Rafting in Corsica: the Golo river in Haute-Corse

Où faire du rafting en Corse ?

If you’re looking for a unique experience on the Isle of Beauty, find out which are the best spots for rafting in Corsica!

When it comes to rafting in Corsica, you don’t have to be afraid of getting wet… and that’s saying something! This sport, which involves white-water rafting, is not for everyone. You’ve got to love adrenalin, thrills and water, of course. Aboard an unsinkable raft and equipped with paddles (most often), you paddle your way through the water, skilfully slaloming between rocks, as the water moves. After all, rafting in Corsica is all about immersing yourself in a pristine wilderness. Ready to get your thrills?

The Golo river in Haute-Corse

Rafting en Corse : rivière Golo

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Mor65_Mauro Piccardi

Despite the large number of rivers in Corsica, not all of them are suitable for rafting. The river’s current has to be strong enough to create white water, and the bottom has to be deep enough to prevent the raft from constantly skimming over it. That’s why the Golo, which meanders through Haute-Corse, is the best place for rafting in Corsica. It rises in the heart of the Corsican mountains, not far from the highest peak, Monte Cinto. The Golo almost crosses Corsica from west to east, flowing into the Mediterranean Sea on the Côte Orientale, south of Bastia. It carries a lot of water, and a lot of it by far. Ideal, therefore, for rafting. Come and explore the wonders of nature, from lush green scrub to the crystal-clear waters so characteristic of Corsican rivers.

Periodic activity

Rafting in Corsica, particularly on the Golo, has a special feature: seasonality. Indeed, it’s when the winter snows melt that the river’s flow is most likely to be ideal. This is why rafting in Corsica is only possible in April and May. During this precise period, the flow is such that the sensations are guaranteed!

Rates & practical information

Rafting sur la rivière du Golo, Corse

Photo credit: Facebook – In Terra Corsa


To enjoy the unique, thrilling experience of rafting in Corsica, you’ll need to spend between €44 and €54 per person. The price actually depends on the age of the person and the excursion you choose: family or extra. While the family package is accessible to children aged 8 and over, the extra package (higher level) is only available to teenagers aged 14 and over.

There are also optional extras, such as shoe hire if your shoes are not suitable (€10). You can also get the video of your excursion on a MicroSD card (€40). Finally, you can rent a water bag and buy a large bottle of local water (€7).

Practical information

  • One of the main requirements for rafting in Corsica, or rafting in general, is the ability to swim.
  • Make sure you’re well equipped: don’t forget a swimsuit, good sports shoes with laces (mountain, trekking, etc.) and sun cream.
  • You should also take a bottle of water and a snack with you, as service providers don’t provide them free of charge. If you opt for an all-day activity, bring your own picnic.
  • Rafting in Corsica is possible under a number of weather conditions. If it has rained heavily in the previous few days, the river may be in flood, and your trip cancelled. Alternatively, if the weather is not favorable on the day of the trip, the organizers may well decide not to go, for your own safety.
  • The activity is open to children aged 8 and over. Minors under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • In terms of weight, rafting is possible from 30 kg up to 135 kg.
  • Please note that reservations are mandatory. So remember to call the organizers, so they can tell you directly if they have availability.