The 10 best eco-friendly hotels in the Maldives

Un hôtel ecoresponsable aux maldives

How can you travel intelligently in an archipelago as paradisiacal as it is fragile? Eco-responsible hotels in the Maldives are committed to its preservation.

Somewhere in the Indian Ocean, the thousands of islets of the Maldives archipelago form a constellation on the azure lagoon. Their backdrops are spectacular coral atolls. There was a time when only the bright colors of tropical fish and the green of coconut palms disturbed this peaceful Eden. Rest assured: that time has not yet passed. When you fly to the Maldives, you can still enjoy an incredible experience, in harmony with its spectacular nature. But there are a few secrets you need to know!

Indeed, the archipelago is currently facing a number of dangers. The first is global warming, which threatens to engulf the islets in the near future. The second is human activity, particularly mass tourism. Fortunately, more and more tourism operators are becoming aware of these perils and are taking action to preserve these incredible landscapes. Such is the case of the eco-responsible hotels in the Maldives that we present to you here. You can stay here with your eyes closed!

Your bungalow at the end of the world

photos d'hôtels écoresposnables aux maldives

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Rannalhi

🌿 Ecological score: 8.5/10

Nothing is more typical of the archipelago than bungalows on stilts! At this eco-responsible Maldives hotel, you’ll have the chance to wake up every morning with your feet in the water. If you prefer to stay on dry land, don’t worry: the hotel also offers bungalows in the heart of the vegetation.

A top-notch spa, a delicious restaurant, an immaculate beach, a lagoon inhabited by a host of colorful fish… This is the recipe for a perfect vacation in your hotel at the end of the world. But it also offers you the chance to fully connect with the Maldivian environment through the excursions on offer. For example, you can meet the archipelago’s fishermen, or the lagoon’s dolphins.

Cohabiting in harmony with the local population and wildlife, Adaaran Club is the perfect blend of luxury and commitment. So it’s hardly surprising that it’s one of the most eco-friendly hotels in the Maldives to have been awarded the « Travelife » label! Find out more about this eco-friendly hotel

💙 We love: the entire staff trained in sustainable development!

A zen and relaxed haven

suite de photos présentation hotel ecoresponsable des maldives

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Hanimaadhoo

🌿 Ecological score: 8.5/10

Are you looking for a peaceful haven where you can unwind while making the most of the atolls ‘ treasures? Then you’ve come to the right place. Far from the huge tourist complexes that disfigure the Maldives, this eco-responsible hotel lives in harmony with its environment. In fact, it campaigns to protect it by supporting associations that protect turtles and manta rays. But it also invites its guests to get to know it better through excursions with a marine biologist or with locals.

Take off your shoes, put away your phone and enjoy. There’s a thousand and one things to do at the Barefoot eco-hotel! For a relaxing vacation, you’ll be spoilt for choice between the spa, yoga classes and the pool. And if you prefer to get moving, the hotel will be happy to provide you with a bike or diving equipment! Find out more about this eco-friendly hotel

💙 We like: the possibility of an excursion with a marine biology expert

An island village for unforgettable vacations

photos eco hotel aux maldives

Credit photo : FairMoove

📍 Location: Kuramathi

🌿 Ecological score: 8/10

360 rooms, 11 restaurants, 7 bars, a spa, a gym… Don’t be frightened by these heady figures. The hotel we present to you here is a large, breathing vacation village where life is good. It occupies one of the largest islands in the archipelago, most of which is covered in trees – and it takes good care of them! A biologist is in charge of looking after the ecosystem, and an eco-center has even been set up to provide information for tourists and neighboring islanders alike.

If combining the resort experience with ecology is a miracle, it’s not the only one achieved by this eco-responsible Maldivian hotel. It also brilliantly combines a refined setting with a friendly, family atmosphere. There’s something for everyone, young and old alike! Find out more about this eco-friendly hotel

💙 We love: the eco-center, to educate young and old alike!

A fun and relaxing place to stay

photos d'un hotel ecoresponsables au maldives

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Meerufushi

🌿 Ecological score: 8.5/10

Head for the island of Meerufushi, home to one of the archipelago’s largest and most attractive resorts! You’ll love your all-inclusive vacation in this corner of paradise. Sports activities galore, top restaurants and exciting excursions are on the menu for your stay. Children are also catered for, from morning to night. Perfect peace of mind for adults who’ve earned it 😉

Unlike some resorts, there’s no stepping on toes on this unusual island hotel. You’ll love its small villas, where you’ll enjoy perfect privacy and splendid scenery. This resort is committed to preserving the environment that makes it so beautiful, and doesn’t skimp on eco-friendly actions. This makes it one of the best eco-responsible hotels in the Maldives! Find out more about this eco-friendly hotel

💙 We love: a great immersion experience, with the chance to visit neighboring islands and discover local crafts!

Luxury, calm, pleasure and eco-responsibility

Selection de photos d'un hôtel ecoresponsable aux maldives, au bord de la plage

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Malé

🌿 Ecological score: 9/10

Where do I begin to tell you what makes this tiny island hotel so special? Perhaps by its remarkable commitments, which make it perhaps the most irreproachable eco-responsible hotel in the Maldives. In addition to the many eco-friendly gestures that have earned it the EarthCheck label, the hotel was the first in the archipelago to open a marine laboratory. You’ll have plenty of time to admire the local fish and turtles during your stay!

