The 12 most beautiful beaches for swimming in Santorini

Néa Kameni, Santorin

Santorini’s bathing beaches offer a host of faces, activities and natural attractions. Here’s a list of the island’s best bathing spots.

Santorini is the mythical jewel of the Cyclades. A half-moon encircling the Caldera crater, the city offers an outrageous palette of nuances and landscapes. The volcanic mantle falls into the azure, piercing Aegean Sea. Vineyards, changing from red to green with the seasons, slope gently down to the beaches of Santorini. Black, white and red beaches. In addition to its unique geology, Santorini’s villages are equally astonishing.

The rounded, immaculate houses, topped with blue domes, offer a sumptuous panorama. On the island, bathing is undoubtedly part of the program. To find out where to swim in Santorini, follow the guide. We’ve listed the most beautiful beaches on Santorini. But don’t forget your shoes, because here pebbles and rocky bars challenge the arches of your feet.

1. Vlychada

Vlychada Beach of Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – IndustryAndTravel

? Location: south coast of the island

? Assets: cliffs and black sand

ℹ️ Good to know: located next to a small fishing port

Slender cliffs crown this long, sandy, pebbled stretch. Sculpted by time, this Santorini beach is the ideal place to enjoy the sea in an unusual setting. Vlychada takes you on a lunar voyage through a spectacular landscape of black sand.

Nearby lies a charming little port. In this marina, typical fishing boats meet large tourist catamarans. The latter offer superb cruises to the south of the island. Not far away, you’ll also find the Industrial Tomato Museum.

2. Red Beach

Plage rouge, Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – The Picture Studio

? Location: southwest coast of the island

? Assets: its volcanic landscape

ℹ️ Good to know: in summer, the beach can quickly become overrun with tourists.

Often considered the star among Santorini’s most beautiful bathing beaches, Plage Rouge is a geological marvel. Shaped by translucent water, glowing rocks and black pebbles, it bears witness to the incredible work of the elements.

This unique volcanic landscape is also a favourite with snorkellers and photographers. The beach is close to the archeological site of Akrotiri: a breathtaking legacy of a city buried in ash, reminiscent of Pompeii.

3. Amoudi Bay

Baie d'Ammoudi, Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – t.natchai

? Location: northwest coast of the island

? Assets: the purity of its water

ℹ️ Good to know: access to this beach has to be earned, with a 300-step climb on foot.

Among Santorini’s beaches, Ammoudi Bay stands out for the extreme purity of its emerald, pebble-set waters. To reach the beach, however, you’ll have to climb three hundred steps. Or you can hire a donkey to help you… The surroundings are outlined by the curves of typical villages.

You’ll discover a true maritime culture and flavors inspired by the sea. Don’t miss the village of Oia: THE postcard of the island.

4. White beach

Plage blanche, Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Pietro Basilico

? Location: southwest coast of the island

? Assets: its isolation

ℹ️ Good to know: the beach is only accessible by taxi-boat

Everywhere, its name is whispered as one of the most beautiful beaches for bathing in Santorini. Here, the cliffs drop sheer into an immaculate, dazzling backdrop. Indented by wind and sea spray, between white sand and turquoise waters, the landscape seems almost Caribbean.

Plage Blanche is only accessible from Plage Rouge, via taxi-boat. The other wonderful aspect of this beach is its caves and coves with their exuberant seabed.

5. Kambia

Kambia beach

Photo credit: Shutterstock – vivooo

? Location: southwest coast of the island

? Assets:its wild side

ℹ️ Good to know: there are many wonders close to this beach, from picturesque villages to ancient towns…

This beach in Santorini offers dreamy seclusion. Nestled in a small cove, Kambia beach lies at the end of a wild road that alternates splendid views between picturesque villages and islets. In the recess of this small cliff, the water is crystal-clear, hemming in pebble banks.

From this little paradise between land and sea, you can take a boat to other beaches such as the famous Red Beach. Nearby, you’ll also find the ancient Greek town of Thera.

6. Kamari

Kamari beach, Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Zocchi Roberto

? Location: east coast of the island

? Assets: its view of the cliffs

ℹ️ Good to know: Kamari offers a wide range of water sports.

