The 10 hippest neighborhoods in the world

Which neighbourhood is the best place to blend in with hipster culture?

Although the word « hipster » originated in the 1940s as a term for jazz enthusiasts (source: Wikipedia), it is now found almost everywhere, which goes against the very essence of the hipster, who is by definition against the grain. From Singapore to Stockholm, entire neighborhoods have been invaded by these hipsters. Here are 10 of the world’s biggest hipster colonies.

10. Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Hipster Kreuzberg Berlin

Wikimedia – Alexbip

This district of Berlin is deeply rooted in the history of punk rock (Iggy Pop lived here!), and is the most alternative place in the German capital. The nightlife here is intense. There’s even a beach bar with a large floating pool on the River Spree, because non-floating pools are too mainstream.

9. Malasaña, Madrid, Spain

Hispter Malasana Madrid

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Many consider this district to be the cradle of Spanish nightlife. What’s certain is that since the late 70s, the narrow streets of Malasaña haven’t known a moment’s peace, and today they’ve never been so lively. You can eat and drink a few cervezas in a bar with your feet sunk in the sand. Considered the heart of Madrid’s counter-culture scene, Malasaña is a veritable paradise for fixie bikes and hipster beards. Hipsters are called « modernos » in Spanish.

8. Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Hipster Tiong Bahru Singapour

Youtube – INSING TV

Built in the 1930s, Tiong Bahru was once the part of town where wealthy businessmen stashed their mistresses. Today, however, it’s home to gourmet restaurants, overpriced cafés and trendy boutiques selling tortoiseshell glasses and moustache wax. Of course, the locals will never admit they’re hip, but isn’t that what all true hipsters do?

7. Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom

Hipster Shoreditch Londres

Flickr – Kyle Taylor

Although other neighborhoods like Dalston and Peckham might be considered « the new Shoreditch », the fact that some call it « the new Shoreditch » is enough to convince you… Like all hipster hangouts, this place with its working-class origins is the ideal destination for those wearing a trendy scarf. Here, you’ll find trendy businesses and street art.

6. Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

Hipster Sodermalm Stockholm

Flickr – Simon Kjellberg

Swedes love Brooklyn, and it should come as no surprise that Stockholm ‘s hippest neighborhood is looking to emulate New York’s iconic district. Between the Brooklyn Brewery bottles and the fact that there’s an area called SoFo, it’s hard to deny the level of influence New York has had on « Söder ». Yes, it’s true: nobody calls it « Södermalm » anymore, probably because the name immediately conjures up IKEA furniture. This furniture is so 2003

5. Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

Hipster Fitzroy Melbourne

Wikimedia – Jes

The Fitzroy district is home to the annual Melbourne Fringe Festival, and as such attracts all kinds of original, open-minded artists. If Melbourne is Australia’s hipster heart, Fitzroy is its epicenter. It’s home to the city’s finest buildings and the Centre for Contemporary Photography. And when locals feel the area is too crowded with « non-hipsters », they head to the equally hip Brunswick district.

4. Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hipster Vesterbro Copenhague

Flickr – Lisa Risager

Formerly known for its sex industry, as well as for the large number of butchers who worked there, Vesterbro has become a beacon of hipness in an already hippy city. What’s more, Copenhagen is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world (like Amsterdam), and if there’s one thing hippies love, it’s bikes. That, and Fjällräven backpacks.

3. Amsterdam-Noord, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hipster Amsterdam-Noord

Wikimedia – A. Bakker

Amsterdam-Noord’s former industrial warehouses have been taken over by the city’s bearded urban explorers, who now use them for art galleries, skate parks, ephemeral restaurants and music festivals. Much to the chagrin of its residents, the seeds of gentrification have already been sown here: Red Bull and MTV have opened offices on the waterfront, and smaller startups have also begun to reshape the landscape.

2. Florentine, Tel Aviv, Israel

Hipster Florentine Tel Aviv

Flickr – Shlomi Kramer

Florentine was brought to light by an Israeli TV series of the same name about the lives of Tel Aviv’s youth, but it’s the mix of traditional culture and contemporary style that has finally drawn the hipster crowd here. In a city already known for its Bauhaus-style architecture, inspired street art and lively nightlife, Florentine is the place to be for artists, musicians and people who dress like artists and musicians.

1. Williamsburg, New York, United States

Hispter Williamsburg New York

Flickr – Gedalya AKA David Gott

Come on, you knew it, deep down, that this New York neighborhood was going to top this « ranking ». While there are certainly arguments to be made for making room for places like Portland, San Francisco or Seattle in the USA, one reality remains: if hipsters had a mecca, it would most certainly be Williamsburg. A world of bow ties, trilby hats and chukka boots, where everyone plays amateur photographer with an unnecessarily expensive DSLR camera, « Billyburg » is the birthplace of all hipsters.

Every major city in the world has its own hipster district, but only 10 are listed here. Do you know of any others? For example: the Canal Saint-Martin area in Paris

Main photo source: L’Homme Tendance