The 12 best treks in the Alps

Trek traversée du Grand Paradis-©Istock argalis

Looking for a sporting vacation at altitude? Discover the best treks in the Alps.

The Alps are an idyllic playground for nature lovers. Mythical trails criss-cross these majestic open spaces populated by marmots, eagles and ibexes.

Generation Voyage brings you its selection of the best hiking itineraries in the French Alps. We’ve also chosen treks to do in the Alps inItaly, Switzerland andAustria. From the Tour du Mont-Blanc to the Vanoise massif, from the Tyrol to the Aosta Valley, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for among these exceptional routes. As for us… we’ll pack our bags and meet you there!

A must: the Tour du Mont Blanc

trek--Grand tour du Mont blanc - ©Istock fotoVoyager _ Allibert Trekking

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Istock fotoVoyage

The TMB is the nickname given to the legendary  » Tour du Mont-Blanc  » long-distance hiking trail. This 170-kilometer loop hike around the roof of Europe, with a vertical drop of almost 10,000 meters, crosses three countries: France, Italy and Switzerland. It offers sublime panoramas of majestic Alpine landscapes.

Our partner Allibert Trekking offers several options for discovering it at your own pace. You can opt for « Le grand tour du Mont-Blanc », its complete pedestrian version. Want to personalize your tour of Mont-Blanc? The « Tour du Mont-Blanc sur-mesure » is for you.

Tour du Mont Blanc sur mesure

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Istock fbxx

More unusual is a tour of Mont-Blanc in the company of… a donkey. You’ll make slow, relaxed progress, accompanied by your four-legged partner. We particularly recommend this tour for families or people who like to walk slowly and lightly.

Trek tour du Mont blanc avec un âne - ©Isabelle Tripard _ Allibert Trekking

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Isabelle Tripard

These treks in the Alps are the best way to enjoy magnificent mountain scenery at your own pace. We’ll let you choose what suits you best!

The best treks in the French Alps

Tour de la Vanoise

Trek tour de la Vanoise- ©Nina Labrosse _ Allibert Trekking

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Nina Labrosse

  • Location: Vanoise massif
  • Trek duration: 6 days
  • Price: from €430 (without baggage transport)
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: June to September

This trek in the Alps crosses France’s first national park from one end to the other. It is technically accessible, but has a fairly substantial daily vertical drop. Luggage transfer is available at extra cost. The itinerary takes in balconies overlooking verdant valleys and high-altitude lakes. It passes through the heart of the massif, between Tarentaise and Maurienne.

Look up: you’re facing immaculate glaciers over 3,000 metres high! Participants will enjoy discovering exceptional flora and fauna. This « Spirit of a National Park » holiday is rewarded for the preservation of this sumptuous national park.

Tour of Queyras

trek Queyras-©AntoineAllier

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Antoine Allier

  • Location: Queyras regional nature park
  • Trek duration: 7 days
  • Price: from €695
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: June to September

Discover the complete Tour du Queyras, via the GR58: a benchmark for those who appreciate authentic open spaces. The itinerary takes a week, crossing passes, villages, high valleys and glacial lakes. It crosses one of the highest areas in the Hautes-Alpes. Hikers can tackle two easy summits, including one « 3000 ». As you progress, you’ll be treated to some fascinating animations.

Two astronomy evenings and an introduction to traditional wood carving with a Queyras craftsman are also on offer. From the Ceillac valley to the alpine chalets of Furfande, via the Col de Péas and the Maison-du-Roy dam, this is an adventure full of mountain memories!

Tour of Mount Viso

Trek tour du Mont-Viso - ©Fotolia

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Fotolia

  • Location: Queyras Regional Nature Park, Italian Alps
  • Trek duration: 6 days
  • Price: from €645
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: June to September

The Tour du Mont Viso is unique in that it crosses two countries: France, on the Hautes-Alpes side, and Italy. You’ll appreciate the diversity of the scenery: forests, alpine meadows and aerial ridges. You’ll have the chance to admire the Queyras’ most beautiful high-altitude lakes, of unparalleled purity. Perhaps the bravest of our participants will be persuaded to take a dip?

From the charming town of Ceillac, you’ll head up the Ubaye valley to the Mary and Marinet passes. Then you’ll descend along the Italian side to reach the Quintino Sella refuge and the Traversette tunnel. The highlight of your hike is the approach to Pain de Sucre (3196 m) and La Taillante (3208 m): what majesty!

Tour des Écrins

Trek tour des Ecrins-©Shutterstock J.Flamand

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Shutterstock/J.Flamand

  • Location: Écrins massif
  • Trek duration: 7 days
  • Price: from €795
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: July to September

This trek in the Alps begins in Europe’s highest town: Briançon, sub-prefecture of the Hautes-Alpes department. You’ll cross the Partias nature reserve to reach the Col de la Trancoulette, between glacial moraines and meadows. Vallouise, Champsaur, Valgaudemar, Oisans: the wildest valleys in the area will hold no secrets for you. The route faces some of the most emblematic peaks in the Écrins massif, such as La Meije, a 3,983-meter monument.

From La Grave, an alpine mecca, you follow the Romanche to the Col d’Arsine. The picturesque hamlet of Le Casset marks the end of your journey, which precedes a transfer to Briançon. Nights in a gîte, tasty meals, good spirits and unforgettable moments await you!

The best treks in the Italian Alps

Le Tour du Grand Paradis

Trek traversée du Grand Paradis-©Istock argalis

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Istock argalis

  • Location: Aosta Valley (Italy)
  • Trek duration: 7 days
  • Price: from €845
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: July to September

From Bourg-Saint-Maurice, you’ll cross the grandiose valleys of the Grand Paradis National Park. This Alpine trek takes you through the Aosta Valley, where you’re likely to come across mischievous marmots and placid ibex. It was to protect the latter that this national park was created in 1922: it’s the oldest in Italy.

