The 10 most beautiful train journeys in the world


What are the best train journeys in the world?

Trains of legends, incredible landscapes and extraordinary crossings. Even if today’s airplanes are replacing trains for the longest distances, trains still have a bright future ahead of them, thanks in particular to the trains presented below.

The Rocky Mountaineer, USA


Credit: Rocky Mountaineer

A wonderful way to discover Canada by train! No fewer than 60 carriages offer passengers a choice of 4 equally incredible routes. 3 routes take you across British Columbia to Alberta, Banff or Jasper, and another from Vancouver to Whistler. In 2013, a new route takes you from Seattle to the Canadian mountains!

Glacier Express, Switzerland
glacier express

Just because it’s called the Express doesn’t mean it’s fast – on the contrary, it’s one of the slowest trains in the world! In fact, that’s the whole point of this train’s journey: 7 hours of travel through the Swiss mountains. Magnificent scenery!

Alaska Railroad, USA

The best way to visit Alaska is by train. The Alaska Railroad offers passengers superb views and a comfortable journey. From mid-May to mid-September, travelers can enjoy this train journey between Anchorage and Fairbanks, with stops in Wasilla, Talkeetna and the magnificent Denali National Park.

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express


The longest train journey on 2 continents and 8 different time zones! Adventure yes, but with comfort. In fact, this train is the superior class of the Trans-Siberian, with restaurants, TVs, champagnes and all the service you need for a journey of this length. It takes 21 days to reach Beijing, but you can also choose other destinations such as Mongolia, Kasakhstan or Vladivostok.

The Hiram Bingham

Named after the explorer who discovered Machu Picchu, this luxury train takes you from the town of Cuzcu to the famous Inca city. A journey through the Urubamba Valley (the sacred valley of the Incas) that’s sure to leave you with unforgettable memories!

The Danube Express

Explore Central and Eastern Europe aboard this luxury private train. Launched in September 2008, this veritable hotel-on-wheels journeys through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria to Istanbul, with luxury accommodations such as private bathrooms with constant hot water, as well as fine dining accompanied by premium wines, champagne and spirits.

The Rovos Rail

From Pretoria to Cape Town in South Africa, this train takes you on a 2-day trip through South Africa’s incredible landscapes. You can also choose less direct routes that take you into the country near the Tanzanian and Namibian borders.

The British Pullman


For Agatha Christie fans, here’s a look back at the golden age of the locomotive. A legendary train from the 1930s, the British Pullman as if you were there. Every day from London Victoria Station, Birmingham or Manchester.

Le Ghan


Credit: Great Southern Rail

All aboard, mate! This Australian train departs from Adelaide and passes through Alice Springs on its way to Darwin. Just over 2 days’ travel to explore the Australian outback in good conditions!

The Royal Scotsman


Credit: Orient-Express Hotels Ltd

This luxury train is the most comfortable way to discover the Scottish countryside! Through the Highlands and Lochs, this train covers everything you need to see in Scotland! A stop at a Scottish distillery is included as a bonus.

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There are so many other train journeys in the world! Do you know of any others?