Not-to-be-missed travel Instagram accounts (March 2023 edition)

In 2023, social networks have become a major source of inspiration for travelers in search of new adventures.

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for getting inspired and discovering new places thanks to influencers who share their experience and passion. Here’s a list of eight travelers’ Instagram accounts to follow to escape and conquer the world.

@melly_ba: explorer of hidden paradises

Melly_ba is a full-time traveler who claims to be a digital nomad. She shares photos and videos of her travels, most of them in places that are not yet touristy. She has traveled to countries such as Uganda and Indonesia, and also offers travel guides to help others make their adventures a reality.

@tomas.masa: immersion in images and video

Tomas.masa, meanwhile, shares his travels on Instagram and YouTube, introducing us to magical people, associations and places. He travels mainly in his converted van, which he has named « Albert the hearse », and has visited many countries. These include Uganda, India and the Faroe Islands. He also has a talent for photography, which he enjoys sharing with his community.

@natalia_trips: guides not to be missed

Natalia_trips is an Instagram account run by a couple from Annecy: Julien and Natalia. They decided to take a romantic trip around the world. They share tips and itineraries that will take us to the four corners of the world! Their account is packed with spectacular images of exotic destinations, epic hikes and truly inspiring moments in life.

@valentin_agr: her photos are breathtaking

Valentin_agr, on the other hand, is a young travel photographer who recently began his round-the-world trip to Asia. He shares adventures through his photos on Instagram and has already visited several countries, including Japan and Indonesia. His photography style is unique and captivating, making his Instagram account one of the most inspiring in terms of travel.

@dreamexplorers_: the couple to watch

Dreamexplorers_ is an Instagram account run by Lisa and Axel, an adventurous couple. A little special feature: he’s French, and she’s Dutch. They travel the world full-time, sharing beautiful landscapes in stunning photos. Their Insta account reveals a host of destinations, each as attractive as the next.

@la_poze: New Zealand makes you envious

La_poze is an Instagram account created by Pauline and Valentin. That’s right! Another couple in love with traveling to the other side of the world or to France! After a major world tour, they continue to share their tips, encounters and experiences on their account. They’ve just returned to New Zealand for a few months, and will be sharing their new adventures with their community, already well into their journey.

@unmonde.sansfiltre: tips, advice and fun

Unmonde.sansfiltre is an Instagram account run by Marion and Gauthier, who have been traveling for a year. They are filter-free (obviously) and share their adventures, photos and videos as well as good doses of laughter. They are currently in the Philippines, discovering some sensational places, despite the rain.

@walidestinations: Canon partner and we understand why

Walid, a digital nomad and ambassador in partnership with Canon, has traveled to over 80 countries. He invites us to travel with his superb photos of heavenly landscapes. His preference: sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters! His Instagram account relays his passion for photography and his adventures, just like him. Her high-quality shots immediately transport us to another world, providing an instant escape. By following her account, you’ll discover dream destinations, fascinating cultures and breathtaking landscapes. A true source of inspiration for all lovers of travel and photography.

This list of eight travelers’ Instagram accounts offers inspiring profiles for anyone looking for new places to discover. The images, videos and tips on these accounts are a source of inspiration for anyone with a thirst for adventure and discovery, whether on the other side of the world or just a few steps from home. So, if you’re looking for new adventures, don ‘t hesitate to follow these travelers’ Instagram accounts to discover out-of-the-ordinary destinations, fascinating cultures and breathtaking landscapes!