The 10 most visited countries in the world

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Top 10 most visited countries in the world in 2017: ranking of the most visited countries in the world!

More than a billion people (1.235 billion) traveled to another country last year, according to the World Tourism Organization’s annual report on international tourism.

But where have they all gone, you ask?

These tourists have certainly gone to see one of the 50 most visited monuments in the world, in France, Spain, the USA or elsewhere. As you’d expect, France has been the world’s most visited country for years, but which countries are ahead of it?

Here is the complete list of the world’s most visited countries in 2017 (based on the number of « international tourist arrivals » who spent at least one night there):

10. Russia – 28.4 million

Cathédrale Saint Basile-le-Bienheureux à Moscou

Flickr – verygreen

9. Turquie – 30 millions

istanbul mosquee

Flickr – David Spender

8. Thaïlande – 32.6 millions

Thaïlande Lune de Miel

Flickr – Carl Parkes

7. Germany – 35.6 million

Porte de Brandebourg, Berlin, Allemagne

Flickr – Luke,Ma

6. Royaume-Uni – 35.8 millions

Palais Westminster et Big Ben, Londres

Flickr – Lindsay Wilson

5. Italie – 52.4 millions

Pise Toscane Italie

Flickr – storem

4. China – 59.3 million

muraille de chine

Flickr – Keith Roper

3. United States – 75.6 million

Mont Rushmore Etats-Unis

Flickr – Photomatt28

2. espagne – 82 millions

Barcelone, Espagne

Flickr – Chris Zielecki

1. france – 82.6 millions

Touristes Paris Sacré Coeur, France pays le plus visité au monde

Flickr – Nan Palmero

Yes, France remains the world’s most visited country in 2017. To find out more, read our article on this subject: France once again the most visited country in the world. It’s worth noting that 7 European countries (including Russia and Turkey) feature in this top 10. France is well ahead of the rest of the world in terms of tourism. Let’s hope it stays that way!

Have you visited these countries?