The 3 best eco-friendly hotels in Lapland

If you want to visit Santa’s homeland while preserving its beauty, why not book an eco-friendly hotel in Lapland?

Did you know? Cold countries are the first to be affected by global warming. In Lapland, a Nordic region bordering Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia, we know this only too well. Since tourism is vital to this enchanting territory, the local authorities have introduced strict controls.

Finland is striving to implement the UN’s sustainable development goals, be they ecological, socio-cultural or financial. The country has a concrete action plan to reduce its carbon footprint. One example is the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label, awarded to the most virtuous companies and businesses. We now invite you to do your part to preserve this fabulous environment by choosing three eco-responsible hotels in Lapland. Rest assured, you won’t need a flying sled to get there. Just follow the guide!

A cute rabbit cocoon

suite d'image de l'hôtel ecoresponsable de  Laponie, avec des aurores boréals

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Rovaniemi

🌿 Ecological score: 8.5/10

TheArctic Treehouse Hotel is a true gem of an establishment that we’ve unearthed in the heart of the dense Finnish forest. This eco-responsible hotel in Lapland is located in Rovaniemi, Santa’s hometown. When you arrive, you’ll set up your suitcases in charming, cozy wooden nests… Finnish, of course. Warm and inviting, they have a green roof that blends in perfectly with the enchanting surroundings. Try out the furry armchairs or take advantage of the private sauna.

Some homes even feature relaxation cabins with dry heat. And saunas are a veritable institution in this northern territory! Powered solely by geothermal and solar energy, the hotel has been awarded the Clef Verte label. What more could you ask for than proof of seriousness and respect for the environment?

In the restaurant, you can enjoy delicious meals while watching the flames dance in the central fireplace, before admiring the Northern Lights, which are present from late August to early April. What’s more, there’s a wide range of activities to choose from: in winter, you’ll prefer a beautiful sleigh ride to noisy snowmobiles. This ancient and picturesque means of transport will give you quick access to Santa Park, Santa’s underground cavern.

Santa Claus Village is just a 30-minute walk from your cocoon. If you prefer, a shuttle bus will take you there directly from the hotel. Finally, for a cultural stroll, we recommend a visit to the Arktikum, a fascinating museum dedicated to the region and its treasures. The architecture of this splendid glass building is also absolutely remarkable. Find out more about this hotel

💙 We love: immersion in the forest

Traditional wooden chalets just a stone’s throw from Santa Claus

Photos de chalets dans le village du pere noel en Laponie

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Rovaniemi

🌿 Ecological score: 8/10

Also in Rovaniemi, in the middle of the forest, you can stay in a pretty village of semi-detached wooden chalets. It’s right next to the Kemijoki River, which in summer is an enchanting spot for hiking in the countryside. It’s just a stone’s throw from the Ounasvaara ski resort, where visitors and locals alike come to glide in winter.

Suites and villas are equipped with the indispensable private sauna, a must after a day of bitterly cold weather. This eco-responsible hotel in Lapland, which has succeeded in drastically reducing the use of single-use plastics, is powered solely by renewable energies. There are also numerous charging stations for electric cars. What’s more, end-of-life textiles, machines and furniture are recycled, and the hotel has its own composting facility. Here, nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

Feeling peckish? Here, three different restaurants honor Lapland’s emblematic products. Salmon, berries and cheeses are sublimated by a team of cooks who will amaze you with their creativity. The 73 accommodations on offer range in size from 28 to 80 m². They include a private terrace and a warm, well-appointed décor. It’s hard to get out of the house when you’re so comfortable… But you’ll need to be to get to the center of Rovaniemi, just 5 minutes away by car.

Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities: husky safaris, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, ice fishing… You’ll never get bored! To round off your visit to the surrounding area, be sure to pay a visit to the Arctic animals at Ranua Zoological Park. Lynx, elk, bears and gray wolves rule the roost. Find out more about these cottages

💙 We love: private saunas

Cosy room or crystal igloo… to admire the northern lights

images hotelecoresponsable en laponie

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Luosto

🌿 Ecological score: 8/10

Santa’s Hotel Aurora has plenty of character. This small village of typically Scandinavian chalets features rustic accommodations with fireplaces and private saunas. You can also rent a glass igloo! Each cottage is equipped with an alarm system that is activated whenever the northern lights appear in the sky. What’s more, all the windows face north, so you can enjoy the show without having to move!

This eco-responsible hotel in Lapland applies serious energy, electricity and water savings. A high-performance control system regulates temperatures and energy consumption. Communal lighting is equipped with timers and no individual plastic packaging is used. You’ll also find that here, as throughout Finland, waste sorting is scrupulously respected. What more could you ask for when you want an eco-friendly vacation in the Arctic?

-10°C, -15°C, -20°C… It’s cold, isn’t it? Well, all the better: the buffet from breakfast to dinner honors local specialties. Porridge, turkey sandwiches, seasonal berry smoothies, potato omelettes or reindeer sausages? These tasty recipes will set you off on new adventures in Pyhä-Luosto National Park. It’s right in the middle of Finnish Lapland, 90 minutes from its capital Rovaniemi. This majestic natural area and its village resort are brimming with sumptuous natural treasures.

Not far from our eco-friendly hotel in Lapland, you’ll find the famous Lampivaara amethyst mine. The site is well worth a visit, as are the hiking trails that wind through it. Wild and particularly well-preserved, the area is home to centuries-old trees. A change of scenery guaranteed! Find out more about these rooms

💙 We like: aurora borealis warning system

Our selection ofeco-friendly hotels in Lapland offers comfort and respect for the environment. Many planet-loving visitors have made no mistake! Will you brave the elements in one of the world’s most northerly inhabited regions?