The 3 best places to take surf lessons in Anglet

For an introduction to surfing in Anglet or surf lessons in Anglet, check out our selection of the best spots at La Madrague, Les Cavaliers or La Marinella!

Conveniently located between Bayonne and Biarritz, Anglet is part of the famous BAB triptych (Bayonne, Anglet, Biarritz). South of the mouth of the Adour and north of the Biarritz lighthouse, Anglet is perhaps the least well-known of the BAB towns. But that doesn’t stop it from having assets that attract visitors. One of its highlights is, of course, its 5 km of beach! When you see them, all you want to do is stop and surf.

Because yes, when it comes to Anglet and the BAB in general, surfing is never far away. The most popular sport on Basque beaches, surfing is even considered a religion by some. In Anglet, surfboards abound in the town center and on the beaches. The whole town’s atmosphere is one of surfing and gliding. Naturally, it’s easy to get surfing lessons in Anglet.

But how do you find the right spot for you? And where’s the best place to start surfing in Anglet? Another question you need to ask yourself: where can you surf with your family on the Basque coast? Or how do you find a surf school in Anglet? We’ve got the answers: here are the 3 best spots for surf lessons in Anglet.

Marinella beach for all levels and budgets

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  • 🧒Minimum age: 6 years
  • 🛶Difficulty: beginners, intermediate or advanced
  • 📍Location: ESCF Anglet, Marinella beach

Close to the famous Chambre d’Amour cave, Marinella beach is a well-known spot for surfers in the Basque Country. But also elsewhere! Ideal for learning to surf or consolidating the basics, the spot attracts many surfing enthusiasts. If you’d like to learn on your own, the ESCF Anglet surf school in Marinella offers surfing courses in Anglet.

The aim of our learning sessions is to give beginners a chance to learn. The ability to glide is not innate; it’s acquired through hard work, whether or not you’re naturally at ease on a board.

This school likes to tailor its courses to individual levels, budgets and availability. So there are formulas for private or group lessons (never more than eight people). The number of hours spent in the water also varies. Initiation can be a simple 1h30 lesson, while more intensive courses involve up to 3 hours a day for a week.

If you opt for the latter, our instructors will be on hand to guide you as you learn. They’ll want to see you gliding serenely over a foam at the end of the week! And spoiler: there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to do even better than that!

Cavaliers beach, ideal for a family surfing initiation in Anglet

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  • 🧒Minimum age: 7 years
  • 🛶Difficulty: beginners, intermediate or advanced
  • 📍Location: Gliss’Expérience, plage des Cavaliers

Ask any surfing enthusiast if they’ve ever heard of Plage des Cavaliers… and chances are they’ll instantly reply: « Anglet ». Indeed, the Plage des Cavaliers is Anglet’s surf spot par excellence. It owes its popularity to the large number of professional competitions held there over the last few decades. And what makes this spot so popular with the world’s top surfers?

Firstly, the power of its waves and the constant number of tubes it provides for surf enthusiasts. Secondly, the beach is wide enough that traffic jams don’t spoil the session. As a result, surfers of all levels can enjoy an intense session on this spot.

Gliss’ Expérience’s state-certified instructors can guide you through your first steps as a surfer. They can also help you improve your glide if you’re not a beginner. Lessons are available for most of the year. They’re available every day during school vacations and in summer. Otherwise, lessons are also available on most weekends, even during off-season weekends.

Want to spend four days in October in the rollers of Cavaliers beach? It’s possible! The icing on the cake with this school is its ability to provide a family-friendly offer. Are you new to the Basque Country and looking for an introduction to surfing in Anglet? The school offers lessons for families of three or more. Alternatively, we offer traditional group lessons (max. 8 people) or private lessons.

And if you’re coming with the family and some of the kids don’t surf, you can wait on the beach or enjoy the playground just a hundred meters away. A spot for everyone!

La Madrague beach for maximum space

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  • 🧒Minimum age: 8 years old for private lessons, from 7 years old for group lessons
  • 🛶Difficulty: beginners, intermediate or advanced
  • 📍Location: Anglet Surf Spirit, plage de la Madrague

Situated on the central beaches of Anglet, La Madrague also attracts its fair share of afficionados. With its long stretch of fine sand, it is recognized as one of the most beautiful on the Basque coast. Its wide-open spaces appeal to sports enthusiasts: soccer fans, kite flyers, runners… But the most popular sportsmen and women are surfers! Indeed, La Madrague is no exception to the region’s rule: here, surfing is first and foremost.

And to find the best surf school in Anglet on La Madrague beach, visit Anglet Surf Spirit. It’s the most recognized surf school in the area. With its passionate and attentive teachers, it helps to inspire people to go surfing. They teach beginners as well as more experienced surfers, and there are several groups at different levels.

Surf lessons for children aged 7 to 14 are generally separate from those for older teenagers. Private lessons are also available for children over 8. To avoid overcrowding, the instructors will take you to nearby beaches according to your level and the conditions. In fact, the Plage de l’Océan and the Plage des Corsaires are within easy reach.

The air of the Basque Country should do you good! It’s obvious that after reading this article, you’ll want to discover one of the three beaches in our selection. You’ll love surfing in Anglet, on a board that’s supple enough to cope with the waves. Afterwards, all you have to do is enjoy a nice walk in the mountains of the hinterland or a stopover on the Spanish side… Because yes, the Basque Country has it all: the ocean, the mountains and a change of scenery. Long live surfing lessons in Anglet!

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