The 10 most beautiful beaches for swimming in Guadeloupe

Où se baigner en Guadeloupe ? Top des plus belles plages en Guadeloupe

Want to discover the beauty of the island of Guadeloupe, in the French West Indies? Here’s our selection of the 12 most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe!

Guadeloupe is a French territory in the middle of the Antilles arc. In fact, it is made up of a group of islands, the two largest of which – Grande-Terre, famous for its long beaches and sugarcane plantations; and Basse-Terre, where, within the Guadeloupe National Park, you’ll find the Carbet Falls or the Soufrière volcano – form, seen from the sky, a butterfly.

Smaller islands, such as Désirade, Grand Anse and Marie-Galante, are also part of Guadeloupe, contributing to the diversity of landscapes and tourism on one of the most visited and beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

Here, top-rated seaside resorts, crystal-clear waters and white-sand beaches all contribute to attracting many tourists wishing to enjoy the pleasures of swimming: why not you? To help you organize your stay in Guadeloupe, we at Generation Voyage have created a list of the most beautiful beaches in the region: not all of them are listed, but the ones presented here are among the must-see when traveling in the area!

Ready to take a dip? We’re off!

1. Anse du Souffleur

Anse du Souffleur, Port Louis

Photo credit: Instagram – superpaulo13

L’Anse du Souffleur is located in Port-Louis, on the north-west coast of Grande-Terre island. Wide and wide, this sandy beach is very popular with families who come here to bask in the company of their children, and with Guadeloupean teenagers who come here to perfect their flirting techniques! It’s a lively and popular spot, where you can enjoy a splendid sunset and, why not, a party: numerous little straw huts serve rum and cocktails in a relaxed, festive atmosphere.

2. Caravelle Beach

Definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe! The Plage de la Caravelle, in Sainte-Anne, is indeed a benchmark in terms of paradise destinations, with all the elements that define them, such as coconut palms topping tourists who come to enjoy the white sand and crystal-clear waters, as well as the scuba diving spots! Although it’s a popular destination due to its reputation, it’s still possible to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet during the mild Guadeloupean evenings.

3. Anse Bertrand

Anse Bertrand, Guadeloupe

Close to Anse du Souffleur, in Port-Louis, Anse Bertrand is a smaller and much wilder beach: families and bathers don’t linger here because it’s unsupervised, and because of the strong currents that run through the area and create quite powerful waves. This makes it an ideal spot for bodyboarders and surfers! Beautiful photos can be taken here, attracting photographers eager to immortalize this unspoilt spot.

4. Raisins Clairs Beach

Plage des Raisins Clairs, Guadeloupe

Photo credit: Flickr – SnippyHolloW

What a lovely name! But it’s impossible to know why, since there are no vineyards nearby. It’s towards Saint-François that we find this place, known to be one of the most pleasant spots in the region: for those looking for a place to swim in Guadeloupe, the Raisins Clairs beach is truly a prime location, with its warm, perfectly transparent waters. What’s more, it’s very pleasant to enjoy it at night, as the beach is lit up at night for tourists! Scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will find plenty to do here, and you can enjoy delicious food in the – often mobile – stalls serving tropical fruit cocktails, « dog sauce » smoked chicken or smoothies until late in the evening!

5. Petit-Havre beach

Plage du Petit-Havre, Guadeloupe

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Jakob Fischer

Le Gosier: this Grande-Terre town is home to Petit-Havre beach. Nothing to do with the port town of Normandy, here you can enjoy superb sunsets in the company of many families looking for a place to swim in Guadeloupe! Sometimes dangerous at high tide due to currents, the authorities recommend only swimming in the morning or at dusk to avoid any problems. Many bars and restaurants line this popular stretch of sand, and it’s a great place to visit in the off-season!

6. Anse Caraïbe

Pointe-Noire is home to the Plage Caraïbe, with its typically… Caribbean ambience: for a few euros, numerous lolos offer cod acras and snacks to be eaten on the go, while listening to the local music spit out by the sound-systems scattered anarchically along the beach! Aimed more at young party-goers, this untouristy beach also caters for sea kayakers and… turtle lovers, as it is a nesting ground for loggerhead turtles, which can sometimes be spotted.

7. Bois-Jolan beach

Sainte-Anne is a commune on the island of Grande-Terre where you’ll find several beaches, including the Bois-Jolan beach: a family beach, it’s ideal for the youngest visitors, thanks to its turquoise, calm waters and, above all, shallow depths of several dozen meters! We strongly advise you to bring your flippers, mask and snorkel as you make your way along the coral reefs, which form veritable marine hiking trails! Isolated and rather difficult to access, its dozens of shades of blue water make Bois-Jolan one of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe on the island of Grande-Terre, but it remains little frequented except by connoisseurs.

8. Anse du Souffleur

L’Anse du Souffleur? We’ve already talked about it, haven’t we? Yes, except that it’s located on theisland of Désirade, and is therefore a rather isolated place to swim in Guadeloupe… which is what makes it so interesting, of course. You may come across some harmless iguanas, but this beach in the middle of nature is pretty well laid out, with showers and carbets (a kind of wooden shelter without walls) set up close to the white sand to shelter picnicking families from the sudden storms of the wet season!

One of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe, it is also a favorite with scuba divers, who come here to admire the amazing coral, fish and crustaceans.

9. Datcha Beach

Close to Petit-Havre beach, in the town of Le Gosier, you’ll find La Datcha beach: here, you can marvel at the breathtaking panorama, whether you’re looking at the islet of Le Gosier – just opposite, which you can reach by swimming or kayaking – or waiting for nightfall in good company: the bars, which line the golden sands, are an ideal meeting place to make new acquaintances.

What’s more, there are many stalls offering generous food for a modest price, and it’s very pleasant to eat here, which is not lost on families looking for a place to swim in Guadeloupe.

10. Les Saintes

Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Photo credit: Flickr – Alexia Boulot

What can we say about the islands of Les Saintes, which boast some of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe? Here, the Pain de Sucre beach is undoubtedly the most popular on the island, with its splendid bay dominated by a vertiginous rocky outcrop! As a popular tourist destination, it’s not surprising to come across so many people, locals and foreign tourists alike, looking for a place to swim in Guadeloupe!

Less frequented, Grande Anse and La Pompierre are undoubtedly an option if you’re looking to get away from the more touristy paths of this tiny archipelago, but swimming there is not recommended due to the strong currents, and sometimes even prohibited outright! You can, however, picnic and enjoy a moment of serenity in the midst of this string of tropical paradise islands.