The 4 best snowshoe hikes around Crest Voland

La forêt des Saisies Crest Voland

Want to discover the pleasures of snowshoe hiking? Head for Savoie, an ideal destination for beginners and experienced sports enthusiasts alike!

Popular with nature lovers and walkers alike, Savoie is a delight for holidaymakers in summer and winter alike. And with good reason! With its mountain pastures, unreal blue lakes and snow-capped peaks, the region’s magnificent scenery is revealed by its many hiking trails

Nestled in this enchanting setting in the heart of the Alps, Crest Voland is a peaceful, friendly resort on a human scale. It’s a unique resort offering a wide range of outdoor activities in all seasons: tobogganing, skiing, paragliding, biking… thrill-seekers are in for a treat!

However, walking enthusiasts who want to admire nature at their own pace are not left out. Snowshoe trekking is the ideal way to enjoy the superb scenery when the mountains are decked out in their great white mantle. So to help you choose from the region’s many snowshoe trails, here are our top 4 snowshoe hikes around Crest Voland.

Les Saisies forest

La forêt des Saisies Crest Voland

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  • Duration: about 1 hour
  • 🏔️ Ascent: +169m
  • 🥾 Level of difficulty: easy
  • 💙 We like: the ease of this hike, in an enchanting setting
  • 🧭 Se e the circuit

Proposed by a regular of the Alltrails hiking site, this short, ultra-simple itinerary is ideal for those wishing to try their hand at snowshoeing. Experienced hikers won’t be disappointed, however, by this circuit, a variant of the popular Col de la Lézette hike.

Departing from Les Saisies, a peaceful, family-friendly village resort at an altitude of 1650 m, this snowshoe hike in Crest Voland lasts around an hour, and takes you through mountain landscapes each more sublime than the last. With every step, you’ll be immersed in a magical environment with unique snow conditions, between Beaufortain, Mont-Blanc and Aravis. You’ll pass through deep forests and enjoy unspoilt, peaceful nature. If you’re lucky, you may even come across a few wild animals… Keep your eyes peeled!

To prolong the pleasure and enjoy a well-deserved break, we can only advise you to continue on your way to the restaurant Le Beneton, perched in the mountains. Its French and Savoyard cuisine is appreciated by all gourmets: it’s hard to refuse such a feast, isn’t it?

The Mont Lachat tower from Paravy

randonnée raquettes Mont Lachat

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  • Duration: 3 hours
  • 🏔️ Ascent: +389m
  • 🥾 Level of difficulty: moderate
  • 💙 We love: crossing the mountain pastures to meet the beautiful Tarines and Abondance cows.
  • 🧭 Se e the circuit

The Tour du Mont Lachat circuit from Paravy is a loop accessible to all hiking enthusiasts. This signposted trail is located in the Espace Diamant ski area in the Val d’Arly, a natural region wedged between the Beaufortain and Aravis massifs. This beautiful walk is popular with tourists and is therefore, unsurprisingly, much frequented. But despite the number of people who use it every day, this itinerary is well worth the effort in all seasons… and especially in winter, with snowshoes on!

The 9.3 km loop passes through forest and alpine meadows, where you may come across a few local cows. Your route then continues around Mont Lachat. This mountain in the Bornes massif rises to no less than 2,019 meters and offers incredible views from its summit. Despite the bitter cold, you’ll want to spend several hours admiring the surrounding mountains and ski resorts. To get the most out of your snowshoe hike in Crest Voland, be sure to bring something to warm you up when you get there (a thick scarf, a thermos of hot drink…). There are plenty of picnic tables along the way, so you can enjoy a bite to eat while taking in the surrounding scenery.

Le Cernix-Mont Lachat

Cernix-Mont Lachat randonnée raquettes

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  • Running time: 2h45
  • 🏔️ Ascent: +403m
  • 🥾 Level of difficulty: moderate
  • 💙 We love: the view of the Alps from the summit of Mont Lachat
  • 🧭 Se e the circuit

This loop in the Massif des Bornes is very popular with mountain bikers and snowshoe trekkers alike. It starts from Le Cernix, a pretty little ski resort belonging to the commune of Cohennoz. This Savoy commune is located opposite the Aravis massif, at the foot of the Signal de Bisanne and high up on the left bank of the Arly.

Although very popular, this 7.6 km route allows you to enjoy some quiet time admiring the incredible scenery and soaking up the unique peace and quiet. After winding your way through forest and alpine meadows, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view once you reach the summit of Mont Lachat. This culminates at over 2,000 meters above Les Villards-sur-Thônes, and is marked by an iron cross made by the Villardins.

At the summit, you may feel as we do that you’re on top of the world! In fact, the view unveils a splendid panorama of the Alps, and in particular of Mont Blanc, which seems so imposing and so small at the same time… after almost 3 hours’ walking, this unforgettable vision is undoubtedly a well-deserved reward!

Good to know for your animal friends: dogs are allowed on this trail, provided they are kept on a leash. So you can enjoy this nature getaway with your four-legged friend.

Night hike to the Croix du Mont Clocher

Video credit: Jean Claude VILLIEN

  • Duration: 4h30
  • 🏔️ Ascent: +743m
  • 🥾 Level of difficulty: difficult
  • 💙 We like: a nocturnal itinerary to discover nature in a different way
  • 🧭 Se e the circuit

Not afraid of the dark? Why not take a night hike? It’s the perfect way to shake up all your senses and enjoy the benefits of nature in a whole new way! If this idea appeals to you, we’ve come up with the perfect itinerary for you… This night hike starts in Hauteluce, a veritable paradise in the heart of the Beaufortain region. Authentic and full of charm, this village alone is worth a visit, with its impressive views of Mont Blanc, its chapels and chalets.

It’s in this unspoilt setting that the route begins, between forest and alpine pastures, to reach Mont Clocher at an altitude of over 1,900 metres. Equipped with a flashlight (headlamp if possible, so as not to restrict your movements), let your senses take you by surprise. When your sight is impaired, all your other senses are on the alert! Listen to the sounds of nature, breathe in the scents of the mountains, feel the fresh wind caress your skin… That’s the whole point of the experience!

But don’t panic: this trail is also accessible during the day. In fact, the trail enjoys almost constant sunshine, even in December. Enough to warm up the brave sportsmen in any season! Your objective is now quite different, and you’ll be eager to reach Mont Clocher and its summit. From here, take a few moments to admire the beautiful Hauteluce valley and the surrounding massifs (Mont-Blanc, Aravis, Beaufortain): a view so beautiful you could contemplate it for hours, and which seems straight out of a postcard.

Whether you’re new to snowshoe trekking, or a more seasoned sportsman, these different routes will take your breath away. In fact, the Crest Voland region offers a wide range of routes with breathtaking views, through unspoilt, peaceful countryside. Which of these 4 best snowshoe hikes around Crest Voland appeals to you most? We look forward to hearing from you!

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