Kamari beach is famous for its breathtaking views of the cliffs. It also stands out for the depth of its waters and its perfect spots for water sports. This beach is also famous for its entertainment and nightlife.

For once, this beautiful five-kilometre stretch is covered with black volcanic sand. It has a unique emblem: a huge rock that separates it from Períssa beach.

7. Nea Kameni

Néa Kameni, Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Ivan Mateev

? Location: island to the west of Santorini

? Assets: hot springs

ℹ️ Good to know: to get to Nea Kameni, you’ll need to take a short 10-minute crossing, departing exclusively from Fira.

Where to swim in Santorini if you’re looking for an experience other than the sea? Nea Kaméni! With edible red plants as its only inhabitants, this small Greek island is attractive for its history and geology. Born of a series of eruptions, its volcanic activity is still very much alive. The thermal springs are testimony to this.

In fact, here you can bathe in an underwater hot spring. The smell of sulphur may tickle the nostrils a little, but it’s an extraordinary experience! As well as bathing, the island also offers some great hiking opportunities.

8. Palea Kameni

Paléa Kaméni, Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – isabela66

? Location: island to the west of Nea Kameni

? Assets: unreal water colours

ℹ️ Good to know: as with its larger neighbor Nea Kameni, which is around 100 metres away, you’ll need to set off by boat from Fira. For a swim, you’ll have to jump straight off the boat.

This is the twin island of Nea Kaméni. It, too, is the result of numerous volcanic eruptions. There’s also an active volcano and hot springs splashed with red, black and orange. The beaches of Palea Kaméni are haloed by a few buildings and herds raking the sparse vegetation.

Picturesque landscapes that are a delight to explore.

9. Períssa

Períssa, Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Aleksandra H. Kossowska

? Location: south-east coast of the island

? Assets: its long, black-sand bay

ℹ️ Good to know: in summer, the beach is very popular with the party crowd, who enjoy the bars.

Often cited as one of Santorini’s top bathing beaches, Períssa is the island’s most beautiful black beach. All along the bay, small pebbles and volcanic sand have created a surreal landscape. The beach is also known for its beautiful window onto the Mesa Vouno mountain.

However, Períssa is very popular with young people, who flock there to enjoy the bars and parties with their feet in the sand. So it’s more a place to party than to relax.

10. Perivolos

Perivolos, Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Roman Bjuty

? Location: south-east coast of the island

? Assets: its snorkeling spots

ℹ️ Good to know: less touristy than Péríssa, you can still find restaurants and rent deckchairs by the day.

This Santorini beach is very similar to Períssa. You go there to party, enjoy grilled choloro and koufeto, sipouzo, soak up the sun, black sand and crystal-clear waters.

But this beautiful expanse offers some much deeper nooks and crannies, ideal for snorkeling. It’s also less touristy and festive than its neighbor. Here, the wind blows with moderation and the waves remain gentle.

11. Exo Gialos

Exo Gialos, Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Junior Braz

? Location: east/northeast coast of the island

? Assets: its calm

ℹ️ Good to know: sheltered from the wind and seldom visited, it’s perfect for a romantic day out.

Exo Gialos is one of Santorini’s quiet, rejuvenating beaches. Its incomparable beauty lies in the incredible gradation of its sandy fragments and pure water.

Nearby, you’ll find the pretty village of Karterados, steeped in picturesque architecture and atmosphere.

12. Caldeira Beach

Caldeira, Santorin

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Photografyk

? Location: west coast/southwest

? Advantages: black sand and pebbles

ℹ️ Good to know: you can watch the locals returning from fishing, who offer you a calm and relaxing spectacle.

Among Santorini’s most beautiful bathing beaches, it’s the only one to offer such a panoramic view of the Caldera. Also in its sights are the villages of Oia and Finikia, as well as the island of Thirasia. Located below Akrotiri, this beach, where black sand and pebbles dissipate, is one of Santorini’s best-kept secrets.

The deep waters glide down to an almost deserted, incredibly soothing expanse.