Ranking of the 10 best-selling experiences in Paris (March 2023)

Photo d'une personne en croisière sur la seine avec vue sur la tour eiffel

Paris, the City of Light, offers a wealth of activities for residents and travelers alike.

We’ve rounded up the top weekend experiences in Paris in February 2023 (source: GetYourGuide). So if you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

1. The Louvre Museum

Le Louvre

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The Musée du Louvre is one of the world’s largest and most impressive art museums, housing over 35,000 works of art from every era. Masterpieces such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and the Victory of Samothrace are on display. The captivating beauty and history of each piece on display make it a must-see for all art and history lovers.

To ensure that your visit to the Louvre runs smoothly, a range of tickets are available for purchase: single ticket, with audioguide, queue-cutting, guided, etc. You’re spoilt for choice!

2. The legendary cruise on the Seine

La Seine

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Taking a cruise on the Seine is a magical experience that lets you discover Paris from a different angle. Cruising on the Seine, you’ll be able to admire Paris’ iconic monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre, while enjoying a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

You can also discover Paris’ historic bridges, the magnificent architecture of the quays of the Seine, and learn fascinating anecdotes about the city’s history thanks to the audio commentaries that accompany the cruises.

3. Disneyland Paris theme park

Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris is a true paradise for children, but also for adults who have managed to retain their childlike spirit. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be immersed in a magical world where your favorite Disney characters come to life. You can experience extraordinary adventures as you explore the various themed attractions, attend incredible shows and meet famous Disney characters.

The festive, magical atmosphere of Disneyland Paris will give you the chance to experience unforgettable moments with family and friends, and to fall back into childhood for a day or a weekend.

4. The iconic Arc de Triomphe

L’Arc de Triomphe de nuit

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TheArc de Triomphe is one of Paris’s most emblematic monuments, symbolizing the grandeur and power of France. Climbing the 284 steps to the top of the Arc, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Paris and its most famous monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Seine and the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. Inside the Arc, you can also discover the sculptures and decorations that tell the story of France and its military heroes.

5. The Palace of Versailles and its gardens

chateau de versailles visite paris

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The Palace of Versailles is a jewel of French history, a symbol of the grandeur and opulence of the French monarchy. A visit to the palace reveals magnificently decorated rooms, sumptuous furnishings and remarkable works of art that bear witness to the French art of living in the 18th century.

As you stroll through the gardens of Versailles, you’ll admire spectacular fountains, majestic sculptures, shady paths and colorful flowerbeds. The marriage of these elements makes the park a true landscape masterpiece in its own right.

6. Garnier Opera House

Plus beaux monuments France : L'Opéra Garnier

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TheOpéra Garnier is an architectural and artistic jewel in the very heart of Paris. When you visit this emblematic venue, you’ll be dazzled by the beauty of its architecture, sculptures, frescoes and mosaics. You’ll discover its rich history through sumptuous performance halls, a prestigious library and mysterious backstage areas. You can also admire the costumes and sets of famous shows that have been staged here, and imagine the grandiose performances that have taken place in this mythical venue.

7. The one and only star: the Eiffel Tower

tour eiffel visite paris

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The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the most emblematic monument in Paris, and one of the most recognized symbols worldwide. When you visit the Eiffel Tower, you’ll be able to admire the breathtaking view over the city of Paris from one of the monument’s three floors, and soak up its romantic, magical atmosphere. You can also learn about the Tower’s history, the technical challenges it presented during its construction, and the fascinating anecdotes linked to its various uses over the years.

Finally, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere around the tower, with its crepe and souvenir vendors, street performers and passers-by admiring this impressive edifice.

8. Orsay Museum

Le Musée d'Orsay

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The Musée d’Orsay is a jewel of French culture, housing an exceptional collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works of art. When you visit this museum, you’ll be able to admire paintings by masters such as Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne and many others. You can also discover how these artists revolutionized modern art in the 19th century.

The Musée d’Orsay is housed in an exceptional location, a magnificently restored former railway station, offering a unique and original visitor experience. You can also enjoy the exciting temporary exhibitions organized by the museum on a regular basis, with varied and enriching themes to suit all tastes.

9. The catacombs

Photo d'un bus touristique à Paris

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The catacombs of Paris are a mysterious and fascinating place that will immerse you in the city’s underground history. When you visit this unusual place, you’ll discover a network of tunnels that run beneath the streets of Paris and have served as the eternal resting place of millions of Parisians. You can admire the astonishing bone sculptures, evidence of a medieval past, as well as galleries that were used during wars and revolutions. The catacombs are also rich in history and legends, adding color to their mystical and intriguing aura.

10. The tourbus

Photo d'un bus touristique à Paris

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The Paris sightseeing bus is a great way to discover the city in an easy way. As you climb aboard, you’ll be able to admire Paris’s most beautiful monuments and most emblematic neighborhoods, while benefiting from explanatory audio commentaries to better understand the history and anecdotes of each place. You can also get off the bus at each stop to explore the places you’ve chosen at your own pace, before getting back on the bus to discover other must-see places in the city.

The sightseeing bus allows you to visit Paris flexibly and comfortably, without worrying about public transport or tiring journeys on foot. It’s also a great way to see Paris from another angle, enjoying panoramic views from the open roof of the bus.

You now have a good overview of the must-see experiences in Paris. Of course, this ranking reflects only part of the tourist offer in Paris, as it is based on our partner GetYourGuide. You can also consult our Paris guides to find out more about our beautiful capital.

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