The 12 best places to go out in Santorini

Momix Bar (Molecular Mixology) Grèce

Have you decided to visit the famous Cycladic island? Discover its beautiful nights with a selection of the best places to go out in Santorini!

Less extravagant than its neighbor Mykonos, Santorini is an equally emblematic island in the Cyclades. A small, blue-and-white corner of paradise, it has been a top destination for lovers of Instagram-friendly postcard scenery for some years now.

It’s a great place to take photos, of course, but it’s also a great place to savour the gentle way of life, learn about its traditions, explore its picturesque streets and enjoy its fabulous sunshine.

After an afternoon sunbathing on one of its magnificent beaches or reaching its most beautiful viewpoints on donkey-back, you’re looking for a cool way to occupy your evenings?

Here’s our non-exhaustive selection of the best places to go out in Santorini!

1. Tango Bar

Tango Bar Santorini sortir à Santorin

Photo credit: Facebook – Tango Bar Santorini

Type of venue: Cocktail bar – Nightclub

Start the evening sipping a fruity nectar as the sun sets? Dance the night away under the stars? Then Tango Bar is THE place to go for a memorable Santorini experience.

Take a seat on one of the terraces suspended over the Caldera, and listen to the sounds of resident DJs and guests from all over the world.

And, if you get the chance, don’t miss the legendary Full Moon Parties, where the atmosphere reaches its peak.

2. Theros Wave Bar

TherosWaveBar Grèce

Photo credit: Facebook – TherosWaveBar

Type of venue: Beach bar

Opened in 2007, Theros Wave Bar is now considered one of the best beach bars in the Mediterranean.

And with good reason, as the ochre cliffs tumble gracefully into the translucent waters, it transports visitors all summer long.

You can enjoy cocktails on sun loungers in the shade of umbrellas, gather with friends on cosy sofas on verandas overlooking the beach, and watch the place light up as night falls. The sun takes its leave so that the dance floor can shine.

3. Two Brothers

To Briki Sortir à Santorin

Photo credit: Facebook – To Briki

Type of venue: Hookah bar – Nightclub

Opened several decades ago by two brothers, Dimitris and Giannis, Two Brothers has established itself over the years as one of Santorini’s must-visit places.

Tourists and locals alike love to push open the doors to party the night away and enjoy the crazy atmosphere for which the place is famous.

4. MoMix Bar

Momix Bar (Molecular Mixology) Grèce

Photo credit: Facebook – Momix Bar (Molecular Mixology)

Type of venue: Cocktail bar

Embark on an intriguing gustatory voyage to MoMix Bar. A conceptual and ambitious address where taste and molecules take center stage. It’s one of Santorini’s must-visit places.

On the program: a range of signature cocktails in original shapes such as spheres, jellies and ice creams. It’s a breath of fresh air for evenings on the island.

5. Hassapiko

Hassapiko Bar sortir à Santorin

Photo credit: Facebook – Hassapiko Bar

Type of venue: Bar/Café – Nightclub

Once a butcher’s shop, the Hassapiko has been reinvented as a traditional village bar, where residents and tourists alike enjoy meeting up at all hours of the day.

Open virtually 24 hours a day, you can enjoy morning coffee, lunch or an evening drink with friends.

If you’re looking for an authentic place to go out in Santorini, this is the place for you!

6. JOJO Beach Bar

JOJO Summer Beach-Bar Santorini

Photo credit: Shutterstock – JOJO Summer Beach-Bar Santorini

Type of venue: Beach bar

A bar in a swimming pool inside a bar? No, you’re not in a remake ofInception, but in one of the island’s trendiest addresses.

Ideally located on the black sandy beach of Perivolos, Jojo Beach Bar is the promise of quality days in front of the blue water, feet in the sand, an exotic cocktail in hand.

After soaking up the sun’s gentle rays, you’ll love the unique atmosphere that settles in at nightfall.

7. Wet Stories

Santorini Best sortir à SAntorin

Photo credit: Facebook – Santorini Best

Type of venue: Bar – Restaurant

A perfect blend of bohemian spirit and local chic, Wet Stories is one of the most sought-after spots for celebrities and vacationers looking for a crazy vibe.

Here, the party starts in the afternoon and doesn’t end until well after sunset.

Enjoy Mediterranean dishes, refresh yourself with delicious cocktails, kick off a game of beach volleyball before dancing to the rhythm of the best DJs on the house scene.

8. Seaside

Seaside Santorini

Photo credit: Facebook – Seaside Santorini

Type of venue: Beach bar

What better way to go out in Santorini than to head for one of its trendy bars nestling on its magnificent coastline?

The Seaside sets the tone: it’s all about Sea, Sun and Fun, to the delight of entertainment-seeking travelers.

Stretch out on a deckchair in the shade of a parasol, order the famous fruity Margarita and enjoy a magical experience as the sun sets over the Aegean Sea.

9. Enigma Club

Enigma Club Santorini Sortir à Santorin

Photo credit: Facebook – Enigma Club Santorini

Type of venue: Nightclub

A veritable institution on Santorini, the Enigma Club has been making its mark on the island’s nightlife since 1979. Slip in among the crowds throughout the summer season and party into the wee hours.

Would you like to try one of our delicious cocktails? You can do so at the open-air bar under the palm tree!

10. Franco’s Bar



Type of venue: Bar

Climb to the heights of Santorini and immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere where the Caldera and the sea provide a sublime backdrop to your summer evenings.

Perfect for a romantic rendezvous, Franco’s Bar is an invitation to relax in style, with signature cocktails and lounge music.

11. Mylos Bar

Mylos Bar Restaurant sortir à Santorin

Photo credit: Facebook – Mylos Bar Restaurant

Type of venue: Bar – Restaurant

Blending tradition and refinement, the Mylos Bar is a bar-restaurant that has taken over a windmill in the hills above the picturesque village of Firostefani.

The highlight? Its breathtaking setting, where visitors enjoy sensational views of the volcano and the sea, and its sophisticated cuisine. So it’s definitely the place to go in Santorini to create unforgettable sensory memories.

12. Murphy’s Bar

Murphy's Bar Santorini

Photo credit: Facebook – Murphy’s Bar Santorini

Type of venue: Bar

A little piece of Ireland on Santorini, Murphy’s Bar has been a fixture on the island’s nightlife scene for the past twenty years.

Over the years, it has become a meeting point for night owls who come to dance until dawn and enjoy the many shows on offer.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to enjoy what they describe as « the best beers in the world ». Ready to go?