The 10 most luxurious motorhomes

Want to combine luxury and adventure on a 100% comfortable road trip? Discover our selection of the most luxurious motorhomes.

Often associated with the roots and nomadic side of life, motorhome travel is now becoming an ultra-trendy way to travel the world. Increasingly popular with the well-to-do, motorhomes bring a touch of adventure to vacations. However, for some people, these vehicles are veritable mobile homes, sometimes serving as permanent accommodation. So what could be better than a spacious, comfortable vehicle? Today, Generation Voyage invites you to discover a selection of luxury motorhomes.

1. Cami Terra Wind

Cami terra wind camping-car luxueux

Photo credit: Facebook – ASCI FreeLife Magazine

Price: between €850,000 and €1,200,000

Performance: 330HP

Bonus: can be converted into a boat

Let’s start our selection with a vehicle as atypical as it is luxurious. Discover the Terra Wind, which can navigate both land and sea at speeds of 130km/h and 7 knots. Impossible? No, because the American brand Cami has done it! The motorhome features ultra-sophisticated equipment (GPS, sonar, weather sensor, light, mooring system…) for optimal, safe navigation.

The interior of the vehicle offers a high level of comfort and all the necessary options for a pleasant stay (high-tech TV, washing machine, Queen Size bed…).

What’s more? Terra Wind has a garage with space for one car. Fancy some fun on the lake? The rear deck, ideal for diving, and the trailer, which can carry two jet skis, guarantee 100% fun afternoons.

2. Featherlite 3327 « Intimidator

Template Intimidator camping-cars luxueux

Intimidator exterior and interior
Photo credit: Facebook – Le Monde du Camping-Car

Price: $1,500,000

Plus: heated tiles

In the luxury motorhome category, Generation Voyage presents the Intimidator, flagship vehicle of the American Featherlite brand. A veritable luxury hotel on wheels, it’s guaranteed to make your stay out of the ordinary.

In fact, its double slide makes for a spacious living room that can accommodate more than two people. Its technological equipment is at the limit of the imaginable: the living room TV is gigantic and includes all kinds of options, such as the latest Xbox.

Do you tend to get bored in the shower? This will no longer be the case, as this one features an inlaid TV. Heated floor and tiles add a final touch of luxury to a vehicle that’s completely out of the ordinary.

3. Furrion Elysium

Furrion Elysium

Photo credit: Facebook – Mountain Mat

Price: $2,500,000

The + : terrace with jacuzzi and helicopter

Next up, one of the world’s most expensive motorhomes. For $2.5 million, you can enjoy a veritable luxury hotel on wheels. 13 m long, a spacious living room, XXL TV screen, fireplace, separate shower, wine cellar… What more could you ask for?

But the must-have feature that makes the Elysium one of the most luxurious motorhomes in the world is certainly its terrace. It features a built-in Jacuzzi, sunbathing chairs and… a helicopter. The Robinson two-seater, supplied with the motorhome, lets you explore the skies instead of the roads.

4. EleMMent Palazzo Superior

Template EleMMent Palazzo Superior Camping-cars luxueux

EleMMent Palazzo Superior exterior and interior
Photo credit: Facebook – The Brand for mobile heated Equipment. &

Price: €2,000,000

Performance: 530HP

The plus: outstanding design

Discover the luxury of luxury, the EleMMent Palazzo Superior, recognized worldwide as the most upscale motorhome. This vehicle is the image of its design: unusual and futuristic. Its interior bears witness to this: the heated floor, the driver’s area inspired by aircraft cockpits but operating like a luxury limousine, the ultra high-tech TV built into the wall, the marble table, the fireplace…

All the options are there, from a fully equipped kitchen to an ice maker, to guarantee you a stay combining comfort and luxury. The motorhome also boasts a first floor and a covered terrace, ideal for sunbathing afternoons or aperitifs aloft.

Its performance (530 hp for a top speed of 150km/h), its ability to venture into so-called « dangerous » terrain, its design inspired by a sports car, a plane and a boat, and its luxurious trappings all justify its (very) high price tag.

5. Volkner Mobile Performance S

Volkner Mobil Performance S

Photo credit: Facebook – Volkner Mobil GmbH

Price: €1,000,000

Performance : 460CV

The plus : spacious garage

Let’s take a look at the Performance S from German manufacturer Volknermobil, the brand’s flagship model and one of the finest luxury motorhomes in our selection. Indeed, its exterior reflects its interior: modern, sleek and trendy.

