The 13 best outdoor activities in La Toussuire

For your vacation in Savoie, discover the best outdoor activities in La Toussuire

La Toussuire is a ski resort at an altitude of 1,750 meters. In winter, take advantage of its sunshine and incredible snow cover for skiing, snowboarding and many other activities. But La Toussuire is much more than just a ski resort. In summer, the site will impress you with the beauty of its natural landscapes.

To make the most of it, don’t hesitate to go hiking or mountain biking. If you’re not sure which sport to choose for your stay, Generation Voyage has put together a guide to the best outdoor activities in La Toussuire.




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With the arrival of fine weather, there’s nothing like a mountain bike ride to discover the natural wonders hidden in Savoie. If you’d like to make the most of this outdoor activity in La Toussuire, here are a few recommended itineraries:

  • Les trois Croix: this fairly strenuous trail takes you on a voyage of discovery through a diversity of landscapes, while enjoying an exceptional panorama of the Arvan massif;
  • The crests: a truly panoramic walk offering the best views of Les Sybelles and its massifs;
  • Champ Pérouse: this path is perfect for beginners, who won’t have to climb too many steep slopes.

Downhill mountain biking on snow in Saint-Sorlin d’Arves starts at 35€.



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La Toussuire is a veritable paradise for nature lovers. In addition to breathtaking scenery, a stroll around the estate is an excellent opportunity to meet the animals of the mountains: chamois, marmots and even partridges hide in these vast green spaces. It’s up to you to find them!

Tyrolean traverse


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Looking for an outdoor activity to do in La Toussuire with the whole family? Opt for zip-lining and the sensations it brings. Set off from the Domaine des Sybelles on a 150-metre-long zip line. Lac de l’Eriscal appears tiny beneath your feet. And all around you, the Aiguilles d’Arves rise up.



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For an outdoor activity in La Toussuire, nothing beats paragliding. Accompanied by an instructor, you can soar over Les Sybelles, admiring the beauty of the scenery. If you wish, you can even take control of the machine and fly with the wind. Paragliding is open to all, aged 6 and over, provided you’re not afraid of heights.

Lake diving


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If you go to the seaside, one of the first outdoor activities that comes to mind is undoubtedly scuba diving. In the middle of the mountains, this seems rather difficult, yet the Domaine de La Toussuire offers its visitors the chance to dive into the lake. In the depths of this body of water, you’ll discover a different kind of marine life that lies just below the surface.




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A must-do outdoor activity in La Toussuire, snowboarding remains a fashionable winter sport. If you’ve never done it before, group or individual lessons are available from 28€. You’ll learn to master your board, ride down the slopes with ease and slalom like a pro.

Cross-country skiing

Ski de Fond

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La Toussuire boasts no less than 23 kilometers of cross-country ski trails for all winter sports enthusiasts. During your runs, you’ll be right in the heart of nature, set against a backdrop of dense forest. With numerous trails for beginners, you’ll be able to get to grips with this outdoor activity in La Toussuire while having fun.

Downhill skiing


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Located between 1,750 and 2,400 meters above sea level, the La Toussuire ski area’s downhill slopes are sure to please beginners and experts alike. Whether you come down a blue, green, red or black run, the thrills are guaranteed.

And to ensure that everyone can enjoy the joys of this sliding sport, a fun zone has opened its doors: snowpy mountain. Here, young and old alike can take advantage of the mountain to relax or take to the slopes at full speed.

For those who want to learn from a professional, ski lessons start at 22€.

Ski touring


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If you’d like to discover a different way of skiing in Les Sybelles, opt for ski touring. It’s not about slaloming and taking on mountainous descents, but hiking while skiing. To practice this outdoor activity in La Toussuire, you need to get off the slopes and explore the Alpine relief.

It’s possible to organize a unique and personalized ski touring outing in the Sybelles massif, for a group rate starting at 280€.



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Once the slopes have closed, it’s not yet time to enjoy a raclette. If you want to prolong the pleasure of the great outdoors, take a snowmobile ride. Before the sun goes down, these machines take you on a journey of discovery through the riches of Savoie.

You’ll have the option of driving the vehicle (even without a license) or letting yourself be guided, so you can do nothing but admire the panorama. The price starts at 90€.


Randonnée en raquettes activités outdoor gourette

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Looking for an outdoor activity to enjoy in La Toussuire? We highly recommend snowshoeing. Armed with your snowshoeing equipment, you’ll be able to explore the snow-covered paths without sinking into the powder.

With over 50 kilometers of trails, the La Toussuire ski area takes you on a voyage of discovery through a wide variety of landscapes, including massifs, forests and mountain villages.

If you’re on a day trip, you can stop off at a sheepfold to sample typical Savoyard dishes.

Sled dogs

Chien de traîneau

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For those looking for an outdoor activity to do in La Toussuire with their family, the resort offers visitors a dog sled ride. On this ride, you’re sure to please your children.

Before setting off with your dog team, you can get to know these four-legged animals and help the musher prepare the pack. Once everything is ready, the sled dogs take you away for a unique experience.



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The last outdoor activity to be enjoyed in La Toussuire is ice skating. Whether with family or friends, you’re sure to have a great time. If you’re not a great skater, use the railings to help you gain confidence. Once you’re comfortable, there’s no stopping you. And if you’re already experienced, don’t hesitate to do a few pirouettes to impress your friends and family.