The 37 best board games to take on a trip

What would a trip be without board games? To simplify your preparations, here’s our selection of super fun games to slip into your suitcase!

To pass the time in transport, to keep young and old occupied, to help socialize, to liven up evenings… There are many reasons to take a few board games with you when you travel! That’s why Generation Voyage has put together a list of the best pocket board games to take with you… to the ends of the earth!

The Uno!
Le Uno !
Because it’s a classic!Because nobody ever says no to a game of Uno!Because you don’t put a +4 on a +2!
Your World Tour Game
Le Jeu Votre Tour du Monde
It’s made by a traveler, for travelersIt will be a youth hostel successMaps alone make you travel
The Harry Potter version of Dobble
Le jeu Dobble, version Harry Potter
Because a game of Dobble will give you a real workoutBecause there are several possible game modes Because Harry Potter is so badass
The Jungle Speed game
Le jeu Jungle Speed
To train your reflexesBecause whoever has the totem pole is untouchable (just like in Koh-Lanta!).Because it’s a good excuse to scratch the person you don’t like
The Time’s Up game
Le jeu Time's Up
To learn how to describe a watering can perfectlyBecause it exercises the memoryTo see your best friends mime silly things
Because it’s the only game with dice that’s cool Because you don’t need to have 18 in maths to play with numbers!
The little tub
Le petit bac
To find out about fruits beginning with a KTo find out about animals beginning with WTo find out about jobs that start with a Q
The Friends card game
Le jeu de cartes Friends
Because one card game = 10,000 different games!Because Ross and Rachel, quite simplyBecause your foreign friends will teach you lots of new rules
Monopoly, travel edition
Monopoly, édition voyage
Because it’s easier to pay taxes with MonopolyBecause it’s the only place where you can send your buddies to prison.Because with the pocket version, you won’t need to carry the big tray around with you!
The Werewolf Game
Le jeu des Loups-Garous
Because the village is falling asleep…And werewolves wake upLiven up your travel evenings with this role-playing game
Clue, travel edition
Cluedo, édition voyage
For Colonel Mustard’s moustacheFor the feeling you get when you solve the case
Mille borne, travel edition
Mille borne, édition voyage
Because you can run red lightsTo slash the tires of your best buddiesBecause there are lots of new cards that didn’t exist when we were kids
La Bonne Paye, travel edition
La Bonne Paye, édition voyage
Learn how to manage your expensesLearn to buy and sell from an early ageFor paperback format
A pocket chess set
Un jeu d'échecs de poche
Make the most of your trip to become an absolute chess masterBecause this chess set is magnetic and you won’t lose a single piece
Puissance 4, travel edition
Puissance 4, édition voyage
Because it’s a must Because a game of Power 4 takes just two minutes to set upBecause it’s a good excuse to get face-to-face with your crush.
A fun way to learnSo that you can tell it all with lots of anecdotes
Trivial Pursuit, Harry Potter edition
Un Trivial Pursuit, édition Harry Potter
To show your friends that you know Harry Potter better than they doBecause you can take this game anywhere (even on your Nymbus 2000)Because Harry Potter is so badass
The solitaire game
Le jeu du solitaire
Because you’re too bad a player to play with other peopleBecause you can’t speak English and so won’t have any friendsIn case you become the new Robinson Crusoe
Story’s cube game
Le jeu Story's cube
Let your imagination run wildLearn to tell stories in several languages
To say out loud what’s on your mindTo find out what others really think of you
I’ve never
Je n'ai jamais
Because it’s a must For shocking revelations!Because it’s universal and your fellow travelers will thank you.
For its travel sizeTo improve your dexterityBecause you can use it to make kebabs
Cards against humanity – International version
Cards against humanity - Version internationale
To let your trashy side shine with impunityBecause this game guarantees hilarious evenings outSo you can play it all over the world!
Mother Phoquer – Cards against humanity in French!
Le Mother Phoquer - Cards against humanity en français !
To let your trashy side shine with impunityBecause this game guarantees hilarious evenings outFor your French buddies who don’t understand a word of English
What do you meme
What do you meme
Practice being funny on social networksFor your French buddies who don’t understand a word of English
What do you meme – International version
What do you meme - Version internationale
Practice being funny on social networksSo you can play it all over the world!
A genuine leather travel backgammon
Un backgammon de voyage en cuir véritable
Because it’s easy to carry aroundBecause you can play it on the beach as well as on the plane
Nomadic version of the Head Guess game
Le jeu Devine tête, version nomade
Because it’s always funny to see your mother-in-law as a sea lion!Because the headband makes you look like a million bucks!
A magnetic tangram game
Un jeu tangram magnétique
Because this game combines fun and reflectionBecause this game is a traditional way of teaching mathematicsBecause this game can help your child’s intellectual development
The Boggle game
Le jeu Boggle
Because it can be played by several people as well as aloneBecause this game combines fun and reflectionBecause it helps you perfect your French
Naval battle, travel edition
Bataille navale, édition voyage
Because we can see your frigate in C12…For its unbeatable priceRecreate the battle of Pearl Harbor from the comfort of your living room
The Brain Box Travel Around the World game
Le jeu Brain Box Voyage autour du monde
To teach your children about the culture of every country in the worldTo give your memory a workoutBecause it can be played alone or with others
Learn the best techniques and become unbeatable
To improve your thinking and logic
A journey into the fantastic world of witches and unicornsFor its 48 fun and entertaining challenges
The travel version of Skip-bo
Le jeu Skip-bo, version voyage
Because you can play it for hours and never get tired of itBecause it’s the best alternative to Uno!
The MITO game
Le jeu MITO
Because you can finally cheat legallySee how far your friends are willing to go to win