Skyscanner, flight comparison service : reviews and tests

Review of Skyscanner – Flight comparison calculator

There are many of them on the Internet. Skyscanner is one of the most popular flight comparison sites. A pioneer of this type of platform, it is now one of the most visited sites, with its application downloaded by thousands of travelers. But how does this flight comparison service work? Why does it work? What are the pros and cons? Generation Voyage’s editorial team has looked into all these questions: opinions and tests, here’s our review of the Skyscanner flight comparator.

What is Skyscanner?

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Skyscanner is undoubtedly the most coveted travel comparator for globetrotters. And with good reason: for several years now, this flight comparator has been making the (often thankless) task of finding the best flight price easier for travelers. With just a few clicks, Skyscanner takes on the role of search engine: it compares several hundred offers according to your criteria (price, timetable, airport, travel time, stopovers…) and suggests the most attractive ones. You can also sort the results according to a selection suggested by Skyscanner: best, cheapest first, fastest first, etc. Finally, it’s up to you to choose the flight that suits you best, before being redirected to the airline’s website to buy your tickets.

How does it work?

Skyscanner, comparateur de vols

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Simple and easy to use, comparisons are very popular with travellers. Unlike online travel agencies, Skyscanner is first and foremost a free service that lends a helping hand to its users without charging extra fees: you don’t buy your ticket on Skyscanner, but are directly redirected to the website of the selected airline. Because Skyscanner doesn’t sell products, and isn’t limited to the offers of the airlines it partners with, it gives you access to the majority of offers available on the market by searching over 200 sites. This saves you time and money, and is very user-friendly, which is much appreciated by our users!

Advantages and disadvantages of Skyscanner


– Simple, intuitive operation

– Free access

– No middleman

– Wide choice of multi-destination flights Ability to search « everywhere

– Save time and money

– Monthly price calendar


– Baggage and airline surcharges not included in the price

– A round trip may include two different airlines

Skyscanner: the editor’s opinion

Clear, fast and precise, Skyscanner is one of our must-haves. We particularly appreciate its wide choice of search criteria and ease of use. The comparator’s objective, transparent approach leaves no room for unpleasant surprises, such as preferred airlines or hidden fees. Its best feature? If you don’t know where to go, simply select a departure city and check the « Anywhere » option: Skyscanner then offers you the best deals available worldwide to help you choose your destination.