The 12 best outdoor activities on Lake Geneva

Vignoble du Lavaux

As the link between Switzerland and France, Lac Léman offers a sumptuous panorama and a wide range of activities. Come and discover the outdoor activities available on Lac Léman!

The largest lake in Savoie, Lac Léman is nestled in a verdant setting, offering visitors a host of activities against a postcard-perfect backdrop! Countless outdoor activities are available on Lac Léman for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike.

Lake Geneva offers a wide range of facilities and services for young and old alike, which is why Generation Voyage has put together this guide to the 12 best outdoor activities on Lake Geneva!

1. Hiking tours

Randonnée Lac Léman activité outdoor Lac Léman

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Rudy Mareel

What better way to discover this exceptional natural area than on foot? As you hike along the shores of Lake Geneva, you’ll be treated to a sumptuous panorama!

Whether you’re at the water’s edge, on the summits, in the vineyards or on the hillsides, no two trails are alike. As the miles go by, you’ll admire a new setting, unspoilt nature and ever more beautiful views!

Soothing and enjoyable, hiking is inevitably one of the best outdoor activities to be enjoyed on Lake Geneva!

We recommend the following routes:

  • The Pététoz loop
  • Col du Pillon- Scex Rouge
  • The GR® Balcon du Léman

2. Mountain bike tours

VTT Lac léman

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Petr Pohudka

Cycling and mountain biking are two of the most popular outdoor activities on Lake Geneva, attracting and pleasing many visitors.

Magnificent playgrounds for cycling enthusiasts (motorized and non-motorized), Lake Geneva offers numerous spots and a number of Bike parks.

Whether you’re on your own, with family or friends, mountain biking is a great way to have fun while discovering the Lake Geneva region in a sporty way.

Here are a few slopes for you to enjoy without moderation:

  • The Gavot Plateau
  • Champéry-Morgins Bike Park
  • The Pumptrack at Habère-Poche les Moises

3. Horseback riding

Cheval activités outdoor Lac Léman

Photo credit: Facebook – LES CRINS DU LEMAN

This original means of locomotion allows you to visit Lake Geneva in a unique and totally different way. Along the way, you’ll admire the beauty of Savoie, its cantons, lakes and mountains.

On your trusty steed, you’ll find a whole new way to explore the trails. In perfect harmony with your mount, time seems to slow down and the scenery is even more breathtaking! This is undoubtedly one of Lake Geneva’s most popular outdoor activities for children!

4. Bus

Bus Lac Léman

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Roman Babakin

One of the must-do outdoor activities on Lake Geneva is, of course, the famous guided bus tour. What better way to enjoy all the wonders the Lake Geneva region has to offer?

Aboard the bus, you’ll see the shores of Lake Geneva, the International Quarter, the Horloge Fleurie and the famous Jet d’Eau. Depending on the tour you choose, the bus can also take you into the sumptuous city of Geneva. You’ll discover the old town, the UN offices, the Villa Diodati and many other famous buildings.

So, are you ready to hop on board a bus and discover Lake Geneva from a whole new angle?

5. Kayak & pedalo

Kayak Activité outdoor lac léman

Photo credit: Shutterstock – makasana photo

Nestled in the heart of the Alps, Lac Léman reveals all its beauty in the midst of snow-capped peaks. What better way to admire this breathtaking panorama than by canoe or pedalo?

Arguably one of the best outdoor activities on Lake Geneva, kayaking and pedal-boating offer a certain freedom! As you float along, you can observe the surrounding nature and the breathtaking local flora and fauna.

6. Boats, sailboats & catamarans

Voilier au lac léman

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Carlos Charlez

Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience when you visit Lake Geneva from the water! Whether it’s a motorboat, sailboat or catamaran, Lake Geneva takes on a whole new look when you sail on it. Dreamers can let their imaginations run wild on the ship’s deck.

This excursion offers a glimpse of the Swiss and Savoyard Alps covered in a thick blanket of white. A fascinating and enriching cruise, the visit on the waves is one of the outdoor activities preferred by tourists in search of poetry and natural beauty.

7. Paddle, surf & windsurf

Paddle Lac Léman

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Roman Babakin

How about a water activity to visit Lake Geneva? Whether it’s paddleboarding, surfing or windsurfing, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to do on Lake Geneva!

At your own (cruising) pace, you can admire the magical scenery that surrounds you! Surrounded by hills and valleys, the scenery is breathtaking! However, don’t let yourself get too distracted – a fall is bound to happen!

8. Wakeboard & flyboard

Lac Léman Wakeboard

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Roman Babakin

Visiting Lake Geneva doesn’t have to mean hiking or boating! You can also go wakeboarding or flyboarding! These outdoor activities on Lake Geneva are both original and fun, which is why they’re especially appealing to thrill-seekers!

However, if you’ve never tried it before, don’t panic: the region’s tour operators offer introductory courses. But be prepared for a fall, because balancing on a board isn’t as easy as it looks!

9. Hot-air balloon

Montgolfière Lac Léman activité outdoor

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Andre Schaerer

Among the outdoor activities available on Lake Geneva, hot-air ballooning is an original and enjoyable alternative that lets you admire the Lake Geneva landscape from the sky!

As you float through the air, you’ll soar over the blue waters of Lake Geneva. Incredible and breathtaking, the view is simply sumptuous and grandiose! Indeed, from the air, the canton reveals all its beauty, especially at sunrise or sunset!

10. Paragliding

Parapente Lac Léman

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Alla Relian

If you want to fly over Lake Geneva, paragliding is the way to go! What better way to admire the immensity and beauty of the area than from the air? Comfortably ensconced in your seat, with only the birds for company, you soar like an eagle.

We guarantee you’ll lose all track of time as you fly over this lovely blue expanse of water dominated by the snow-capped walls of the Alps. A breathtaking spectacle!

11. Glider

Planeur lac léman

Photo credit: Shutterstock – COLOMBO NICOLA

If you’d like to visit Lake Geneva in an original and surprising way, opt for a glider flight! From the air, the view is unequivocal!

Calm and soothed by the gentleness of a glider flight, you’ll enjoy a 360° panorama! This unforgettable view will leave you with unforgettable memories of your stay on Lake Geneva! So, what are you waiting for to tempt the planner? Climb aboard and take the plunge!

12. ULM

ULM Lac Léman activité outdoor

Photo credit: Facebook – Avis d’experts

If the other outdoor activities didn’t appeal to you, how about taking a microlight tour of Lake Geneva? A ride in this small craft lets you discover breathtaking scenery as you float through the air, surrounded by sunny blue skies. Like a bird, you fly over the crystal-clear waters of Lac Léman while your instructor explains the history of the area.

What’s more, you can also admire the different mountains of Haute Savoie, Génève and Thonon-les-Bains. A charming change of scenery guaranteed!

Which of the many outdoor activities on Lake Geneva is your favorite?