As you progress, you’ll enjoy extraordinary panoramic views of Mont-Blanc, La Meije, the Matterhorn and the Mont-Rose glaciers. The guide takes care of everything: meals are included morning, noon and night, and comfortable nights are guaranteed. In the end, all you have to do is walk… and contemplate the mountains and valleys. Wow!

Crossing the Dolomites

Traversée-des-dolomites-©-Olivier-Levasseur (1)

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Olivier Levasseur

  • Location: Dolomite massif (Italy)
  • Trek duration: 7 days
  • Price: from €955
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: June to September

The Dolomites are a mountain range in the eastern Alps. One of Italy’s 54 UNESCO World Heritage sites, they border Austria, Switzerland and Italy. You’ll notice the omnipresence of the German language on this Alpine trek. From the Bressanone train station, you’ll embark on a seven-day hike, interspersed with transfers and nights in mountain huts.

The route is characterized by its great diversity of landscapes: alpine pastures, forests, mineral peaks, bubbling streams… A visit to the tunnels dug by the military during the Second World War is one of the highlights of the itinerary. By the way, did you know that the Dolomites took their name… from a French geologist, Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu?

Alta via dei Re

trek Alta via - ©Myriam Bernaudon

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Myriam Bernaudon

  • Location: Italian Alps
  • Trek duration: 6 days
  • Price: from €425
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: July to September

The « Haute Route des Rois » crosses the Parc Naturel des Alpes Maritimes. The route starts at Santa Anna di Valdieri and leads through alpine pastures and forests to the Livio Bianco refuge. From here, beautiful balcony trails lead to a wide plateau with three high altitude lakes. Steep climbs sometimes require you to « put your hands up » to climb small boulders.

This fun, accessible six-day trek in the Alps is a safe introduction to the joys of the mountains. You’ll appreciate the unspoilt natural environment and the authenticity of the mountain villages you pass through. An exceptional Alpine/Latin itinerary.

Percorso Occitano in Val Maira

trek Val Maira-©Shutterstock Claudio Giovanni Colombo

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Shutterstock/Claudio Giovanni Colombo

  • Location: Val Maira (Italy)
  • Trek duration: 6 days
  • Price: from €425
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: June to October

Allibert Trekking has organized this exceptional trail in the heart of the Maira Valley in the Southern Alps. From Monte Buch to the ridges of Costa Chiggia, the trail passes through sublime scenery. The picturesque San Sebastiano chapel, built in 1450 and richly decorated with frescoes, is worth a visit. The visit precedes a typically Piedmontese gastronomic stop. Yummy!

The route continues along old mule tracks before climbing to the Sarsassi peak at an altitude of 2,460 metres. The entire Val Maira unfolds its treasures to the delight of participants. Ideal between June and October, we recommend this route to hikers wishing to combine walking and heritage discovery.

The best treks in the Swiss Alps

Chamonix – Zermatt

Trek Cham Zermatt- ©Istock nattrass

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Istock nattrass

  • Location: French Alps, Swiss Alps
  • Trek duration: 7 days
  • Price: from €1035
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: June to September

The Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt has been the most famous ski raid in the Alps since the early 20th century. In summer, this glacier raid between Swiss valleys and Alpine villages links the two Alpine towns on foot. Starting your hike on the Posettes trail, you’ll reach the Swiss village of Trient on the first day. A short transfer will take you to the Col de Prafleuri and its refuge.

A good night’s sleep is essential for the ascent to the Col des Roux and the descent into the extraordinary Val d’Hérens. The route continues to the pretty villages of Grimentz and Zinal, and then on to the Col de la Forcletta. You’ll overlook the Gruben valley and face the Tourtemagne and Brunesshorn glaciers. The passage over the Augstbord Pass precedes the triumphant arrival in Zermatt. As you look up, you’ll admire the emblem of Swiss territory, the mythical Matterhorn. Sublime!

Tour of the Matterhorn

Trek tour du Cervin-©Marc Reynaud

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Marc Reynaud

  • Location: Swiss Alps, Italian Alps
  • Trek duration: 6 days
  • Price: from €1055
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: July to September

The Matterhorn Tour is one of the best treks in the Alps. Spanning the Swiss Valais and Italian Valle d’Aosta, your route offers sumptuous panoramas of the sharp faces of the Matterhorn. The most courageous can attempt the ascent of the Breithorn, an easy summit… 4,164 meters high, after all. High-mountain atmosphere guaranteed!

The route winds through flower-filled valleys surrounded by the glacial tongues of the Collon and Teodulo passes. Transfers by cable car, nights in mountain huts, a grandiose mineral environment and gourmet stops at altitude are all part of the program. What more could you ask for?

A great trek in the Austrian Alps

Tour of the Stubai

Trek Stubai - ©Florent Del Zotto

Photo credit: Allibert Trekking – Florent Del Zotto

  • Location: Stubai Valley, Austrian Tyrol
  • Trek duration: 7 days
  • Price: from € 410
  • Ideal time to enjoy the trek: July to September

Let’s head to the Austrian side of the Alps for one of the most beautiful itineraries in the Eastern Alps. But be warned: the Stubai high altitude trail has to be earned: it is one of the routes classified as difficult. The route includes long phases of walking and impressive vertical drops over seven days. It never goes below 2,000 meters, that’s for sure!

From the Neustift im Stubaital tourist office, you’ll tackle the « Stubai Hohenweg ». This high-altitude trail winds its way between glacier tongues, dizzying ridges and steep climbs. Along the way, your guide will share his knowledge of the area’s exceptional flora and fauna. A sporting, authentic alpine adventure for accomplished trekkers only!