The 5 best snowshoe hikes in the Pyrénées Orientales

For a vacation full of sport, fun and relaxation, discover our guide to the best snowshoe hikes in the Pyrénées Orientales.

On this year’s program: an exhilarating vacation of discovery and sport! And what better way to do so than to try your hand at snowshoeing? Physical but suitable for everyone, this activity is a great way to spend unforgettable moments with family and friends.

What’s more, the relief and exceptional panoramas of the Pyrénées Orientales are more than conducive to this kind of activity. That’s why, every year, hundreds of hikers come to the Pyrenees with their sticks and snowshoes! So think no more, pack your bags and follow this guide to the best snowshoe hikes in the Pyrénées Orientales for an exceptional vacation!

Mount Carli and its Ponds

pic of carli Pyrénées

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Daniel Cholley

  • Duration: 5h30
  • 🏔 Vertical rise: 885 m
  • 🥾 Level of difficulty: difficult
  • 💙 We like: the arrival at Pic Carlit from where the view is exceptional
  • 🧭 Se e the circuit

Let’s start our selection with the Mont Carli circuit and its ponds, a walk that’s well worth the detour. The route starts at Lac Bouillouses and climbs to Pic Carlit. At over 2291 meters, this is the highest peak in the region. So, of course, the panorama at the top is grandiose. From here, you can see the 2784-metre-high Pic du Canigou, the Montcalm, as well as Spanish mountains such as the Maladeta massif and the Andorra mountains.

Along the way, we cross vast expanses of snow, lakes like Balcère and, if we’re lucky, all kinds of animals.

However, this hike is not for everyone. The last part of the ascent to Pic Carli is very steep. You’ll need to have some snowshoeing experience to attempt this tour. And don’t forget to check the weather forecast beforehand: poor conditions can make the climb dangerous.

Pla del Mir – Lake Aude

Pla del Mir

Photo credit : Alltrails

  • Running time: 3h40
  • 🏔 Vertical rise: 435m
  • 🥾 Level of difficulty: moderate
  • 💙 We love: Lac d’Aude, ideal for a picnic break and siesta in the shade
  • 🧭 Se e the circuit

For a successful snowshoe hike, head for Les Angles in the Pyrénées Orientales. Your tour starts next to a wildlife park, which you can of course take the time to visit on the way to or from your outing.

Then take the path towards Pla de Buc, which passes not far from the Abri de la Jasse de Bernardi to arrive at Lac d’Aude. This is an ideal spot for a picnic with family or friends and a well-earned siesta in the shade.

The pleasant nature of the circuit makes it popular with hikers. So don’t set off too late in the high season if you’re looking for peace and quiet. Otherwise, opt for March (weather permitting) for more peace and quiet.

Tour of Pic dels Moros

Pic dels Moros

Photo credit : Alltrails

  • Running time: 3h50
  • 🏔 Vertical rise: 478m
  • 🥾 Level of difficulty: moderate
  • 💙 We like: relatively easy circuit, accessible to all
  • 🧭 Se e the circuit

For the third tour in our selection of the best snowshoe hikes in the Pyrénées Orientales, we set course for one of the region’s star mountains: the Pic dels Moros. There’s a reason why this walk is so popular with mountain bikers, cross-country skiers and walkers!

The Pic dels Moros trail offers superb panoramic views of snow-covered pastures, rich wildlife and wild flowers of all kinds. Would you like to take your four-legged friend with you? We can! Dogs are welcome on the circuit and can even be let loose at certain points.

So don’t wait any longer and take the cable car next to Font-Romeu station to the point where your hike begins. You won’t be disappointed by the picture-postcard scenery that awaits you!

Pic de la Calma

Randonnée Pyrénées Orientales

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Zjtmath

  • Duration: 2h30
  • 🏔 Vertical rise: 241m
  • 🥾 Level of difficulty: moderate
  • 💙 We love: postcard landscapes from Pic de la Calma
  • 🧭 Se e the circuit

Like the previous tour, this one starts not far from the town of Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via. But this one takes a slightly different turn. The trail takes you straight up to the Pic de la Calma, culminating at 2206 meters. At the top, the 360° view is extraordinary.

From here, you can see the Conflent mountains and the Lac des Bouillouses. And after an exhilarating ascent, what could be better than a well-earned snack at the bistrot de la Calma? Last but not least, although this hike can be enjoyed in both sunshine and snow, it’s still a good idea to check the weather conditions before trying it out.

Morella dels Clos – Refuge de la Calma – Jaça d’Amunt

Morella dels clos

Photo credit : Alltrails

  • Running time: 1h37
  • 🏔 Vertical rise: 146m
  • 🥾 Level of difficulty: moderate
  • 💙 We like: the belvedere circuit between the region’s two most beautiful peaks
  • 🧭 Se e the circuit

It’s not easy to bring this guide to the best snowshoe hikes in the Pyrénées Orientales to a close. But the Morella dels Clos circuit does it wonderfully. It lies between the Pic de la Calma at 2206 meters and the Pic dels Moros at 2138 meters.

A walk that promises a grandiose natural spectacle! So take a deep breath and breathe in the regenerating mountain air. Open your eyes wide and contemplate the landscapes around you, which seem to stretch on forever. It’s like being in a dream!

And if you’re feeling tired, don’t hesitate to stop off at the La Calma refuge. Would you like a break from board games?

So, are you ready to strap on your snowshoes and set off on a hike in the Pyrénées Orientales? Our selection of the region’s best hikes is here to make your stay as enjoyable as possible! What’s your favorite tour? We look forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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