The 11 most beautiful beaches in Cagliari

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Visiting the capital of Sardinia? As a little detour to the sea is a must, discover Cagliari’s 11 most beautiful beaches right now!

An important city both today and in the past, Cagliari was ruled by the Romans and the Spanish Empire before becoming Italian once again. Against a backdrop of imposing mountains and steep hills, Cagliari leans towards the Mediterranean.

In this town in the far south of Sardinia, the gentle pace of life is such that you’d never want to leave! And, although the town is full of activities, it’s often the beach and seaside that attract us to the idea of spending our vacations here. So here’s a selection of the 11 best places to swim in and around Cagliari!

Municipality of Cagliari

This first part of the ranking focuses on the beaches in Cagliari itself. These are the most accessible and the ones you should choose for a short stay in Cagliari.

1. Poetto’s long beach

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Photo credit: Shutterstock – Stefano Garau

Around 8 kilometers long, Poetto beach is Cagliari’s main beach, and one of the most extensive in Italy. Set foot on its fine white sand, warmed by the Sardinian sun, and you’ll be captivated. Add to this the crystalline allure of the waves that come to eat up the beachfront with every wave, and you’ve got a postcard-worthy vision.

Popular with families and surfers alike, Poetto has well earned its place at the top of this list of beaches in Cagliari. It is served by several bus stops, and various water sports centers offer their services to locals and tourists alike. At the end of the beach, on the Torre del Poetto side, the Marina Piccola marina faces the sea, with several waterfront restaurants in its vicinity. Delicious and affordable, they are the perfect end to a day by the sea.

2. Calamosca Beach

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Photo credit: Shutterstock – Mario79

Situated on the opposite side of the Sella del Diavolo, a viewpoint offering a sumptuous panorama of the sea, Calamosca beach is ideal if you’re looking for a place to swim in Cagliari away from the hustle and bustle of tourism.

Fine sand, calm and transparent water: you’d think a beach like this would be impossible to find in Cagliari. Indeed, while the majority of travelers end up on its big sister, Poetto, Calamosca beach is easy to get to and relatively unspoilt.

3. Cala Fighera

Cala Fighera

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Paolo Certo

The neighboring Cala Fighera is a small rocky cove that might remind connoisseurs of some of the secret corners of the Calanques in the South of France. From these steep heights, it’s not uncommon for daredevil youngsters to try their hand at somersaults and other somersaults.

Sheltered from the wind and prying eyes, this beach in Cagliari has no beach facilities and is difficult to access: a little corner of paradise, but not the best solution if you’re traveling with the family. In fact, to reach it, you have to walk along the dirt road leading from the rest area not far from Calamosca beach. At the very least, you’ll need sneakers!

4. Sant’Elia Beach

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Photo credit: Shutterstock – Elena Krivorotova

This beach in Cagliari is one of the city’s least frequented, and you might wonder why, so much did its beauty and intimate atmosphere seduce us. With fine white sand and turquoise waters, its beauty is worthy of Sardinia’s finest beaches. Mostly frequented by locals, Sant’Elia beach is easily reached by car: it’s located in the district of the same name, close to the Lo Scoglio restaurant.

Metropolitan city of Cagliari

As the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari’s urban area encompasses many of the surrounding communes. So here’s a selection of the best places to swim in the metropolis of Cagliari.

5. Spiaggia di Mari Pintau

Spiaggia di Mari Pintau

Photo credit: Shutterstock – nito

Mari Pintau, what a lovely name! And a poetic one at that, since it literally means  » painted sea« . And it’s easy to see why, when you take in the beauty of the waves, which fade from deep blue to emerald green.

Its wave-slicked granite pebbles give way, as you move away, to Mediterranean maquis. Almost halfway between Cagliari and Villasimius, this fabulous beach in Cagliari has no parking facilities: you park the old-fashioned way, by the side of the dirt road!

6. Cala Regina

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Photo credit: Shutterstock – Elena Krivorotova

Cala Regina, in the municipality of Terra Mala, can be reached from Sardinia’s largest city along the coastal road. This small beach in Cagliari is crowned by a watchtower set amidst Mediterranean vegetation of pine and eucalyptus.

Made up of pebbles, rocks and reefs, Cala Regina may not be the best place to go if you’re travelling with children, but it’s a real little corner of paradise. Another special feature is its unspoilt seabed, which is very popular with underwater fishing enthusiasts.

7. Nora Beach

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Photo credit: Shutterstock – Torruzzlo

Close to the Nora archaeological site, this beach in Cagliari is one of the prettiest in the region. Sheltered from the wind, it’s a dozen kilometers west of the Sardinian capital. Despite its small size, Nora has a kiosk where you can rent umbrellas and deckchairs.

With a church right on the beach, it’s not unusual to see weddings being celebrated here during the summer season. Another special feature: if you explore the back of Nora beach, you’ll come across a small lagoon frequented by pink flamingos. A memorable vacation experience!

8. Spaggia di Cala d’Ostia

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Photo credit: Shutterstock – Stefano Garau

You’ll find this stretch of silky white sand when you head south from Cagliari towards the coast of Santa Margherita di Pula. As you go deeper behind the Spiaggia di Cala d’Ostia, eucalyptus and holm oaks begin to abound, testifying to an unspoilt natural environment. Beware, however: this beach in Cagliari, very popular with surfers, is not sheltered from the wind, and is often tossed about by currents.

9. Spiaggia di Giorgino

Spiaggia di Giorgino

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Marco Di Stefano

With its amber-colored sand, this beach faces the port of Cagliari. It owes its name to the chapel of San Giorgino, located in the neighborhood. Once popular with Cagliari’s inhabitants, it is now a popular spot for fishermen. If the water on this beach isn’t transparent, don’t panic: it’s just that it’s not very deep. Just 10 kilometers from the city, this is one of the most accessible beaches in Cagliari.

10. Spiaggia di Kal’e Moru

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Photo credit: Shutterstock – nito

Spiaggia di Kal’e Moru, a kilometer and a half long, is located not far from Torre Delle Stelle, as you head east along the coast from the Sardinian capital. We love this beach in Cagliari for its fine sand, whose golden hues are almost white.

Like many of Sardinia’s beaches, its deep turquoise waters are an invitation to dive in. Offering ideal conditions, this beach is also home to a lively nightlife. Spiaggia di Kal’e Moru is easily accessible for wheelchair users, and has ample parking. An ideal beach for families and party-goers alike!

11. Spiaggia di Genn’e Mari

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Photo credit: Shutterstock – Eva Bocek

This small, family-friendly beach is only 500 metres long, but offers a wide range of services: you can snorkel to observe the seabed, or rent a boat. This Cagliari beach is also known for the wrecks of ships sunk during the Second World War, which can be explored by diving. The Spiaggia di Genn’e Mari is also very close to Torre Delle Stelle, so it’s ideal for those who enjoy a wide range of activities.

So, have any of Cagliari’s beaches caught your eye?