Nightlife in Sihanoukville

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Where to go out in Sihanoukville?

Sihanoukville is a destination in southern Cambodia famous for its beaches and nightlife. Even if it’s a far cry from the big Asian cities, there are plenty of places to go out and party in the evenings, and beaches to relax on during the day. Bars are plentiful in Sihanoukville, and there are even a few casinos.

Sihanoukville is a party town with no shortage of bars and nightclubs. The beaches of Ochheuteal, Otres, Independence and Victory are lined with seafood shacks that also function as bars. Ochheuteal is by far the liveliest, and there’s always an all-night bar or beach party. The best bars on this beach are Utopia, Monkey Republic, Big Easy and Dolphin Shack.

Off the beach, there are several bars on Serendipity Beach Road, such as The Led Zephyr (one of the city’s best pubs and live music venues) and a few plaza bars near the main traffic circle(Golden Lion Plaza and Sihanoukville Square).

Behind Victory Beach, there are a number of bars (music, sports, etc.) at the top of Victory Hill, some of which stay open until the early hours of the morning.

Finally, the downtown area also has its fair share of drinking establishments, many of which stay late into the night, including Charlie Harper’s and G’Day Mate.

How to get to Sihanoukville

From Phnom Penh, simply book a bus to pick you up at your hotel and depart from the capital’s main bus station. The journey to Sihanoukville will cost you just $4 to $6. To find a cheap flight to Cambodia, do a search on our partner site Skyscanner.

Find a hotel in Sihanoukville

Your hotel in Sihanoukville will be your first port of call for information on the best places to go out. It’s also at your hotel that you’ll meet people who can point you in the direction of the local nightlife. To find a cheap hotel in Sihanoukville, search on this hotel comparator.

Have you been out and about in Sihanoukville? Which bars and places did you prefer? What did you think of them?