The 12 most beautiful places to visit on the Amalfi Coast


Would you like to visit the Amalfi Coast in Italy? Discover the most beautiful spots in this dream region!

Between sea and sky, the Amalfi Coast fascinates with its beauty. In southern Italy, from Sorrento to Salerno, the coastal road winds over the Mediterranean. Perched villages alternate with small green forests. This sublime landscape has made the region a favorite haunt of artists past and present, such as the writer Italo Calvino and the famous architect Le Corbusier. To visit the Amalfi Coast is to travel its rugged mountains, get lost in its picturesque villages, experience the dolce vita in its ports and luxurious villas… Positano, Amalfi, Ravello: names that evoke all the charm of Italy, at the gateway to Naples.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of this Unesco World Heritage jewel, follow our selection of the most beautiful spots on the Amalfi Coast!

1. Sorrento

Visiter la Côte Amalfitaine en passant par Sorrente

Photo credit: Shutterstock – BAHDANOVICH ALENA

Ideally located south of Naples, the port city of Sorrento is a beautiful seaside town. On the Sorrento peninsula, backed by mountains, it overlooks the sea and faces the island of Capri.

In the morning, the sun rises behind Vesuvius, while in the evening, the last rays of the sun illuminate Capri. The sunshine, Mediterranean vegetation and lemons known throughout Italy give Capri its marvellous colors. In fact, the famous lemon-based Limoncello liqueur is said to have originated here. Stroll through the pedestrian streets, sit on a terrace in the harbour and explore the surrounding area. Boats shuttle you to Capri. Sorrento is undoubtedly an ideal starting point for visiting the Amalfi Coast!

2. The cornice

Routes à flanc de falaise sur la Côte Amalfitaine

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Gustavo Frazao

From Sorrento, it’s a short drive to the village of Sant’Agata, where the Amalfi Coast road officially starts. This winding, 80-kilometre-long cornice runs along the cliffs of the peninsula, above the translucent waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Magnificent villas, fruit trees and bougainvillea line the road, creating a surprise at every turn.

The landscape is picturesque, as is its history: there were no roads until the 19th century, forcing you to travel by sea from port to port. The cliffs had to be torn open and tunnels dug, all on a mountainside. We advise you to cover the route by scooter, car or even bus, to enjoy the panorama at your leisure.

3. Positano

Visiterla Côte Amalfitaine en passant par Positano

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Ekaterina Pokrovsky

Pretty, colorful houses, a steep alleyway leading directly to a small gray-sand beach, steep staircases, all set against a hill overlooking the sea… Welcome to Positano, a charming village to visit on the Amalfi Coast! In the heart of the village, don’t miss the church of Santa Maria Assunta. Its majolica ceramic dome is sumptuous. Its yellow, green and blue tiles sparkle in the sunlight. And if you look at the tables in the bars and restaurants, you’ll see that ceramics really are a Positano specialty!

The best vantage point for admiring the village is at the very bottom, at sea level. If you have the opportunity to take a boat trip, you’ll see Positano at its best.

4. Praiano

Visiter la Côte Amalfintaine en passant par Praiano

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Alex Tihonovs

Visiting the Amalfi Coast means getting lost in its small villages, each more charming than the last. And you’ll often meet a lot of people along the way. Looking for a little peace and quiet? Go to Praiano. A neighbor of Positano, this little village clinging to its rocky promontory is much less crowded. Its maze of flower-filled alleyways, climbing plants and ceramic figurines depicting the marine world is a delight for strollers.

There are two beaches where you can relax after strolling through the steep streets. For a poetic experience far removed from mass tourism, we recommend admiring the sunrise from Praiano.

5. The Path of the Gods

Randonnée du Sentiers des Dieux, paths of the gods, Italie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Nicole Kwiatkowski

Above Positano, the village of Bomerano is the starting point for the Sentiero degli Dei(Path of the Gods). A Unesco World Heritage Site, this panoramic path links Bomerano to Nocelle. For the more courageous, it continues as far as Positano (1,700 steps down). The path winds along the mountainside, through the garrigue, with breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Splendid views of the coastline, from Praiano to Capri, make this the most beautiful hike in the region. From Bomerano, it takes 2-3 hours to reach Nocelle, with a fair amount of ascent.

