The 13 best restaurants to eat in Santorini

Firostefani loger à Santorin

Eating in Santorini means enjoying local flavors with a traditional aroma. Here are the best restaurants on the island!

Santorini is a dream destination for tourists, with its enchanting setting, spectacular multicolored beaches (white, red or black sand), typical Greek houses and turquoise waters. This archipelago lost in the heart of the Cyclades promises wonder and enchantment to its tourists.

In addition to its breathtaking scenery, Santorini also boasts a lifestyle that’s unique in Greece. Between the permanent sunshine and the idyllic setting, you’ll be seduced by the island known as « kallisté ». In this top list, Generation Voyage has found the best restaurants to eat in Santorini, because it would be a shame to miss out on traditional Greek gastronomy! Enjoy your meal!


1. Pitogyros Grill House

Pitogyros Traditional Grill House

Photo credit: Facebook – Pitogyros Traditional Grill House

Price: € (€)

Opinion : ★★★★

Pitogyros Grill House offers excellent value for money and is hard to beat in Oia. For less than €10, you can have a hearty meal on Santorini! In this seemingly unassuming little restaurant, you’ll enjoy pita gyros, souvlaki, kebabs, charcoal-roasted meats and homemade sausages.

Simple, warm and friendly, this is one of Santorini’s must-visit restaurants if you’re eating on the go!

2. Melitini


Photo credit: Facebook – Meltini Oia

Price: €€€

Opinion : ★★★★

Would you like to enjoy traditional meals in Santorini and discover the local gastronomy? Then head to Meltini, the famous Greek tapas restaurant! Greek gastronomy and fresh, local produce are the pride of this restaurant!

In an enchanting setting overlooking the sea, you’ll be spoilt for choice: ntakos, tsaziki, fava, tarama, fried octopus and zucchinis, meat ball… Bon appétit!

Please note: remember to reserve a table, as the place is a victim of its own success!

3. Pelekanos

Pelekanos Restaurant Santorini

Photo credit: Facebook – Pelekanos Restaurant Santorini

Price: €€€

Opinion : ★★★★

A gastronomic reference, Pelekanos is one of Santorini’s finest restaurants! Both authentic and modern, Pelekanos perfectly combines Greek culture and tasty innovation.

In an elegant and stylish atmosphere, with a breathtaking 360-degree view of the caldera, opt for the succulent moussaka or the excellent meze. Pair it with a glass of Greek wine, of course!

4. Ammoudi Fish Tavern

Ammoudi Fish Tavern

Photo credit: Facebook – Ammoudi Fish Tavern

Prices: €€€€

Reviews : ★★★

Located in the picturesque bay of Ammoudi, the Ammoudi Fish Tavern restaurant is one of Santorini’s must-visit places to eat! In a grandiose setting, between crystal-clear waters as far as the eye can see and architecture that’s both modern and traditional, you’ll enjoy delicious, traditional and gourmet dishes.


5. Kantouni Traditional delicacies

Kantouni Traditional Cafe

Photo credit: Facebook – Kantouni Traditional Cafe Restaurant – Καντούνι Παραδοσιακό Καφέ- Μεζέ

Price: € (€)

Reviews : ★★★★★

Rated one of the best restaurants in Santorini, Kantouni Traditional delicacies owes its success to its generous, traditional dishes at low prices! We recommend the calamari and fried prawns with feta, or the mix meat with tzatzikis and tirokafteri sauces, which are to die for! A tempting menu, quality food and a comfortable terrace – what more could you ask for?


6. Aktaion Restaurant

Aktaion Santorini - Εστιατόριο Ακταίον-restaurants-santorini

Photo credit: Facebook – Aktaion Santorini – Εστιατόριο Ακταίον

Price: €€€

Reviews : ★★★

Almost 100 years of traditional Cycladic gastronomy are the pride of this place, where tastes and flavors hypnotize your palate in the most delicious way! If you’re coming to Santorini for a traditional meal, you’ve come to the right place!

Fava, korkosela, Santorini salad with cod, octopus with fava and sweet capers, historic Santorini tomato dumplings, Santorini hloro cheese, skordomakarona (garlic pasta) and baked moussaka will delight you.

Plus: Firostefani, overlooking the spectacular caldera, is one of Santorini’s most beautiful villages.


7. The Cave of Nikolas

The Cave of Nikolas

Photo credit: Facebook – The Cave of Nikolas

Price: €€€

Reviews : ★★★

Located by the sea, on a beach in Akrotiri, the restaurant nicknamed « Nikola’s Cave » is the town’s must-visit restaurant! With its typical dishes, affordable prices and enchanting setting, the restaurant has even been awarded a Gourmet prize as Santorini’s best traditional taverna of 2007-2008.

His love of traditional cuisine and local produce is evident on the plate, and translates into an explosion of flavors and aromas on the palate.

Favorite: goat’s cheese from their farm.

8. Melina’s Tavern

Melina's Tavern

Photo credit: Facebook – Melina’s Tavern

Price: €€€

Opinion : ★★★★

An excellent seaside restaurant, Melina’s Tavern offers its customers a variety of typical dishes. We particularly recommend the grilled squid stuffed with cheese and the seafood platter. Eating out on Santorini also means enjoying the day’s catch and tasting fresh, local produce. A real treat!

9. Taverna Mesa Pigadia

Mesa Pigadia

Photo credit: Facebook – Mesa Pigadia

Prices: €€€€

Opinion : ★★★★

Still looking for somewhere to eat in Santorini? Here, in a « seaside hut » atmosphere, you can sample regional products such as eggplant marinated in Mesa pigadia and squid stuffed with feta cheese. Tasty and delicious, the dishes showcase traditional Greek cuisine! Enjoy your meal!


10. Fanari Restaurant



Price: €€€

Opinion : ★★★★

Eating out on Santorini in the heart of Fira at Fanari Restaurant is a unique gastronomic experience. Facing the caldera (it’s even more beautiful at sunset), you can enjoy both your meal and the splendid view.

On the menu, you’ll be spoilt for choice of Greek dishes such as moussaka, seafood, tzatzíki, grilled feta… In short, a great time.

11. Assyrtico

Assyrtico - snack & coffee bar

Photo credit: Facebook – Assyrtico – snack & coffee bar

Price: €€€

Reviews : ★★★

Very popular, Assyrtico is a café-snack accessible to all budgets. Inexpensive and delicious, it’s one of Santorini’s best-value restaurants.

What’s more, the very pleasant setting in a small tree-lined courtyard away from the hustle and bustle lends the place an almost magical dimension away from the Cycladic hustle and bustle. Authentic and gourmet, l’Assyrtico will satisfy all your desires.

12. Selene


Photo credit: Facebook – Selene Restaurant

Rates: €€€€

Reviews ★★★

A true island landmark, Selene, run by Giorgos Hatzigiannakis, is a Fira institution. Eating in Santorini at this pioneering restaurant takes you on a journey. Between rediscovering Greek heritage and promoting the culinary treasures of the Cyclades, the chef offers guests a revealing culinary experience, where past and future become one.

13. Lucky’s Suvlakis

Price: € (€)

Opinion : ★★★★★

Looking for a simple, inexpensive(under €5) and delicious meal on the go? You’ve come to the right place! At Lucky’s Souvlakis, you’ll find the best gyros, fries, souvlaki and pita on the island! Eating out in Santorini also means trying a Greek snack!

Good to know: the gyros is already hearty, so if you want to « lighten » your meal, ask to remove the fries.

Which of these delicious Santorini restaurants appeals to you most? Where will you eat in Santorini? Tell us in the comments!