The 3 most beautiful walks in Mykonos


An island of parties, jet-setters and beaches, hiking in Mykonos is a completely different way of discovering the most popular of the Cyclades. Bear in mind, however, that even with the best will in the world, Mykonos is not the ideal destination for walkers!

Hiking on Mykonos is not exactly the island’s top activity… True to its reputation, it’s much easier to enjoy the « dream » beaches, festive evenings and shopping atmosphere of Chora.

When it comes to walking trails, Mykonos is a bit of a backwater. First of all, the island’s agricultural past limits the presence of the ancient mule tracks so often used for hiking in the Greek islands. More recently, the island’s rapid development as a tourist destination has led to a proliferation of buildings in every nook and cranny, with more and more roads covered in tar…

As always in the Cyclades, Mykonos is a magnificent island, offering those who lace up their shoes some beautiful Cycladic villages and splendid landscapes, set against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea. On the island, it’s a good idea to mix up your activities, as there’s no need to devote an entire week to hiking!

In any case, Mykonos is a great place to hike in early spring, in the cool of April-May, or late in the off-season, in October. In August, the festivities are in full swing, and when the meltem, the northerly wind, blows, it’s quite possible to walk in the middle of the day without suffering from the heat.

1. The coastal path of Mykonos’ southern beaches


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Constantinos Iliopoulos

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Distance: 7.6 km
  • Height difference: 74 m
  • Difficulty: Easy
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The initial success of Mykonos, the most sought-after of the Cyclades along with Santorini, was largely due to the beauty of its beaches. Those in the south of the island, sheltered from the north wind, are the most sought-after for their warm sand, calm, clear waters and, these days, the rows of umbrellas, beach bars and clubs where the real pulse of Mykonos beats.

This Coastal Beach Hike lets you stretch your legs while discovering some of the island’s most famous beaches. Departing from Platis Gialos (bus from Chora to get there and back), stop off at Agia Anna and Paraga beaches, before reaching the legendary Paradise Beach.

A short stroll around Mykonos that really puts you in the mood, with its share of lounge bars, clubs, restaurants and deckchairs. Don’t forget your swimsuit and your wallet, as there are plenty of opportunities to take a break.

The scenery changes drastically between the height of summer, with its bustling day and nightlife, and the first and last weeks of the season, with its much quieter, gradually deserted beaches…

2. Excursion to Delos

L’excursion à Délos

Photo credit : Alltrails

  • Duration: about 1 hour
  • Distance: 3.5 km
  • Height difference: 68 m
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • See the route

One of the most beautiful walks on Mykonos is not on the island itself, but on its small neighbor, Delos… It’s more of an excursion, but one during which you’ll have to walk. Uninhabited and off-limits to non-visitors, Delos is an open-air archaeological site and one of the most remarkable in Greece.

Indeed, the island was highly sacred in ancient times, considered the center of the Cyclades and the birthplace of the twins Apollo and Artemis! And according to the ancient Greeks, the archipelago was organized in a cycle around Delos, hence its name. For this trip, you’ll need to take a day trip by boat from Mykonos, the only way to reach Delos.

A tour of the site begins with a look at its most beautiful remains: the sanctuary of Apollo, the temple of Artemis, the Terrace of the Lions, the Theatre of Delos, the House of the Dolphins, etc… Before climbing the island’s summit, Cynthe, with its 112 m elevation gain!

So there’s no difficulty, even if there’s not much shade. The site is brimming with archaeological treasures, and you end up accumulating a bit of distance by searching every nook and cranny until it’s time to head back to Mykonos.

3. From Ano Mera to Lia beach


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Sogno Lucido

  • Duration: about 3 hours
  • Distance: about 10 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • See the route

A Mykonos hike that’s a little removed from the general hustle and bustle of the island, the only one that allows you to really cover a bit of distance on foot and tread trails worthy of the Cyclades.

Departure is from Ano Mera, a beautiful, typically Cycladic village in the heart of Mykonos. Regularly linked by local bus to Chora, the capital, it’s also an excellent base for a more peaceful getaway.

Take time to explore the narrow streets of Ano Mera and visit the monastery of Panagia Tourliani before embarking on this fairly short itinerary. In fact, the route is relatively straightforward, apart from a few unclear stretches, alternating between stretches of ancient rural footpaths reminiscent of a bygone Mykonos, and stretches of asphalt road, impossible to avoid on the island.

The route leads to the pretty beach of Lia, where you’ll find umbrellas and cafés for a little shade and a cool drink, with its essential jump into the water!