The 19 best outdoor activities in Valmorel


Nestled in the heart of the Savoie region, Valmorel is a resort to discover in both summer and winter. Discover the outdoor activities available in Valmorel!

Not far from La Léchère and Saint-François Longchamps, the resort of Valmorel comprises 7 hamlets: Fontaine, La Forêt, Le Bourg, Crève-cœur, Planchamps, Le Mottet and Le Bois de la Croix. Renowned both in France and abroad, the resort has been awarded several labels, including « Famille Plus Montagne », « Station Grand Domaine » and « Station Village ». Valmorel offers a wide range of facilities and services for young and old alike, which is why Generation Voyage has put together this guide to the best outdoor activities in Valmorel!


Ahhhh winter… that magical, enchanting time when nature freezes for a season and reveals all its icy beauty. So what are you waiting for to try out the outdoor activities available in Valmorel?


Valmorel randonnée

Photo Credit: Facebook – Valmorel

Alone, as a couple, with friends or family, you’ll love the 50 km of hiking trails between Valmorel, Doucy-Station and Celliers. What’s more, take advantage of your stay in Valmorel to discover Nordic walking! These outdoor activities in Valmorel are the perfect combination of hiking adventure and fun sport.

Along the way, you’ll be dazzled by the magnificent valleys, snow-covered slopes and sheer cliffs that form a breathtaking panorama.


raquettes valmorel

Photo Credit: Facebook – Valmorel – Jean Pascal Simond

Looking for outdoor activities in Valmorel? Why not try your hand at snowshoeing? Hike the mountain slopes to gain height and enjoy the Alpine scenery to the full. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, you’ll find what you’re looking for among the many guided snowshoe outings on offer.

The sled dog

valmorel chiens de traineau

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Coming to Valmorel means discovering magnificent landscapes where majestic mountains alternate with verdant fir trees. And what better way to enjoy this wilderness than on a dog-sledding excursion? This is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor activities you can do in Valmorel! You’ll never forget this unforgettable moment with the dogs.

Skiing and snowboarding

ski valmorel

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Whether you’re a beginner who prefers the calm of the green and blue runs, or an extreme enthusiast who prefers the black runs and snow parks, there’s something for everyone at Valmorel! Skiing and snowboarding are undoubtedly the outdoor activities to do in Valmorel in winter!

Whether you prefer freeride, cross-country, downhill or snowboarding, Valmorel is a ski area where you won’t be bored.

Airboarding and tobogganing

valmorel luge

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If you’re looking for outdoor activities to do in Valmorel with family or friends, why not opt for tobogganing, snowkarting, airboarding, snake-gliss, apéro-gliss and resto-gliss? These forms of sliding promise unforgettable memories! Whatever your age, these outdoor activities in Valmorel are sure to thrill!


parapente valmorel

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Looking for a breath of fresh air? Opt for one of the most sensational outdoor activities: paragliding! This sport, derived from parachuting, carries you along with the wind to discover wonderful places. Admire the breathtaking scenery of the Alps during your flight!


valmorel motoneige

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To discover Valmorel, why not opt for a snowmobile excursion? This fun and original activity will take you to snow-covered plains, majestic mountains and forests cloaked in a blanket of white.

Combining speed, thrills and discovery, snowmobiling is one of the outdoor activities in Valmorel that Generation Voyage recommends!

Fat biking

valmorel fat bike

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If you’re looking for an original outdoor activity in Valmorel, think fat biking! A fat bike is a mountain bike with wide tires designed for use on snow and sand. Hop on your fat bike and set off down the slopes in search of thrills and spills!

Igloo building

igloo valmorel

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Building igloos is a golden opportunity to enjoy the joys of winter. With family or friends, it’s one of the best outdoor activities you can do in Valmorel. For the space of a few hours, become an extreme builder in the face of cold and snow! The Inuit themselves will be envious of your incredible construction!


Why not head for the mountains this summer? Valmorel is waiting for you!



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Visiting Valmorel while hiking is the perfect option! In summer, the ski area is transformed into a magnificent, shimmering green resort. This makes for very pleasant walks. Whether you want to observe the landscape, smell the flowers or listen to the birds, you can go at your own pace to visit Valmorel.

Mountain biking

VTT valmorel

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Valmorel is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful playgrounds for mountain bike enthusiasts and thrill-seekers! Whether on your own, with family or friends, mountain biking allows you to have fun while discovering the region in a sporty way. It’s without doubt one of the best outdoor activities you can do in Valmorel!

Rafting and hot dogs

rafting valmorel

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Wondering what to do in Valmorel in summer? Then why not opt for one of the best outdoor activities in Valmorel: rafting! This inflatable boat lets you hurtle down the rapids of the torrents with a healthy dose of thrills.

On the program, you’ll travel the entire length of the Isère river (18 km long) from Bourg Saint Maurice to Centron. Along the way, in a magnificent mountain landscape, you’ll cross a few rapids (Rapides d’Aime) and gorges (Gorges de la Pucelle) that will undoubtedly shake you up a little. But it’s all worth it: the panorama is breathtaking!


Valmorel rivière

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Embark on a water toboggan and learn to play with the current. This minimalist activity allows you to experience maximum sensations as you meander along the river. The Aime rapids and the Centron rapids promise an adrenalin rush.

Air boat and kayak

valmorel cours d'eau

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What could be better than visiting the Valmorel region by water? Would you like to try your hand at kayaking? Follow the guide! Along the river, between fun and effort, you’ll discover nature as you’ve never seen it before. Birds sing, crystal-clear waters ripple in ripples, insects flutter by flowering buds… To witness this enchanting spectacle, there’s nothing better than a kayak excursion.


valmorel canyoning

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Do you have an adventurous spirit? Canyoning is the perfect way to get your thrills while visiting the Valmorel region! Between land and sea, this sport lets you discover the region as you’ve never seen it before!

Visiting Valmorel by canyoning will appeal to young and old alike! You’ll rappel down waterfalls, slide down slides, climb walls, swim in the water… in short, we guarantee you won’t last long in the evening after such an exciting day!

Donkey or horse rides

Valmorel été

Photo Credit: Facebook – Valmorel

Among the outdoor activities available in Valmorel, don’t forget horseback riding or donkey rides! This original means of locomotion will give you a unique and totally different way to visit Valmorel. Along the way, you’ll be able to admire the surrounding plain, the majestic mountains and the shimmering nature.

The via ferrata

via ferrata Valmorel

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If you want to challenge yourself and visit Valmorel at the same time, opt for via ferrata. Halfway between hiking and climbing, this activity is a great way to admire the region. You’ll be able to see snow-capped peaks, lush green plains and majestic mountains from the air.


valmorel paysage

Photo Credit: Facebook – Valmorel

Would you like to visit Valmorel in a unique and sensational way? Why not take a paragliding flight over the region? Taking to the skies to admire the immensity and splendor of the landscape will allow you to discover the Alps in an atypical way.

During your first flight, don’t forget to take a look at the panorama, including the Col du Gollet and the village of Doucy, despite your fear (just at take-off, don’t worry).

What’s your favorite outdoor activity in Valmorel?