The 10 best outdoor activities in Hendaye

Les meileures activités outdoor à faire à Hendaye

Looking for adrenalin? Hendaye and the Basque coast are a real playground for you! Here are the best outdoor activities in Hendaye.

Located in the heart of the French Basque Country and on the Spanish border, Hendaye enjoys a privileged geographical position. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and at the foot of the Pyrenees, the town is truly the ideal place for thrill-seekers. The whole range of possibilities offered by the sea, the countryside and the mountains is available to you!

On vacation, away for the weekend, or just passing through? Then come and experience new things, discover new sensations and indulge in the thrill of adventure. Whether you’re on your own, with a partner, friends or family, there’s something for everyone with these outdoor activities in Hendaye.

1. Surf

Surf à Hendaye

Photo credit: Shutterstock – pixinoo

You simply can’t come to the Atlantic coast of the Basque Country without surfing. The area is world-renowned for providing quality waves for surfers of all levels and backgrounds. In this ultra-complete sport, you ride the waves standing on a board that allows you to glide across the water to the edge. It’s a complete sport!

Surfing offers unique sensations (and unique aches and pains too). You’ll feel like you’re in communion with the elements and an integral part of nature. A great way to see the surrounding landscape from a different perspective! So yes, surfing really is the number one outdoor activity to do in Hendaye, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer.

2. Scuba diving

Activités outdoor à Hendaye : plongée

Photo credit: Facebook – Txingudi Plongée Hendaye

Hendaye is located on the Basque coast, in the heart of the Bay of Txingudi. This makes scuba diving one of the best outdoor activities in Hendaye! From the port, it’s easy to explore the surrounding seabed. Whether you choose to scuba dive or snorkel, you’ll have the choice of discovering the unspoilt biodiversity of the silent world.

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry, as the coastal cliffs protect the bay from the swell, allowing you to enjoy your first dive in complete peace and quiet. Scuba diving is just one of the outdoor activities you can enjoy in Hendaye as a family with children.

3. Flysurf

Flysurf à Hendaye

Photo credit: Facebook – En Pays Basque

Warning: sensitive souls please refrain. This is Back to the Future, because flysurfing is literally an outdoor activity in Hendaye that will make you feel like you’ve been propelled (that’s the word) into the 23rd century. Standing on a board attached to your instructor’s jet-ski, you’ll be thrown up to 6 meters high by powerful jets of water. From up there, you’ll have an unparalleled view of the Basque coastline.

You can also do a bit of aerobatics: try a loop, a spin or a salto. Thrills guaranteed! So thrilling, in fact, that this activity is reserved for people aged 16 and over. So it’s more of an outdoor activity to enjoy with friends in Hendaye, for a hen or stag party, for example.

4. All-terrain scooter

Trottinette tout terrain Hendaye

Photo credit: Tourisme64

Once again, this outdoor activity in Hendaye will get your adrenalin flowing: the all-terrain scooter (or TTT for short). It’s a sort of cross between a scooter and a mountain bike, designed for downhill mountain biking. The wheels are extra large, giving you control over speed, balance, trajectory and, last but not least, braking (what do you mean, braking is for weaklings?).

All-terrain scootering can be enjoyed with the whole family (children aged 12 and over or at least 1.40 m tall) or with friends. From the starting point, you’ll descend between 600 and 700 meters at your own pace, for a ride of between 6 and 10 km. This is a truly original outdoor activity in Hendaye.

5. Baptism of the air in a paramotor

Paramoteur 64

Photo credit: Facebook – Paramoteur 64

To keep you on the edge of the heights, here’s an idea for an outdoor activity in Hendaye that’s a notch higher: paramotoring. Quite simply, it’s a paraglider with an added motor (hence the name… Clever, isn’t it?). It’s reserved for lovers of gentle sensations who are not afraid of heights. The paramotor will take you right up to the clouds and the stars.

During your flight, depending on weather conditions, you may be able to take the controls of the aircraft. You’ll have an unprecedented view of Hendaye and the Basque coast. You’ll experience a feeling of total freedom and fulfillment. A wonderful outdoor activity in Hendaye, to treat yourself or someone else.

6. Stand up paddle

Paddle à Hendaye

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Amy_Shot

A stand-up paddle trip in the Bay of Txingudi is also a great way to enjoy a sport in the great outdoors while discovering Hendaye and the surrounding area. The discipline of stand-up paddling arrived in Polynesia only a few years ago, but is developing rapidly.

Halfway between surfing and kayaking, stand-up paddling involves standing on a surfboard and paddling it forward (yes, just like in Pocahontas or Vaiana). If you’re looking for an outdoor activity to do in Hendaye that puts you at one with nature, stand-up paddling is it!

7. Electric mountain bike guided tours

VTT à Hendaye

Photo credit: Flickr – Terre et Côte Basques

Here’s an outdoor activity to do in Hendaye, in the mountains and in the forest. After sunbathing on the water and in the sky, why not take a refreshing break and go for a ride on an electric mountain bike? The thrill and effort will still be there. You can follow the ridges of Hendaye, pedal through the Pignada forest or climb La Rhune with your hair blowing in the wind at nearly 14 km/h!

Electric assistance makes this outdoor activity in Hendaye accessible to everyone, even older people. You’ll have a great time with the whole family, and enjoy the incredible panoramas of the Basque Coast.

8. Jet ski tours

Jet ski à Hendaye

Jet ski touring is an exciting outdoor activity in Hendaye. Straddling your jet ski, you can take a group out onto the waves of Hendaye Bay and follow the coast north or south, towards Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Biarritz or San Sebastian. Next, you’ll round Cap Figuier, cross the Bidassoa and cross the bay to Pointe des Deux-Jumeaux.

Jet skiing lets you admire the Basque coast from the sea. You’ll see its incredible diversity: white sandy beaches and steep cliffs. If you’re lucky, you may even come across some dolphins! And if you’re a beginner sailor, don’t worry: the bay’s waters are very calm. An outdoor activity in Hendaye for families aged 12 and over for passengers and 16 and over for drivers.

9. Parachute ascension

Parachute ascensionnel à Hendaye

Parasailing is a unique outdoor activity in Hendaye. It can be done alone, in pairs or in threes. You’ll share the thrills with your partner or your friends. Across Hendaye Bay, attached to a parachute sail, you’ll be towed at high speed by a boat. You’ll then take off from a height of around 50 meters and fly over the Atlantic. A breathtaking view of the Basque coast guaranteed!

The walk takes place between Cap du Figuier and Pointe des Deux Jumeaux. What better way to get away from it all and experience the thrill of flying safely over the ocean? So if you’re a fan of freedom and wide open spaces, don’t hesitate to try this outdoor activity in Hendaye!

10. A boat trip


Photo credit: Shutterstock – PHILIPIMAGE

Finally, why not take advantage of your stay in Hendaye to go for a boat trip?

In fact, renting your own boat is a great idea for an outdoor activity that lets you enjoy the coast in a different way. Above all, it’s an outing that can benefit the whole family or an entire group of friends. You’ll be able to admire the beauty of the Basque Coast from the water. An experience not to be missed!