The 3 most popular dairy products in France!

Verified on 03/10/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Les 3 produits laitiers les plus consommés en France !

Milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter: dairy products are essential for good health, especially as we age. What are the French’s favorite dairy products? Here’s the verdict!

Dairy products offer numerous health benefits, a wealth of nutrition that contributes to the body’s proper functioning at every stage of life.

Very rich in calcium, they promote children’s growth, help build bone tissue and maintain bone strength, which becomes particularly fragile as we age.

It is therefore recommended to consume 2 dairy products a day (3 to 4 from the age of 55), « moderating consumption of fatty and salty cheeses », says the Assurance Maladie.

But do the French respect these recommendations? Which dairy products do they consume the most? We take stock!

Which cheeses are the most popular in France?

According to an extensive survey of the French population carried out by CSA in 2021, dairy products are considered essential to the diets of 34% of the population.

In fact, almost the entire population consumes it (97%). Among their favorite dairy products, cheese tops the list (16%), consumed by 87% of French people.

According to a barometer, Emmental is by far the most popular cheese, with sales of 150,000 tonnes a year. It is closely followed by Camembert, a flagship product of French culture. Raclette and mozzarella cheeses are also very popular, with sales up 34% and 55% respectively since 2016.

What type of milk do the French prefer?

Among the dairy products most consumed by the French, milk comes second (10%) ahead of yoghurts (6%) and butter (5%).

As the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty tells us, semi-skimmed milk (recognizable by its red cap) is the most popular, no doubt because it contains less saturated fat, making it more suitable for weight controllers.

While cow’s milk continues to dominate the milk market, it is now followed by goat’s milk and then ewe’s milk.

What about yoghurts?

As for yoghurts, which continue to be popular with children and adults alike despite a decline in consumption over the past 20 years, it’s dairy desserts followed by flavored yoghurts that top the list.

They are well ahead of fromage frais and plain yoghurt, which are often much healthier.