Stop eating chocolate for 1 month, that’s what happens!

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Arrêtez le chocolat pendant 1 mois, voilà ce qu'il se passe !

When consumed in moderation, chocolate can have many health benefits. But if consumed in excessive quantities or of poor quality, chocolate can have harmful effects on the body.

According to some experts, giving up chocolate for a month can even have beneficial effects. Here’s the lowdown.

Fewer mood swings and irritability

The more sugar chocolate contains (such as white and milk chocolate), the more likely it is to cause mood swings and irritability.

In an interview with Eat This Not That, nutritionist Jay Cowin explains that sugar is a toxin that depletes our energy and  » can lead to mood swings, cravings and other unhealthy behaviors. »

What’s more, when you eliminate sugar from your diet, you get rid of one of the main causes of mood swings and irritability.

Reduce calories and lose weight

Cutting out chocolate for a month can also help reduce calories and promote weight loss (provided you eat a healthy, balanced diet alongside). According to the expert,  » reducing added sugars can help you lose weight and therefore improve your overall health « .

However, it’s worth remembering that chocolate can still be part of a healthy diet. But to do so, you need to choose it carefully. How do you do that? By choosing a chocolate rich in cocoa and low in sugars, as is the case with dark chocolate containing 70% or more.

Less heartburn

Giving up chocolate for a month can also have a positive impact on digestion. Indeed, chocolate is an acidic food that can promote or aggravate heartburn and acid reflux.

According to dietician Danielle McAvoy,  » The sweeter the chocolate, the more serious the consequences, including heartburn and acid reflux « .

Better sleep

Chocolate contains caffeine. In other words, chocolate can prevent sleep and even contribute to anxiety. That’s why you should avoid consuming it before going to bed.

If you give up chocolate for a month, you’ll be able to get better quality sleep and feel more relaxed.

Less risk of disease

Several scientific studies have already shown that consumption of added sugar (found in chocolate) can increase the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and liver disease.

By reducing your consumption of chocolate, which is rich in added sugars, and replacing it with healthier foods (such as fruit, nuts…), you reduce the risk of developing certain serious pathologies.