The 4 best airbnb rentals in Bogota

For the perfect stay in Colombia that combines culture, charm and new experience, discover our selection of the best Airbnb in Bogota

Is Colombia one of Latin America’s new « places to be »? Since the turn of the decade 2010 and the pacification of the country, travelers have been flocking there in droves. And all are unanimous: what a pleasure to spend a week, a month or more here! Colombia not only boastsincredible natural assets, but alsoa pleasant pace of life. Colombians are warm-hearted people who never shy away from bringing good cheer to their daily lives. The colonial architecture of certain cities also brings its share of pleasure to visitors. And among all the cities, there’s one that really grabs our attention: Bogotá, the capital.

Long the victim of a bad reputation, Bogotá is now a city where people love to wander and enjoy great experiences. From the incredible Gold Museum to the Montserrate promontory, from the Botero Museum to the Usaquen district, there’s plenty to see. Culturally rich, the Colombian capital is also a lively place for a night out. And to make the most of all the city has to offer, we’ve selected the 4 best Airbnb rentals in Bogota. Let’s take a tour of Bogotá’s best barrios (neighborhoods)!

Chez Wynwood

Luxury modern loft in the El Chicó barrio
Un luxe loft moderne dans le barrio d’El Chicó

Photo credit: Source – Airbnb

  • 🧳 Number of passengers: 2
  • 📍 Location: El Chicó, Bogota
  • 💙 We love: the breathtaking view from the rooftop

Rooftop, fitness room, billiards… luxury awaits you in El Chicó. This is one of Bogotá’s most exclusive barrios, where you’ll find trendy restaurants and bars in a relaxed atmosphere. The apartment is ultra-modern and features top-of-the-range amenities. For example, the barbecue is perfect for cooking on the roof with a panoramic view of the city.

It’s crazy, because the exterior design makes you think you’re in the heart of a country garden. But you’re actually on the roof of a building, in the heart of a capital city with a population of over 7 million.

This loft is equipped with every convenience and has a precious advantage: you can enter at any time. A doorman is present 24 hours a day at the building entrance, and entry to the loft is via a connected lock.

From here, it’s a short walk to Montserrat or the historic center. It takes about half an hour by bus or twenty minutes by cab. And if you want to stay in the area, you can go jogging in the El Virrey park or have a drink in the 93 park, where you’ll find numerous bars and restaurants.


Chez Stella

A beautiful colonial house in the heart of Chapinero
Une belle maison coloniale en plein cœur de Chapinero

Photo credit: Source – Airbnb

  • 🧳 Number of passengers: 3
  • 📍 Location: Chapinero, Bogota
  • 💙 We love: the pastries prepared by mom, on the first floor of the house

A large colonial house awaits you in the trendy Chapinero district. You’ll have two floors at your disposal in a stylish wooden interior. Large domes give you plenty of light and a beautiful view of the mountains. And what’s more, it’s a family home! In fact, the owners’ mom lives on the first floor, where… she runs a delicious patisserie! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, don’t hesitate to try her home-made products…

When it comes to location, you’re at the top of your game! The Chapinero district is not far from the center, where the museums are located. In less than half an hour by bus, you’ll be at the foot of Montserrate. By cab (which, by the way, are cheap in Colombia), you’ll get there even quicker. In the evening, you’ll enjoy strolling through the neighborhood. There’s a great atmosphere, especially in the Zona T, located very close to the house.


Chez Monica

A cabin in the forest above Bogota
Chez Monica, une cabane dans la forêt sur les hauteurs de Bogota

Photo credit: Source – Airbnb

  • 🧳 Number of passengers: 2
  • 📍 Location: Las delicias del Carmen, Bogota
  • 💙 We love: the spa overlooking the forest!

We’ve fallen in love with this urban cabin, which offers a real break from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Monica’s hut is located high up in the Las delicias del Carmen neighborhood. Easily accessible, this barrio offers a panoramic view of the Colombian capital. There are a few restaurants and bars in the vicinity, but the strong point of this accommodation is the surrounding calm.

The interior is very charming and unpretentious. You’ll appreciate the tiled kitchen-living room divider and the cosy little bedroom. The large windows overlook the surrounding lush vegetation. But the best spot in the house is undoubtedly the two-seater Jacuzzi, set in a glass roof overlooking the forest.

Imagine stretching your legs in the water, with a small glass of wine on the edge of the basin. You’re relaxed and looking out over the surrounding greenery… What a joy to be able to disconnect so much in a city of this size! Don’t wait any longer if you want a little peace and quiet during your trip to Bogotá!


Luz Adriana

An airbnb in La Calera, a few kilometers from Bogota
Un airbnb à La Calera, à quelques kilomètres de Bogota

Photo credit: Source – Airbnb

  • 🧳 Number of passengers: 2
  • 📍 Location: La Calera, near Bogota
  • 💙 We love: The peace and quiet of the western Andes of Cundinamarca

This Airbnb near Bogota is incredible! Leave the downtown buildings at your back, and turn your attention to the surrounding mountains. Direction: el campo! The area around Bogotá, too often overlooked, is delightful. The calm reigns and the charm of the houses bewitches. Such is the case of this finca offered by Luz Adriana, the owner. The accommodation has all the assets ofa nature getaway.

The living room features a matt stone floor and exposed beams. The central fireplace completes the decor! You can also take advantage of the flower-filled terrace, which looks out directly onto vast green expanses. And when you leave your finca, you’ll love the walks! You’ll enjoy beautiful mid-mountain walks on trails used only by the locals. This very local experience will undoubtedly make you appreciate Colombia in a different way, off the beaten track.

And you’ll also have the chance to go horse-riding. In fact, as the region is heavily involved in horse breeding, you’ll come across plenty of them on your walks. What’s more, in your accommodation, you’ll see the whole range of the perfect rider. So saddle up for a beautiful ride in the hills above Bogotá. Far from the hustle and bustle of the capital, you’ll love this unique experience!


As you can see, there’s no shortage of quality addresses in the capital. It’s up to you to choose the Airbnb in Bogotá that best suits your needs… whether it’s in the city center or in the hills: the most important thing is to book in advance to take advantage of the best offers!

Your successful stay in Bogota