutritional qualities: they’re also a real nutritional bomb!

They aid digestion

Rich in soft fiber, chestnuts are easily digested. They are recommended for those suffering from celiac disease or sensitive to gluten, as chestnut flour is gluten-free.

Its high dietary fiber content also facilitates intestinal transit and helps combat constipation.

They improve cardiovascular function

Their high dietary fiber content not only contributes to digestive comfort: it also has a positive effect on cardiovascular function and blood sugar levels.

It therefore plays a preventive role in a number of pathologies, such as colon cancer and cardiovascular disease.

They’re good for athletes

Once dubbed « the breadfruit tree » for its ultra-nourishing qualities, chestnuts are a solid source of energy.

Rich in essential amino acids and minerals (iron, potassium), it transports oxygen to muscle tissue.

That’s why chestnuts are particularly recommended for athletes, especially as their potassium content helps reduce cramps after intense exercise.

They strengthen the nervous system

An excellent source of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B9), chestnuts play a key role in cell growth and thus contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system.

It is therefore particularly recommended for children, teenagers, senior citizens and pregnant women, as it ensures the healthy development of the fetus.

A slimming ally

Chestnuts may be high in calories (nearly 200 per 100 grams), but they’re also rich in nutrients (vitamins, fiber, minerals).

The fiber they contain also makes them very satiating, helping to regulate appetite and limit cravings throughout the day.