The 14 best outdoor activities in Aussois


Outdoor activities abound in Aussois, summer and winter alike! So don’t wait any longer to book your stay in the mountains.

Meet at the foot of the Parc de la Vanoise in Savoie. From your pied-à-terre, a host of leisure activities are accessible to the greatest number of people, to the delight of young and old alike. What’s more, your resort is « Famille Plus » approved. This label guarantees attractive rates according to age, and activities suitable for adults and children alike. Perfect for a weekend or vacation that’s 100% fun!

Pack your bags and head for Savoie to reconnect with nature. For Aussois welcomes you to a sumptuous environment. This traditional village is nestled in the heart of a rejuvenating and inspiring landscape.

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Whether you’re planning a ski holiday or just a break in the mountains, you’ll be won over by the profusion of outdoor activities on offer in Aussois. Read our selection for a top winter getaway!

Skiing and snowboarding


Photo credit: Facebook – Aussois

At the top of the podium are skiing and snowboarding. These flagship sports are as popular as ever! And with good reason: they combine relaxation with breathtaking panoramas. So why go without?

Climb the chairlifts and ski lifts to reach Aussois’ twenty-one slopes. A snowpark and slalom stadium give you plenty of opportunity to practice. And for the more adventurous, there are three black runs to conquer!

Snowshoe hiking


Photo credit: Facebook – Aussois

There’s no better way to see the countryside than on a hike. Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Aussois. Whether you’re on your own or with a guide, walking is accessible to beginners.

To keep with the winter theme, opt for a snowshoe or ski tour. That way, you’ll enjoy a variety of activities. Note that many outings are organized in the resort, including night-time stargazing.

Telemark skiing


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One of the most popular outdoor activities in Aussois comes from Norway: telemark skiing. This derivative of downhill skiing will find its fans among ski and touring enthusiasts. The heel is not attached to the skis, which means you have greater control over your movements. In this discipline, it’s not speed that counts, but rather movement. A new approach to downhill skiing!

Ice climbing

Cascade de glace Alpes

Photo credit: Shutterstock – My Good Images

Let’s continue our list of little-known activities. You’ve heard of rock climbing, but do you know what ice climbing is? This type of climbing is only possible in winter, as it takes place on frozen rivers. Plunge ice axes and crampons into the icy walls of waterfalls to reach the top. This seasonal sport is a unique and refreshing experience.

Sled dogs


Photo credit: Facebook – Aussois -Romain Tissot – LGO

Do you dream of gliding across the snow and watching the mountain panoramas go by? If so, a dog sled ride is the perfect outdoor activity for you in Aussois. Settle into a sled and let a dozen dogs pull you along.

A musher, a qualified pilot, drives the carriage for a successful outing in the fresh air. To extend the pleasure, driving lessons can be added to the experience.

Yooner and snowscoot

Homme faisant du snowscoot

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Leopoldo Lunghi

You’ll be the king of the slopes with these two outdoor activities in Aussois! Do you prefer the yooner or the snowscoot? The yooner is a seat attached to a ski, so you can sit on it. The snowscoot, on the other hand, is a combo of snowboard and BMX. This equipment can be used standing up, for a series of skillful descents and acrobatics.

Snake Gliss


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You don’t need to know how to ski for this fun new pastime. The Snake Gliss is like a small train of sledges guided by the person in the lead. Additional sleds can be added simply by interlocking them. And off you go for a powdery merry-go-round!

With friends or family, Snake Gliss is a fun way to share a moment together.


Looking for a mountain getaway in summer? Discover the outdoor activities available in Aussois during the summer months. They invite you to explore another facet of the resort. Mountain biking, paragliding, canyoning and many other leisure activities take you away from your everyday life. Relax your spirit in this enchanting setting!



Photo credit: Facebook – Aussois

If there’s one thing you can do in both summer and winter, it’s walking. You’ll cross totally different landscapes depending on the season. In summer, you’ll come across meadows, lakes and rivers. Observe animals in silence and spot endemic plants.

For more dynamism, opt for Nordic walking, which will get you moving at a brisk pace. Finally, mountaineering is reserved for regular hikers. You’ll need to be in good physical condition to climb the peaks and access the glaciers.

The via ferrata


Photo credit: Facebook – Aussois

A number of outdoor activities in Aussois will arouse the curiosity of adventurers, including the via ferrata du Diable. The thrills won’t be long in coming. There’s one obstacle after another along the way. So keep your cool as you negotiate them one by one. Secured by helmet, harness and karabiners, you’ll progress at your own pace.

The Diable trail is almost 4 km long. It takes six to eight hours to complete, but you can choose to do only certain sections, depending on your level and time.



Photo credit: Facebook – Aussois

Imitate the birds as you soar above Aussois. Just as enjoyable in summer as in winter, paragliding lets you contemplate an unobstructed view of the resort from the sky. And you don’t have to worry about a thing! Piloting the paraglider is in the hands of the instructor behind you. All you have to do is admire nature all around you and feel the fresh air on your face.

The dog kart

Chien de traîneau

Photo credit: Shutterstock – kiin

One of our favorite outdoor activities to do in Aussois? Dog karting! This surprising interlude offers the chance to climb aboard a kart pulled by a team of eight to ten dogs. This summertime version of dog sledding will delight children and adults alike.

The musher, standing at the back of the vehicle, sets the pace for the race. You can even watch the team being prepared before the start.


Canyoning alpes

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Ammit Jack

Among the outdoor activities available in Aussois, canyoning combines the pleasure of the water with sporting challenges. Head for the Savoyard canyons for a thrilling encounter with nature! Jump, slide and swim your way through a landscape shaped over thousands of years.

You can book half-day or full-day canyoning trips. Be aware that the sites change according to the time slots. If you’ve enjoyed the session, don’t hesitate to come back another day to try out a new spot.


Escalade Alpes activités outdoor

Photo credit: Shutterstock – zhukovvlad

Hold on tight to the wall and pull yourself up carefully. Climbing is another way to experience the region. Once you’ve reached the top of the cliff, breathtaking panoramic views are revealed. In Aussois, there are a number of open-access climbing routes where you can practice this sport. These include the Croë route and the Gorges de l’Arc route.

If you’re new to climbing, why not take part in one of the resort’s climbing courses. You’ll learn the basics and how to stay safe. Before you set off up a rock face, make sure you’re properly equipped so you can make the most of the experience.

Mountain biking


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Like ski slopes, mountain bike trails have their own colors. Beginners will prefer the green and blue trails, leaving the red and black to the more seasoned riders. Select the routes best suited to your stamina, and you’re bound to find one that suits you. Then get out and explore the resort on your mountain bike!

This healthy, eco-friendly tour offers a breath of fresh air against a stunning mountain backdrop. And you can vary the difficulty of each day of your Savoie getaway. Mountain biking is one of the outdoor activities you can enjoy in Aussois without moderation!