Puy du Fou 2021: program, tickets, prices, opening hours

Tarifs et horaires du Puy du fou

Want to take your family on an adventure and see some great shows? Here you’ll find everything you need to know for your visit to the Puy du Fou!

This historical theme park takes visitors back in time in a fun and totally unique way, thanks to dynamic, lively costume shows. Annual attendance of over 2.3 million makes it France’s second-largest theme park!

Voted the best amusement park in the world, Puy du Fou is located in Les Epesses, Vendée, and was founded in 1989 by Philippe de Villiers. An explosion of breathtaking shows and adventures awaits you, whether with family or friends. Discover this magnificent park with its unique shows by day and night, 4 authentic villages and over 1500 animals. So, are you ready for a trip back in time?

What to see and do at Puy du Fou?

The shows

The park is not an amusement park in the strict sense of the word. It offers eleven daytime shows, two nighttime shows and some twenty original activities and experiences. It’s important to find out the show times on the day of your visit, either at the park entrance or on the Puy du Fou website, as they change very frequently.

Daytime shows
Les Vikings

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Julie Brieau

  • Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes: set up around the ruins of the old castle, hundreds of majestic birds appear and brush against you with their giant wings;
  • Le Signe du Triomphe: enter the arena and experience the fury of the Circus Games;
  • Vikings: tremble as the terrible warriors from the north come to plunder the peaceful village of Fort de l’An Mil ;
  • Le Secret de la Lance (The Secret of the Lance): facing the immense medieval rampart, follow this epic tale of chivalry and fantasy in the midst of the Hundred Years’ War;
  • Mousquetaire de Richelieu: experience a romantic cloak-and-dagger adventure featuring musketeer duels, flamenco ballets and equestrian feats;
  • Le Dernier Panache: follow the glorious destiny of a French naval officer in this show, voted « Best Creation in the World » at its premiere in 2017 ;
  • The Knights of the Round Table: great illusions and the supernatural will captivate you as you immerse yourself in the fantastic world of the legend of King Arthur;
  • Les Automates Musiciens: answer the call of the rural warden and enjoy the spectacle of our « Automates Musiciens » for a moment;
  • Le Grand Carillon: when the monumental clock in the 18th-century Village goes berserk, its bells play the most famous tunes;
  • Les Grandes Eaux: you are invited by the famous composer Jean-Baptiste Lully to relive the great hours of Versailles;
  • Le Ballet des Sapeurs: come and meet our young actors in the « Bourg 1900 » and follow their adventures in this dynamic and colourful show!
Immersive shows
  • The First Kingdom: follow the destiny of Clovis, the first king of the Franks, in a dazzling immersive universe ;
  • The Renaissance Château: step into the rich, flamboyant decor of the authentic Château du Puy du Fou and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 16th century;
  • Les Amoureux de Verdun: plunge into the harrowing world of the First World War and live an intense experience alongside the Poilus ;
  • Le Mystère de la Pérouse: experience a true adventure as you embark on an epic voyage around the world with the famous explorer « Monsieur de La Pérouse »!
Night shows

  • La Cinéscénie: attend the world’s biggest night show and enjoy a moving and unforgettable experience! La Cinéscénie takes place on a 23-hectare stage with over 2,000 actors and lasts 1h40. It takes place on Friday and Saturday evenings during the summer (from July 3 to September 18). Tickets are special and reservations are mandatory.
  • Les Noces de Feu: witness the most romantic of weddings and let yourself be carried away by the grandiose memories that resurface on the lake as soon as night falls! This show lasts about 30 minutes and takes place every evening from Sunday to Thursday, from June to August. Check the calendar for dates from September to November.
Other experiences and events
  • Le Monde Imaginaire de La Fontaine: to celebrate his 400th birthday, Jean de La Fontaine invites himself to the Puy du Fou and embellishes his Monde Imaginaire ;
  • La Clairière aux Daims: come and meet the animals from the « Vikings » show and discover their natural glade;
  • La Vallée Fleurie: take a break in this unspoilt natural setting and let yourself be carried away by its beauty!
  • Jumping Jets: try to freeze the moment and capture one of these fleeting jumping jets;
  • The Roseraie: take the path to the Roseraie and enjoy the colors and scents of the hundreds of flowers planted there;
  • The Animal Maze: lose yourself in the twists and turns of a surprising plant maze designed for the whole family;
  • Le Repaire des Enfants: a fun and playful space dedicated to the adventures of the little ones!

Period Villages

Les Villages d'Epoque

Photo credit: Shutterstock – forgetselfies

You’ll be immersed in « the villages », 4 themed zones that will make your experience all the more unique:

  • The medieval city: stroll through the narrow streets of the medieval city and discover all its hidden treasures;
  • The 18th-century village: take a tour of this authentic 18th-century village, where every house has its own surprise;
  • Le bourg 1900: let yourself be surprised by the authenticity of the lively square in this authentic village from the last century;
  • Le fort de l’an mil: take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Middle Ages and stroll through the huts of this peaceful village!

