The 10 most beautiful works of Street Art in Paris

When street art brightens up the streets of Paris

Street art has been considered a contemporary artistic movement since 1960, and is often associated solely with graffiti. But street art is also about advertising, stencils, stickers and other forms of street art. Far from museums and art galleries, urban creations are seen by an enormous number of people.

Despite the ephemeral nature of the works, many of them are or have been artistic works in their own right, but also, sometimes, tourist attractions… We’re thinking, in particular, of Five Pointz, considered to be the « Mecca of Graffiti » this must-see spot, located in Queens, New York, was the haunt of street art lovers for years until that night in November 2013, when all the works were covered in white paint!

There are many places like this, still unscathed, around the world. But today, we’re going to focus on a selection of the 10 most beautiful works of street art in Paris!

1. Portraits of women in the heart of the Gare du Nord

street art paris

Photo credit: Street Art Avenue

Following a metamorphosis project for the Gare du Nord, Spanish artist Btoy was called in by the Quai 36 team to bring a colorful, lively touch to the station’s basement. With portraits of women from around the world, the artist gave her premises a dynamic boost! Magnificent!

2. Charles Leval’s works

Levalet, street-art, Paris

Photo credit: Levalet

Charles Leval, a.k.a. Levalet, delivers messages full of hope and poetry in a series of works each more original than the last! Always full of humor and sensitivity, and in perfect harmony with the urban environment, his works blend perfectly into the background, much to the delight of passers-by!

3. Portrait of the artist Hopare in the swamp

street art paris

Photo credit: Street Art Avenue

Visible on rue Champon in the3rd arrondissement, young artist Hopare’s spellbinding work was created following an interview he gave to Radio Marais. Following this interview, the talented Hopare left his mark on the street, as part of a project called « La rue a du charme »! We couldn’t agree more with this young woman’s captivating gaze!

4. Portrait by Christian Guemy

street art paris

Photo credit: Street Art Avenue

Another captivating street portrait in the 13th arrondissement! Created by artist Christian Guemy aka C215, the colorful work can be seen on avenue Choisy!

5. Martin Parker’s « Banksters Project

street art paris

When « Crédit du Nord » becomes « Rond de Cuir – Photo credit: Street Art Avenue

Part of a movement known as « Urban Hacking Actions », Martin Parker’s work is not lacking in originality. The idea of hijacking a number of French bank signs is a bold and daring one, given that « hacking » can sometimes take all night! We can only imagine the look on employees’ faces when they discover their new company at opening time!

6. Installation by Félice Varini at the Grand Palais

street art paris

Photo credit: Street Art Avenue

At first glance, it looks like a trick! But the incredible work by Swiss artist Félice Varini is actually there! A work of background, perspective and optical effect! Extraordinary!

7. Monsieur Chat by Thoma Vuille

street art paris

Photo credit: M. Chat – Urban Colors

Ever heard of Mother Michel losing her cat? Well, it’s time to put that old French nursery rhyme to one side and meet Thoma Vuille’s « Monsieur Chat ». This little yellow cat with a mischievous look can be seen all over the French capital, and is best known for always wearing a huge smile! If you don’t know this artist, keep your eyes peeled: Monsieur Chat occupies just over 80 walls in Paris, but he can also be found beyond French borders…

8. Pont des arts

Street-art sur le Pont des arts à Paris

Photo credit: Twitter

Lovers who came to padlock their love to the railings of the capital’s most romantic bridge are now faced with street art panels over 100 meters long! Created to avoid all the security concerns represented by the weight of thousands of padlocks, the works were installed in the middle of the year and should be present on the Pont des Arts until this Autumn. The frescoes have puzzled many, but the Pont des Arts has never been so aptly named!

9. Giant knitting in a metro station

Fingerhut, street-art, Mairie des Lilas

Photo credit: Facebook – Yarn Bombing aux Lilas

Although this work is no longer relevant, it was undoubtedly one of the capital’s most striking pieces of 2015. As beautiful in content as in form, Karen Kingerhut’s work is the fruit of a collaborative effort. Created with the help of several small volunteer hands, this giant, multicolored knit invaded the « Mairie des Lilas » station on May 6!

10. Tribute to Charlie Hebdo

street art paris

Photo credit: Street Art Avenue

Another landmark event of 2015, and not the least, was the attacks of January 7, 2015. Shortly after this tragic day, several street art artists paid tribute to Charlie Hebdo around the world, including in Paris. A good way to pay tribute to the victims with a poignant message, « the pen against the guns ».

As we all know, street art is ephemeral, and is constantly renewed. Don’t hesitate to mention new works of street art in the capital in the comments below.