Public transport in Krakow: bus and streetcar timetables and fares

Krakow is extremely well served by buses and streetcars: its transport network criss-crosses the city and its neighborhoods, to the point where the car becomes superfluous.

With the majority of sites of interest within easy walking distance, the best way to enjoy Krakow ‘s old town is on foot. Especially since most of the city’s historic center has been practically transformed into a pedestrian zone(see maps and plans).

Although Krakow’s public transport system is visually rather outdated, the city boasts an excellent network, serving the entire conurbation and facilitating connections between suburbs, districts and the city center. As Krakow has no metro line, the most popular means of transport are streetcars and buses.

krakow Pass

Free transport with the Krakow Pass

All public transport is available free of charge with the Krakow Card. This pass, sold by Krakow’s tourist office, allows you to take full advantage of all Krakow’s activities (museums, visits…) at a lower cost.

Streetcar lines

28 tramway lines connect almost every district with the city center. In addition to these lines, which run daily, we can add a dozen or so lines that are added on holidays or to replace a line undergoing repairs.

Contrary to what you might expect, Krakow’s streetcars are very punctual, and the posted timetables are guaranteed by the MPK company that manages the network. What’s more, with streetcars running every 10 minutes (up to 20 minutes outside peak hours), you can get around without waiting too long.

Consult the complete map of Krakow’s tramway network online.

Bus routes

In addition to its streetcar network, Krakow boasts a comprehensive network of bus routes. There are 4 types of bus lines:

  • Lines numbered 100 to 199 run regularly, every 10 to 20 minutes. Buses connecting to the suburbs run less frequently.
  • Lines numbered 200 to 299 connect Krakow and the suburbs.
  • Routes 500 to 599 are fast routes, with the bus not stopping at every stop.
  • Night buses are numbered from 600 to 699 and connect the various districts with the city center every hour. Some routes also serve the airport.

At the bus station(located behind the railway station), you can find buses serving most of the villages around Krakow: Zakopane, the Wieliczka salt mines and the Auschwitz concentration camp (town of Oswiecim).

Tickets (prices, duration)

Tickets are valid for both buses and streetcars. You can buy them on board the latest streetcars from an automatic ticket machine (have change ready) or directly from the bus driver. You can also buy tickets from kiosks and small stores (press, alcohol, etc.). Finally, some stations are equipped with ticket machines that accept coins and banknotes.

Ticket prices

Prix des tickets de transport à Cracovie

So the tickets you’ll be most interested in are the 20-, 40- and 60-minute duration tickets at 2.80 zl, 3.80 zl and 5 zl respectively. You’ll also find tickets valid for 24h, 48h, 72h and 7 days. Finally, if you’re staying in Krakow for a longer period, or even moving to the city, you can take advantage of season tickets to benefit from lower fares.

Useful links

We recommend a very useful site: This free service calculates your itinerary when you enter your departure and arrival points. The timetable will then be shown, along with the best route to follow and the arrival time. Pretty handy when you’re lost in all that transportation.

You can also visit the official website of the Krakow transport company:

View all bus and streetcar network maps.

If you’re looking to get to Krakow’s John Paul II airport, read our tips.


As you can see, Krakow is fairly well served by public transport. However, there are times when you may need to take a cab in Krakow, especially if you’re going out with friends or need to share a journey. Find out how to book a cab in Krakow.

Car rental

Finally, despite all the alternatives offered by public transport and cab companies, you may find that you need to rent a car for reasons of comfort, family or business. If so, take a look at our guide to renting a car in Krakow.