Marble flooring, options of all kinds… this motorhome has all the elements to guarantee an outstanding experience. Its spacious garage and powerful engine add considerable value to a comfortable 12 m long vehicle.

6. The Heat, Will Smith’s camper van

Template The Heat

The Heat exterior and interior
Photo credit: Facebook – Anderson Mobile Estates & Leader Loisirs

Price: €2,500,000

The + : 14 TV screens

To continue our selection of luxury motorhomes, what better way than to present The Heat, a vehicle from the American brand Anderson Mobile Estates, recently purchased by… Will Smith! This 2.5 million euro machine is undoubtedly one of the most impressive of its generation.

Indeed, all the technological equipment in the motorhome alone represents the modest sum of… €100,000. The Heat is a jewel of technology: a simple remote control deploys a make-up mirror with inlaid TV, a terrace and slides that create a gigantic living room.

Does this vehicle make you dream? So do we! However, it’s more suited to showbiz stars or businessmen than to simple vacationers. In fact, The Heat has no fully equipped bedrooms. Instead, the space is taken up by a conference room which, thanks to its 14 TV screens, can also be used as ahome cinema.

7. Action Mobile Desert Challenger

Action Mobile Desert Challenger camping-cars luxueux

Photo credit: Facebook – garage 24

Price: €1,500,000

Performance: 600HP

Plus: adaptability to all types of terrain

The Action Mobile Desert Challenger is a special motorhome. Its design is closer to a truck than a motorhome. However, its luxurious interior features all the comforts you’d expect from a top-of-the-range home. Discover its wood furniture, leather seats, starry ceiling…

Capable of working on all types of terrain, this 13 m-long machine also features a cold room that communicates with the living area of the vehicle.

8. STX Eila Edition One

Template STX Eila Edition One camping-cars luxueux

STX Eila Edition One exterior and interior
Photo credit: Facebook – STX Motorhomes & Eila

Price: €948,000

Performance : 510CV

Plus: ultra-modern interior

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary holiday in one of our many luxury motorhomes? Then the STX Eila Edition One is for you! This vehicle can accommodate four people. They can enjoy the ultra-modern design that is the hallmark of this luxury motorhome.

In addition to the extensive equipment on board (fridge, dishwasher, freezer, microwave, grill), the four slides and the layout make the STX Eila Edition One an exceptional place that combines well-being and sumptuousness.

9. Vario Mobil alkoven 1200 MB Actros

Vario Mobil Vario Alkoven 1200 MB Actross camping-cars luxueux

Photo credit: Facebook – VARIOmobil Fahrzugbau GmbH

Price: €550,000

Performance: 428HP

Plus: eight berths

Let’s continue our selection of luxury motorhomes with the Vario Alkoven 1200 MB Actros. This vehicle succeeds in combining luxury with a family atmosphere. The Vario Alkoven can accommodate up to eight people: large families or groups of friends can enjoy an unforgettable experience in this type of motorhome.

Although more affordable, the 12-meter-long machine is still a top-of-the-range model. In fact, the Vario Alkoven has a garage capable of housing a Porsche 911 Turbo, a Mini Cooper or a Fiat 500!

Its design is also inspired by the finest hotel suites: Venetian blinds, sleek white furnishings and leather sofas and armchairs immerse you in a very comfortable and luxurious atmosphere.

10. Cruzzer Trio

Template Cruzzer Trio

Cruzzer Trio exterior and interior
Photo credit: Facebook – Cruzzer Motorhomes & Le Monde du Camping-Car

Price: €684,250


The plus: customizability

To round off this selection of the most luxurious motorhomes, Generation Voyage has chosen to highlight a model from Belgian brand Cruzzer, the Trio.

This 530hp, 12m-long vehicle boasts a surface area of 34m² when all three slides are deployed. Its modern interior and ultra-spacious garage are sure to appeal to travelers in search of adventure and luxury.

What’s more? The Cruzzer brand offers complete customization of its vehicles. Customers can decide on the number of slides, the size of the garage and the interior design of their motorhome!

So, if you won the lottery tomorrow, which of these luxury motorhomes would you choose?