Snowmobile outing at Isola 2000: prices, duration of excursion

Comment faire de la motoneige à Isola 2000 ?

Tired of skiing and crowds? Leave your equipment behind for a snowmobile ride at Isola 2000, for a different and unique experience!

Less than 100 kilometers from the Côte d’Azur, Isola 2000 enjoys unique sunshine and maximum snow cover. This transforms the resort into a veritable playground for thrill-seekers. After a day of hurtling down the 120 km of slopes or exploring the different areas of the snowpark, prolong the pleasure! Discover snowmobiling, another way to explore the resort. Whether you’re a family, a couple or a group of friends, Generation Voyage introduces you to snowmobiling at Isola 2000. How do you choose, how much does it cost and how long does it last? Follow our guide.

How to choose your snowmobiling activity at Isola 2000?

Choisir la motoneige à La Plagne

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Hosting one of the stages of the famous Andros Trophy, the Isola 2000 resort is an ideal place to discover snowmobiling in the footsteps of the greatest champions. In fact, several service providers in and around the resort offer you the chance to try out the unique sensations of snowmobiling. Alone or in pairs, day or night: you’re bound to find something to satisfy your thrill-seeking desires!

It’s an activity that’s accessible to people aged 10 and over, and can easily be added to your day’s skiing in an original and fun way, thanks to the various excursions on offer!

Depending on the composition of your group, the weather and your wishes, we offer a number of different formulas. You can opt for :

  • A fifteen-kilometre loop through fir forests and snow-covered slopes;
  • An introduction to ice driving on the tracks of the famous Trophée ;
  • For a 20 to 45 minute baptism;
  • A snowmobile outing lasting several hours, including a meal in a high-altitude restaurant.

How about an even more exceptional experience with a night out? This Isola 2000 snowmobile outing takes you to a hearty mountain dinner in a chalet at the top of the slopes. Return to the resort at around 11pm. Reserved for adults, this night-time excursion adds an almost magical dimension to your snowmobiling activity! In terms of duration, allow around 3 hours.

What’s the best way to enjoy a snowmobile ride at Isola 2000?

Motoneige à Isola 2000

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Stage 1: briefing and departure

Once you’ve reached your meeting point, the instructor will hand you the essential safety equipment: your helmet, and a disposable cap for optimum hygiene. The instructor then explains the rules of the road and how to operate the snowmobile, including braking, acceleration and positioning. For outings lasting more than an hour, a short session on a training circuit can be arranged to ensure that you get to grips with the vehicle and to answer any questions you may have before setting off.

Stage 2: the one-hour walk

You then settle into your snowmobile, either alone or in pairs. Then you’re off into the white vastness at the wheel of your powerful vehicle! Supervised by a qualified instructor, you’ll enjoy the unique sensations of driving on snow, and even on ice, in the midst of unspoilt landscapes. A stop is made halfway through the trip, so you can swap driver and passenger seats if you wish, and check that everyone is comfortable.

After 60 minutes of snowmobiling in and around Isola 2000, you return to the starting point to return your equipment and enjoy a well-deserved rest!

Night-time outings

For night-time outings, a fuller briefing is provided, including safety rules. Your outing then takes place in two stages: a first excursion to the chalet, where you’ll be served an aperitif, a meal and a digestif, before returning to the resort.


With a few exceptions, you must be 18 years old and have a car or motorcycle license to drive a snowmobile. On closed circuits, you can drive from the age of 16.

When is the best time to go snowmobiling at Isola 2000?

Ski de motoneige et silhouette de motoneige isolée en champ de neige.

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As a winter sport that originated in Canada, the best time to snowmobile at Isola 2000 is from December to March. In fact, it’s during these few months that snow cover is most likely to be sufficient.

It’s worth noting that snowmobile outings at Isola 2000 take place almost exclusively in the afternoon, except for special outings. This is because it is necessary to cross the ski slopes to complete the loops planned by the service providers, so you generally have to wait until the slopes are closed to take advantage of them.

Our tips for snowmobiling at Isola 2000

Conseils pour faire de la motoneige à Isola 2000

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  • The first thing to check is that you have your driving license. If you don’t, you’ll have to ride as a passenger.
  • As with skiing, clothing must be warm, of course, but also waterproof. Snowmobiles throw snow, sometimes several meters: you’re going to get wet. The wind will also most certainly be part of your excursion, so remember to protect your extremities, as well as your eyes and skin, from the luminosity.
  • Sunglasses or a mask and sun block are just as essential as your hat and gloves!

How much does a snowmobile ride at Isola 2000 cost?

Service providers in the Alpes-Maritimes all offer roughly the same rates.

A discovery hike lasting just a few dozen minutes will set you back €50 per person. A one-hour snowmobile outing at Isola 2000 will cost you €100 per adult (over 16), and between €20 and €50 per child (10 to 16).

Finally, longer outings, including meals, day or night, will cost between €110 and €200 per person.