6. Amalfi

Intérieur de la Cathédrale d'Amalfi

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Gabriele Maltinti

Amalfi lies on the Gulf of Salerno, beneath rocky cliffs dominated by Mount Cerreto (1,315 meters above sea level). The town opens onto the port, witness to a rich maritime history. In the 10th century, Salerno became Italy’s first maritime republic.

If you like strolling through narrow streets, stairways, vaulted passageways and little squares, you’ll love this village. There are many imposing buildings to visit, including the Duomo, the cathedral. Byzantine in style, it boasts a bronze door made in Constantinople and a polychrome façade.

7. Ravello

Village de Ravello, Italie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Maciej Matlak

Far from the hustle and bustle of Amalfi, yet close by, the village of Ravello beckons with its tranquil gardens of bougainvillea, palms and pines. Many artists have produced their works here, including the composer Wagner and the writer D.H. Lawrence, author of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Crossing the small square at the entrance to the town, you’ll discover the Villa Rufolo. In addition to its magnificent exotic garden, this Angevin-era villa hosts concerts every year. If you’re lucky enough to pass by on a performance day, don’t miss this timeless moment above the sea.

8. Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone, Campanie, Italie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Maciej Matlak

Villa Cimbrone is another remarkable residence in Ravello. A narrow path lined with flowers on the hillside leads to this small 19th-century palace. If you don’t want to visit the interior – now a luxury hotel – it’s the gardens that are worth a detour! On a six-hectare site overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, a small paradise of flowers nestles on this suspended balcony. Magnolias, dahlias, camellias and hydrangeas attract the butterflies that flutter above them. A few statues and groves complete the decor of this sublime haven of peace.

Many celebrities once made it their romantic holiday destination, finding it one of the most beautiful in Europe!

9. Maiori

Village de Maiori, Côte Amalfitaine, Italie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Pfeiffer

Close to Salerno, the village of Maiori is less crowded than its neighbors, perhaps because it’s not on a hillside. With its fine sandy beach, beautiful seafront promenade and cafés, it’s a perfect stopover for those who want to enjoy the Amalfi Coast in peace and quiet. There are a number of beautiful churches to discover, such as Santa Maria a Mare, with its large majolica dome. Film buffs will also love this town, where many films have been shot, notably by Rossellini. In fact, some restaurants have adopted the director’s themes for their decor.

Maiori’s cuisine is delicious, with local produce, seafood specialties and curiosities like the combination of eggplant and chocolate!

10. Minori and the lemon trail

Eglise dans le village de Minori, Côte Amalfitaine, Italie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – bezikus

Do you love old stones? Then head for Minori. This small village is home to an interesting Roman villa. This archaeological complex was built in the first century to house Roman noblemen. The alleys are fragrant with lemon trees, and sea views are everywhere. Numerous ceramic mosaics adorn the villa. Not far from Minori, Erchie is also worth a visit, not least for its pretty, little-visited beach.

From Minori, it’s possible to reach Maiori on a footpath that takes about an hour, including breaks. The Sentiero dei Limoni climbs (many steps) through narrow streets and then winds through lemon groves. At the end of the route, don’t miss the chance to photograph the sublime views over Maiori. It’s possible to do it in the opposite direction.

11. Atrani

Village et plage d'Atrani, Campanie, Italie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – IgorZh

Enjoying the authentic atmosphere of a small fishing village is one of the unforgettable moments of a visit to the Amalfi Coast. Atrani is a village of barely a thousand inhabitants. Little red lights illuminate the sea as the fishermen head out to work. The village enjoys a breathtaking view. Its cachet has made it a favorite vacation spot for the wealthy, both Italian and foreign. It’s so photogenic that many film shoots take place here, particularly in Piazza Umberto. Beautiful squares, fountains and Baroque churches add to the town’s tourist appeal.

12. Marina di Cetara beach

Plage Spiaggia Lannio, Cetara, Italie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Pfeiffer

It’s hard to choose between the beaches of the Amalfi Coast. Each has its own charms and particularities. The beach at Marina di Cetara (also known as Spiaggia Lannio) certainly stands out for its calm. Nestled in the picturesque fishing village of Cetara, just outside Salerno, it’s easy to spend the day swimming away from the crowds of holidaymakers.

On windy days, many windsurfers make it their playground, putting on a great show.

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