Although luxurious, the hotel has an authentic « je ne sais quoi » and blends in perfectly with the island’s landscape. A tiny corner of paradise that you’ll be lucky enough to have almost to yourself, as there are only forty or so villas. Each is a veritable cocoon, with its own swimming pool, private garden and whirlpool bath. All the peace and quiet you could wish for! But don’t worry: if you feel the need to return to civilization, a two-minute boat ride will take you to the bars and restaurants of the neighboring island. Find out more about this eco-friendly hotel

💙 We love: the marine laboratory, where you can admire the local flora and fauna.

A tropical green paradise

bungalow les pieds dans l'eau aux maldives

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Filaidhoo

🌿 Ecological score: 8.5/10

The Reethi Faru Resort takes the prize for green luxury! Its ambitious energy, recycling and environmental protection initiatives have earned it the Travelife Gold label. Not content with being one of the best eco-responsible hotels in the Maldives, it has even won the award for the greenest resort in the Indian Ocean in 2019.

Naturally, this hotel invites you to live as close to nature as possible! Get ready to be outside from morning to night, with your feet in the sand or in the crystal-clear water. Villas on stilts, restaurants on the beach, open-air showers, hammocks between two coconut palms… The hotel is full of clever ideas to offer you an immersive experience. Even the floor of the bar and games room is covered in fine sand! Add a great spa, yoga classes and a few diving lessons, and you’ve got everything you need for a dream vacation. Find out more about this eco-friendly hotel

💙 We like: the island is perfectly isolated, and we’re given the opportunity to be dropped off by boat on a desert island Robinson Crusoe-style.

Miles of beach all to yourself

resort all inclusive aux maldives

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Kanifushi

🌿 Ecological score: 8.5/10

Welcome to one of the archipelago’s largest island hotels. As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice its major asset: 4 kilometers of white sandy beach reserved for vacationers. A heavenly setting, exhilarating entertainment, endless facilities… In this idyllic little world, you’re in for a timeless experience – and all-inclusive, of course! The resort spares no effort to delight travelers of all tastes and ages.

Overflowing pools for idlers, sports and diving for the adventurous, and sunset boat trips for dreamers are just some of the activities on the menu. But here, we also promote local cultures with original activities such as a language initiation or an art workshop. Of course, the protection of nature is not forgotten. Thanks to these commitments, this resort is one of the Maldives’ most eco-responsible hotels with the « Green Globe » label. Find out more about this eco-friendly hotel

💙 We like: activities linked to the local culture

Your luxury escape to the Maldives

hotel aux maldives sur l'eau

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Maafushivaru

🌿 Ecological score : 8/10

Head for one of the most luxurious, eco-friendly hotels in the Maldives! Set down your suitcases in an earthly paradise as only the archipelago has the secret. This one has the added advantage of being able to play the ecology card, which has earned it the Travelife label.

Set against a postcard backdrop, the resort itself is a feast for the eyes, with its contemporary architecture and refined decor. But the pleasure doesn’t stop there: private pools, a yoga pavilion and a spa offer a refined relaxation experience. This hotel is also designed for adults. DJ sets, five restaurants and film screenings under the stars make for unforgettable evenings! Find out more about this eco-responsible hotel

💙 We love: DJ set, spa

A chic resort combining surf and spa

Plusieurs vues d'un resort ecoresponsable aux maldives

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Maguhdhuvaa

🌿 Ecological score: 8.5/10

Fly away from Malé, the country’s capital, to discover this beautiful island-hotel. Of course, you’ll find all the essentials for a Maldivian vacation: tropical fish, pristine beaches, villas on stilts… But there are also a few « little extras », starting with a 5-star spa equipped with a traditional Turkish hammam. Another differentiating touch: the possibility of surfing around the island, which is rare in the Maldives.

This grand resort has everything it takes to make your romantic or family vacation a real daydream. It stands out for the elegance of its decor and the quality of its gastronomic offerings. But also for the relevance of its ecological approach, focusing on self-sufficiency and coral protection. So it’s hardly surprising that this eco-responsible hotel in the Maldives has won a Green Star Diamond Award! Find out more about this eco-friendly hotel

💙 We like: this hotel is a great surf spot

The most cinematic hotel in the Maldives

restaurant sous l'eau dans un hôtel aux maldives

Photo credit: FairMoove

📍 Location: Rangali

🌿 Ecological score : 8,5/10

The latest in our selection of eco-friendly hotels in the Maldives is guaranteed to amaze. We won’t hide the highlight of this resort‘s show any longer, namely its famous underwater restaurant. Would you like to dine face-to-face with some of the lagoon’s finest fish?

The show doesn’t stop there: wherever you are, the hotel sets the scene with the ocean. Admire it through the huge bay window in front of your bed, or from the infinity pool that plunges into the lagoon. Or would you prefer to dine by candlelight on the beach? One thing’s for sure: at Rangali, you’ll enjoy a vacation like no other. The icing on the cake is that it’s also a responsible one, as the hotel actively promotes more sustainable tourism! Find out more about this eco-responsible hotel

💙 We love: the underwater restaurant in a glass tunnel

As you can imagine, a stay in the Maldives is synonymous with luxury and wonder. Nestled in an exceptional setting, the hotels vie with each other in beauty and attention to detail to pamper their guests. But some of them also excel when it comes to ecology, reconciling luxury and sustainability. Which eco-friendly hotel in the Maldives will appeal to you?