The 5 best ski resorts in Austria

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Fancy spending your winter vacations in the mountains? Discover the 5 best ski resorts in Austria!

Winter is fast approaching. Can you hear your skis screaming their desire to hurtle down the snowy slopes? Generation Voyage thought you’d like to take a trip to Austria! Two hours by plane and you’re off to the land of the Wiener Schnitzel.

Located in Central Europe, Austria is a country of breathtaking scenery! Popular with tourists, Austria is best known for its fairytale capital, Vienna, and its breathtaking mountains. Most of the country lies in the Alps. This makes it a paradise for skiers of all abilities! You’ll find plenty of ski resorts and chalets to choose from.

Want to ski in Austria during your vacation and enjoy the snow? Here’s a list of the 5 best ski resorts in Austria!


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Probably the best of all Austrian ski resorts, Sölden is also the country’s best known! It is also the host venue for the 2019-2020 Alpine Skiing World Cup. The resort’s highest peak is 3,340 meters above sea level, and it has been open for 71 years.

The Sölden ski resort offers a total of 144 km of pistes, divided into 40 slopes, half of which are blue runs. The other half is 60% red and 40% black. This means you can easily ski in Austria, whatever your level! What’s more, the resort also boasts 3.8 km of night skiing and two snow parks.

Depending on snow conditions, the ski season starts in September or October. It ends in late April or early June, depending on weather conditions.


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The Ischgl ski resort is the most recent of the five featured in this article. It was opened in Ischgl fifty years ago. Its highest peak is 2,872 meters above sea level.

This resort is ideal for intermediate to advanced skiers in Austria. There are 40 red runs and 25 black runs, and only 20 blue runs. Together, these give the resort a total of 239 kilometers of skiing!

Of course, tobogganing and snowboarding enthusiasts will also be satisfied. Ischgl has two snow parks with over 30 obstacles and a permanent half-pipe. For tobogganing enthusiasts, a 7 km toboggan run is open throughout the ski season!

The ski season is generally open 158 days a year. These run from late November to early May.

Lech Zürs

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Lech Zürs boasts magnificent facilities. It is located in Lech am Arlberg. This is the oldest resort on the list. It has been open since 1906 and welcomes more and more skiers to Austria every year.

It may be the oldest, but it’s also the biggest! Lech Zürs has 141 trails, for a total of 305 k. There are plenty of runs for beginners and intermediates, making up over 80% of the skiing possibilities. However, there’s also plenty for the more adventurous, and 17% of the available runs are black.

And there’s plenty of room for snowboarders too! Lech Zürs has four snowparks. So you can take a ride in any of them, whenever you feel like it!

The resort is open on average 143 days a year. With its highest peak at 2,811 meters, you have to wait until early December to ski. Nevertheless, the season lasts until the end of April.

Kelchsau – SkiWelt

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For skiing in Austria, Kelchsau – SkiWelt is an excellent choice! It’s located in the town of Söll. The resort has been open for 73 years and welcomes tens of thousands of skiers every year.

Of Austria’s top five ski resorts, this is the one with the most runs. There are a total of 224 runs and three snowparks. These are predominantly blue (43%) and red (45%). This makes it an ideal ski resort for beginners and intermediate skiers. Of course, there are also black runs, but these account for just 12% of descents.

The resort’s highest peak is 1,957 metres. In fact, the ski season is short, averaging 120 days a year. Kelchsau – SkiWelt usually opens in early December and closes in April.


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Located in the town of the same name, Kitzbühel is the last of Austria’s top five ski resorts. It opened its doors 90 years ago and has a reputation to match! It’s known as an international alpine ski circuit, with the Streif as its most famous descent. This is considered by many skiers to be the most difficult run in the world!

The Kitzbühel ski area is divided into four distinct sectors, which you can reach by shuttle bus. There are a total of 60 ski runs: 25 blue, 27 red and 8 black. These total more than 179 km, including 4 km for night skiing.

The resort’s ski season lasts an average of 150 days. It starts at the end of October and ends at the beginning of May. What’s more, in the event of light snowfall, 119 km of pistes are covered by snow cannons.

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