Along the way, you’ll be transported to 6 different eras:Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Grand Siècle, the Belle Epoque and the 20th century.

How to visit Puy du Fou

Plan du Puy du Fou 2019

To make the most of your visit to the Puy du Fou, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose 2 full days to take your time and see as many things as possible;
  • Arrive early in the morning, preferably when the park opens (9:30 am);
  • The day before your visit, get a map and a program of the park: this will save you time on the day itself and, if necessary, help you prepare your own tour;
  • The park also offers picnic areas for visitors;
  • Before each show, leave yourself a margin of 20 to 30 minutes to make sure you’ll be there.
  • How to get to Puy du Fou

    By car

    The park is well signposted and easy to get to. Free parking is available at the park entrance and near the hotels. Motorhome parking is free during the day, but at night from 1am to 7am (€10/night). Electricity and water are available on site.

    By train

    If you wish to come by train, the nearest TGV station isAngers. Shuttles are available from this station(reservation required). This transfer takes 1h30 and takes place 3 times a day.

    By plane

    Finally, if you’re arriving by plane, Puy du Fou is just 1 hour from Nantes Atlantique airport. For the best flight prices, take a look at the website of our partner Skyscanner. To get from the airport to the Parc du Puy du Fou, a shuttle is available on reservation, for groups of 2 or more.

    Puy du Fou calendar and opening hours

    For the 2021 season, the park opens from June 10, 2021 to November 7. Please note, however, that from September onwards, the park is not open at the beginning of the week. So be sure to check their calendar beforehand.

    • Grand Parc: 9.30am – 7pm;
    • Grand Parc + « Les Noces de Feu » night show: 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.;
    • Grand Parc + Cinéscénie (booking required): 9:30am – 9pm;

    Puy du Fou rates

    Grand Parc ticket prices

    Puy du Fou

    Photo credit: Shutterstock – Alexey Gorshenin

    Grand Parc ticket
    Duration Adult Children (ages 3 to 13)
    1 day on reservation 37€ 27€
    1 day on site 43€ 32€
    2 days on reservation 61€ 45€
    2 days on site 71€ 52€
    3 days on reservation 68€ 50€
    3 days on site 79€ 58€
    4 days on reservation 73€ 55€
    4 days on site 84€ 63€

    Grand Parc + Cinéscénie package: booking required

    Grand Parc + Cinéscénie package
    Duration Adult Children (ages 3 to 13)
    1 day 61€ 50€
    2 days 84€ 66€
    3 days 89€ 70€
    4 days 94€ 75€

    Cinescénie: booking required

    Duration Adult Children (ages 3 to 13)
    1 evening 28€ 28€

    Reduced rates and passes

    Puy du Fou

    Photo credit: Shutterstock – Alexey Gorshenin

    Large families

    Good to know: any family with a « Familles nombreuses » card wishing to reserve admission to the Grand Parc du Puy du Fou must do so by telephone. Go to the relevant section of the website for more information.

    Grand Parc tickets: on reservation
    Duration Adult Child
    1 day 34€ 24,80€
    2 days 56,10€ 41,40€
    3 days 62,55€ 46€
    4 days 67,15€ 50,60
    Cinescénie: booking required
    Duration Adult Child
    1 evening 28€ 28€

    People with disabilities

    Good to know: anyone with a disability card wishing to reserve tickets for the Grand Parc or the Puy du Fou Cinéscénie must do so by telephone. Go to the relevant section of the website for more information.

    Grand Parc tickets: on reservation
    Duration Adult Child
    1 day 27,75€ 20,25€
    2 days 45,75€ 33,75€
    3 days 51€ 37,50€
    4 days 54,75€ 41,25€
    Grand Parc + Cinéscénie package: booking required
    Duration Adult Child
    1 day 48,80 40
    2 days 67,20€ 52,80€
    3 days 71,20€ 56€
    4 days 75,20€ 60€
    Cinescénie: booking required
    Duration Adult Child
    1 evening 21€ 21€

    Preferential Placement

    Attending the Cinéscénie? For an extra €7, you can enjoy a preferential central seat in the panoramic grandstand. Remember to reserve this supplement when you buy your tickets.

    Emotion Pass

    For an additional €20, per day and per person, this pass allows you to visit the Puy du Fou in the best possible conditions.

    Annual Passes

    There are 2 annual passes: the adventure pass (€94 per adult and €67 per child, for first-time members) and the premium pass (€130 per adult and €94 per child, for first-time members). Each has its own advantages. Visit the relevant section of the website for more information.