The 5 best sites to rent a motorhome or van between individuals

Looking for a motorhome for the vacations? Find out more about the platforms that bring vehicle owners and renters together.

Planning a motorhome getaway? If you don’t own a motorhome, you have two options. Traditional rental companies. One advantage is that you’ll find vehicles that are recent and regularly serviced. Over the past few years, however, a number of web platforms have emerged that enable you to rent a motorhome between private individuals. Prices are far more attractive, and there’s an abundance of choice to suit your choice of holiday and the configuration of your family. The platform takes care of insurance and assists you in filling out the rental contract.

To help you make the right choice, here are the 5 best sites to rent a motorhome between individuals.

1. Yescapa

Yescapa already boasts 125,000 users and over 10,000 available vehicles in 25 European countries, including France.

As with the other motorhome rental sites listed below, ad placement is free for owners. The site and mobile application are very well designed. It’s also one of the sites that pockets the commission per trip.

Advantage: a large number of vehicles available.

Find a motorhome with Yescapa

2. Wikicampers


Photo credit: Facebook – Wikicampers

The Basque-based platform has 3,000 vehicles available. As with Yescapa, Wikicampers also offers a wide range of practical articles on leisure vehicle travel. The website and mobile application are easy to navigate.

Advantage: the large number of vehicles available.

3. Hapee


Photo credit: Facebook – Hapee

Hapee, the third and most recent player, is not just a web-based platform. It offers additional assistance to help renters use their vehicle. However, Hapee does not have a mobile application.

The advantage: CLC Loisir, Loisireo and CLC dealerships are staffed with CLC advisors. An advantage for those who are put off by the Internet.

4. Campanda


Photo credit: Facebook – Campanda

Partner of the Michelin Group, Campanda is a website created in 2013 in Berlin. It, too, puts people wishing to rent a motorhome in touch with each other. But not only that, since it also puts potential renters in touch with rental agencies.

Advantage: it boasts over 26,000 vehicles available in 42 countries worldwide.

5. Outdoorsy

Concurrents d'Airbnb : Outdoorsy

Photo credit: Outdoorsy

Little known in France, Outdoorsy is nonetheless a giant in the rental of recreational vehicles between private individuals. Born in San Francisco in 2015, it offers motorhomes, some in XXL format, vans, vans, caravans…

The few vehicles currently available on the site in France are offered by professionals.

Advantage: it’s a useful resource if you’re planning a trip to the USA, Canada or Australia in particular.

Find a motorhome with Outdoorsy

Why rent a motorhome to individuals?

There are several platforms for renting motorhomes or converted vans between private individuals (see above).

The former see it as a way of amortizing their investment during periods when they’re not using their vehicle. The latter find a large number of vehicles close to home, at prices lower than those charged by traditional rental companies: from €40 per day for the smallest and/or oldest models.

On the other hand, a professional rental company will be able to offer vehicles that are generally more recent and regularly serviced.

How does it work?

You go to the platform’s website and choose the vehicle according to two criteria:

  • The place where you wish to collect the motorhome,
  • the dates of your stay.

Available vehicles are displayed. Then, in a second step, you can refine your search according to :

  • Your budget,
  • The desired vehicle configuration,
  • Options (air conditioning, television, pets allowed, foreign travel, number of beds…), etc.

Also take a close look at the number and content of any reviews posted by previous tenants. You can then send a booking request to the owner. The owner is free to accept or decline. If he says yes, all you have to do is make the secure payment.

On the day, owner and tenant sign a rental contract prepared by the platform. The platform takes out its own insurance. There’s no need for the owner to contact his own insurer. Assistance is provided to the tenant. The platform pockets around 15% to 30% of the daily rental rate.

Renting a motorhome for a road trip

Motorhome rental: other alternatives

If you’re not keen on renting a motorhome between private individuals, there are plenty of professional motorhome rental companies in France and around the world. Below is a non-exhaustive list. It’s also worth noting that motorhome dealers often offer rental vehicles.

These include Avis Car Away and Hertz Trois Soleils (the motorhome version of these rental brands), Blacksheep Camper (vans), Camping Car Online or Motorhome Republic, (for rentals abroad), Evasia, Indie Camper, Vanloc, Wevan…

So, are you ready to rent a motorhome between private individuals?