The 5 best places to go out in Palermo

Vucciria market

It’s hot. Glasses are clinking. Your best clothes are out. Here are the 5 best places to go out in Palermo.

Sicily ‘s capital is as rich as it is captivating. Architectural treasures, ancient remains, colorful house-cubes and charming squares: Palermo is bursting with interest. While this Sicilian city is perfect for exploring under the Italian sun, you’ll also love discovering it by night, as there are plenty of places to go out in Palermo.

Whether you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of a nightclub, a tasty break in a trendy bar or a pub packed with beer-lovers, Palermo’s nightlife has something for everyone. Here are the 5 best places to go out in Palermo and a host of addresses to try out.

1. Bars in the historic center

Sortir Palerme Bocum Palermo

Photo credit: Facebook – Bocum Palermo

The historic heart of Palermo, with its picturesque setting, holds many surprises for night owls. It’s dotted with charming squares that come alive at dusk with the sounds of jazz, rock and folk, and the occasional alcoholic beverage (in moderation, of course).

Within a radius of less than a kilometer, you’ll find bars of all kinds: from the most popular to the most sophisticated, from the most alternative to the most electric.

  • If we’re talking about the best places to go out in Palermo, we can’t leave out Dada Art, the alternative pub par excellence! Its unusual decor, made up of vintage and salvaged objects, brings a unique style to the place. It’s even an opportunity to admire some masterpieces by students at Palermo’s Faculty of Art;
  • Botteghe Colletti appeals to lovers of cocktails and local gastronomy. Here, aperitifs and tapas are resolutely Palermo. We also love the atmosphere created by the red theater curtains, old wooden furniture and piles of old-fashioned curiosities;
  • We also find Le Monkey, a small bar prized for its pretty terrace in the heart of the old town. It’s also a favourite haunt for jazz, rock and improvised music by local artists;
  • As for Le Morrisson Café, it has many faces. It handles the art of musical theater, themed evenings and jam sessions. Sometimes warm and welcoming in a rock style, sometimes a lounge pub and brasserie, the place is always worth a visit;
  • Bar Garibaldi also has many charms. This bar-café is at times a party venue, at other times a bookshop and record shop, in a muffled and busy atmosphere that we love;
  • Another must-see is Bocum: aka the place to be. Trendy, chic and rather expensive, this address attracts connoisseurs of cocktails, wine and jazz. A lounge atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxed, refined evenings.

Finally, let’s talk about La Piazza Rivoluzionne. This mythical venue brings together three of the Sicilian capital’s unmissable bars. The advantage? Try out three of the best places to go out in Palermo in a single evening!

  • First, head to Zammù. This bar, a tribute to Arab influences, boasts a fine menu of cocktails and beers;
  • Then on to Qvivi Bar. What’s on the menu? Relaxed atmosphere, local music, Rock, Jazz and Blues, and nice little appetizers;
  • Finally, we end at Cavù, to the unbridled sounds of a DJ’s turntables.

2. I Candelai cultural center

I Candelai

Photo credit : Facebook – I Candelai

Here’s a must if you’re looking for one of the best places to go out in Palermo without necessarily having a drink or nibbling on an aperitivo. Nestled in the historic heart of Palermo, the cultural association I Candelai has created an incredible living space.

Here, ideas, artists and generations meet. In its 1950s-inspired setting and décor, you can attend all kinds of exhibitions, concerts, shows, screenings and workshops. A single watchword: promote local resources and interesting, stimulating initiatives.

3. From Teatro Massimo to La Cala

Vespa Café sortir à Palerme

Photo credit: Facebook – Vespa Café

Among the best places to go out in Palermo, the narrow streets running from the Teatro Massimo to the sea are full of surprises. They’re sure to brighten up any long evening in an intimate, cosy or original setting.

From the immense theater, topped by its impressive sculpture, to the heart of the Cala, a superb seaside cove, here are our favorite addresses.

  • First, the Bolazzi. This bar boasts a traditional setting and refined culinary offerings. Enjoy without moderation, to the accompaniment of live music;
  • Then there’s the Pasqualino. Thanks to its elegant ambience and menu, it’s a delight for beer and wine lovers. Indeed, the aperitif platters are packed with local produce, which is why this restaurant embodies the typical spirit of tavernettas;
  • Basquiat Café, meanwhile, combines styles. It invites you to relax and enjoy a tea or hot chocolate break after a long peregrination, as well as a wine or cocktail evening with an aperitivo;
  • Finally, wander through the alleyways winding around the Teatro Massimo and push open the door of the emblematic Vespa Café. Linger under the vaulted arches and admire the incredible Vespa collection. While this unusual and charming venue is ideal for daytime relaxation, it also has a second face. In the evenings, it’s a popular discotheque for Palermo students;
  • If you’re in the mood for chic, try an evening at Massimo’s La Champagneria. You’ll be treated to the finest selection of champagnes and an array of gourmet dishes. This is one of the best places to go out in Palermo to celebrate a special event or simply to indulge in luxury and divine nectars;
  • Or why not try your hand at jazz at Palermo’s Miles Davis Jazz Club? Created by Ettore Balistreri, this music venue stands out for the quality of its events and performers. The artists take you on a voyage of discovery of musical horizons ranging from Gipsy to Blues, Soul and traditional Jazzy. All this while inviting you to enjoy an aperitif or a delicious dinner;
  • Finally, if you’re the kind of person who wants it all in one evening, book a table at the Kursaal Kalhesa Bar. Housed in a former palace suspended over the sea, this venue merges a wine bar, a restaurant, an electric concert hall, a bookshop and a romantic terrace. Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal, a traditional show, a musical performance or an art exhibition, Kursaal Kalhesa’s multiculturalism is sure to please.

4. The famous Vucciria Market

Vucciria market

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Radiokafka

The Vucciria market is one of the best places to go out in Palermo, if not the best! Admittedly, these days, the local market, bursting with fresh produce, has all but disappeared. But the place comes alive and reveals its full scope from 8pm onwards.

That’s when aperitif after aperitif, dancing and singing take over the streets. The crumbling buildings of Garraffello are shaken by daring DJs, and Piazza Caracciolo becomes the center of attention for all Sicilian youth.

Vucciria Market is also home to the famous Taverna Azzurra. This bar, which you wouldn’t bet two pennies on at first glance, is a mythical haunt where all populations mingle. Affordable prices, conviviality and authenticity: isn’t this the perfect recipe?

5. On the outskirts: Mondello and Addaura

Country DiscoClub sortir à Palerme

Photo credit: Facebook – Country DiscoClub

To discover our fifth and last of the best places to go out in Palermo, head for Mondello and Addaura. It’s here, on the edge of the old town, that many party-goers come to enjoy the pleasures of a vibrant nightlife.

A good example is the Country Disco Club, one of Palermo’s most popular clubs. Open on Fridays and Saturdays until 3 a.m., it’s sure to please even the most insatiable night owl. But don’t let the name fool you, there’s no cowboys or elbow-to-elbow choreography: the music is mainly commercial house and pop.

Fabric Club House is another local must. This nightclub boasts a wide range of parties. From Latino-Cuban to techno raves, Fabric Club House caters for every mood.